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Version 13.5.0

July 08

What's new in V13.5.0

  • We have optimized the diagram catagory of the homepage to make it easier to navigate.
  • You can now directly access community templates from the homepage by scrolling down with the mouse.
  • We have optimized the search function, adding community templates and your documents in searching results.
  • We have added two new options for line jump setting.
  • You can now fit the size of imported CAD files to that of the canvas.

Version 13.1.0

June 04

What's new in V13.1.0

  • Six new categories have been added to the resource section on the left side, which now have seven categories: templates, symbol libraries, text, pictures, icons, charts, and widgets.
  • We have optimized the process of opening more symbol libraries. Now, you can easily add symbol libraries through a pop-up window, which is more user-friendly and intuitive.
  • We have streamlined the process of inserting symbols by clicking only once, making it more straightforward.
  • We have added resources for text layout and styling to enhance your design efficiency.

Version 13.0.7

May 13

What's new

  • Added more commands in the menu bar at the top-left corner of the screen for the macOS version;
  • Optimized UI details for the macOS version;
  • Improved the eyedropper tool for the macOS version;
  • Fixed some bugs.

Version 13.0.5

Mar 27

New Feature

  • 1.You can now open, save, export, and print a diagram on the current page without navigating back to the home page;
  • 2.We have enhanced the display quality of EdrawMax on an external monitor;
  • 3.When inserting an image into a comment, you can now choose whether to compress the image or not;
  • 4.We have added Ctrl + Enter as a board shortcut to end text editing.

Version 13.0.3

Feb 1


  • We now support setting the size of multiple shapes all at once. For example, you can select an entire flowchart, go to the Size button, input the width and height values, and all the shape sizes in the flowchart will be modified.
  • When you apply No Fill to a shape, the hollow part will become non-selectable and non-draggable. This will make it easier for you to select the shapes underneath.
  • We have added the Autofit mode for text boxes. You can enable this mode from the drop-down menu under the Text tool.
  • We have improved the clarity of formulas inserted on the canvas with the Formula tool. Also, you are now allowed to change the formula size during the editing process.
  • Now you have the option to show or hide the dimensions of individual objects in a floor plan.


  • Exporting images and PDFs now supports the option to display or remove gridlines.
  • We have solved the issue that connecting line arrows cannot be reversed in specific scenarios.

Version 13.0.2

Jan 4

New Feature

  • We added the Lock Position option in the Lock menu for more convenient locking.
  • We optimized the color of gridlines for better visibility on dark-color backgrounds. Users can now check their account status, cloud space, color scheme, and software updates in the user avatar drop-down menu.
  • We added video tutorials on the right sidebar for quicker user onboarding. We added a configuration menu at the bottom of the right sidebar for more personalized settings of the interface.
  • We added the Separator function on the swimlane floating menu for more convenient location of the function.
  • We fixed some bugs.

Version 13.0.0

Nov 23

New Feature

  • Revamped Homepage: We have given the homepage a fresh new look with a simpler, clearer, and more visually appealing interface.
  • AI Homepage: You can now access all AI features swiftly and effortlessly on our new AI homepage, making your diagramming experience even more efficient.
  • Insert Templates: Now, you can add new templates directly to an existing drawing page using the "Insert Template" function. This allows for greater flexibility and convenience.
  • Personalize Diagram Types: Customize commonly used diagram types according to your preferences. Tailor them to suit your specific needs and streamline your diagramming process.
  • Enhanced "New" Menu: The improved "New" menu offers a wider range of options for quickly starting a new drawing. Find the perfect starting point for your project with ease.
  • One-Click Cloud Upload: We have made it even more convenient for you to upload local files to the cloud. With just one click, effortlessly store and access your diagrams anywhere, anytime.

Version 12.6.1

Oct 10

New Feature

  • Users can turn off the auto-routing mode for a connector, so that the connector won't reroute when it's relocated or zoomed in/out.
  • Support bulk configuration of page sizes for a multi-page document all at once.
  • The image inserted in a note can be zoomed in and out.
  • Users can set the shortcuts for switching file tabs and file pages.


