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Read the story to discover how EdrawMax has streamlined diagram creation and design for architect George and his team. Learn how it helped him maximize their efficiency while staying low on budget.

Results with EdrawMax.

EdrawMax has significantly reduced operation costs and boosted efficiency. The user-friendly interface and creative resources has enabled George to make impressive designs and streamline project delivery, which has led to higher customer satisfaction.

Improved customer satisfaction
Improved efficiency of diagramming
Reduced cost of operation

Company overview.

Use Case
Floor Plan Creation
With so many people having a say in the final product, the architectural design process must stay controlled and on schedule. George Turner, a senior architect, required a basic and systematic way to manage the complexities of architectural design. George is responsible for finding a tool for floor plan creation. The job requires him to choose a tool that is suitable for not only him but also everyone on the team.
The Company Challenge
The high prices of CAD software imposed a financial strain on the team, as the company is a small business. Also, traditional design software's intricate and confusing interfaces affected the team’s productivity more or less. In addition, the lack of templates and symbols was also a tricky problem for the team.

The solutions.

In response to the significant challenges faced within the architectural design industry, George Turner was determined to find a transformative solution to revolutionize their architectural design process. The hurdles he encountered were huge, but the answer lay in adopting EdrawMax, a versatile and powerful software tool.
EdrawMax's cost-effective solution
In an industry plagued by pricey design software licenses, EdrawMax offers a cost-effective solution for architectural designs. George and his team were able to markedly lower their budget by using EdrawMax, freeing up financial resources that could be spent on other important elements of their architectural projects.
EdrawMax's user-friendly interface
George and his team found EdrawMax easy to use. It's like using programs like MS Office, so it felt familiar to them. The drag-and-drop feature made it simple for his team to place design elements, and the auto-scaling tool ensured that architectural projects were done accurately and quickly.
EdrawMax's multitude of templates and symbols
With EdrawMax's extensive library of templates and symbols, George’s team could explore many design options for their architectural proposals. These multiple resources allowed them to create original and visually appealing designs for homes, businesses, and urban landscapes.
EdrawMax has truly transformed our architectural design projects. It's inexpensive, simple to use, and loaded with creative resources. Our design abilities have skyrocketed, and we're wowing clients like never before.
George Turner, architect

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