  • The minimum zoom-in value has been adjusted from 5%to 1% in order to be compatible with large CAD files.
  • Add the ability to edit X-axis information for Echarts.
  • Improved the compatibility with .vsd files.
  • Improved other features and fixed some bugs.

Version 12.6.0

Aug 31

New Feature

  • AI Diagram Maker:
    • Timeline: Ask AI to generate a timeline based on your prompt.
    • Lean Canvas: Generate a lean canvas based on your prompt.
    • PEST analysis: Generate a PEST analysis diagram based on your prompt.
    • SWOT Analysis: Generate a SWOT analysis diagram based on your prompt.
    • User Profile: Generate a user profile based on your prompt.
    • User Story: Generate a user story based on your prompt.
    • Flowchart Optimization: Optimize a flowchart through continuous dialogue with AI.
  • AI Analysis:
    • Flowchart Analysis: Use AI to describe, analyze, and optimize flowcharts.
    • Gantt Chart Analysis: Get an overview of the project, learn about project progress, identify risks, and sum up lessons you can learn.
    • Chart Analysis: Compare data, identify anomalies, sum up data, and predict trends.
    • Organizational Chart Analysis: Describe and analyze an organization chart.
  • AI Chatbot:
    • Continuous dialogue: AI will save chat history if the continuous dialogue mode is on.
    • AI Diagramming: Create a diagram based on an answer of AI with a simple click.
  • AI Drawing:
    • AI drawing: Convert text into a drawing with various styles to choose from.
    • Drawing style change: Change the style of an existing drawing with AI.

Version 12.1.0

June 12


  • [New Feature] AI Smart Assistant: The AI smart assistant is a chat robot that can generate creative drawings based on the questions you input. It expands your thinking and automatically inserts text-generated images into the canvas.
    Users can do this in two ways:
    1. Entering a sentence to create a drawing: Enter instructions → execute instructions → complete the drawing (mind map, list, text box) ;
    2. Selecting a sentence to generate brainstorm content: Select the shape → right-click shortcut menu → AI generates content.
  • [New Feature] OCR Image Text Extraction: Users can upload an image and extract text from it through OCR recognition. The extracted text can be directly applied to the canvas.
  • [New Feature] Drawing Types, Symbols, and Templates: EdrawMax now offers new drawing types, symbols, and templates. An investigator can make a flat copy of the crime scene through Floor Plan > Crime Scene Images. Users can also click on Software and Database > Software Development > ArchiMate to use ArchiMate, a visual business analysis model that can integrate different kinds of architecture.
  • [New Feature] Insert Plug-in:
    Iconfont: Alibaba Icon library
    Pixabay: high-quality image library.
  • [New Feature] Piping P&ID Symbols: Multi-node adjustable piping P&ID symbols have been added to make it easier to expand/collapse.


  • Optimize UI of Gantt charts. Users can manage Gantt chart columns, set an unlimited number of exception dates, and copy Gantt columns. Calendar units in shape view have also been enhanced.
  • Optimize shape aligning. When two shapes align, a fluorescent line appears so that the user can faster align shapes.

Version 12.0.6

Apr 06


  • Support importing of Visio formats including .vsdx and .vsd formats.

Version 12.0.2

Oct 26


  • [New Feature] Users can now consult online customer service.


  • Support the insertion of cloud files through hyperlinks.

Version 12.0.0

Sep 13


  • Optimize software UI.
  • Support replacing photos with one-click drag and uploading them in organizational charts.
  • Support change of smart shape layout types.

Version 11.0.0

July 9


  • [New Feature] The Home Page has a brand new UI, with the Recommended tab and Recent tab for quick access.
  • [New Feature] The new focus mode can help users stay focused on diagramming.
  • [New Feature] The auto-formatting tool allows users to change the style of diagrams and colors in batch.
  • [New Feature] The new Help Center offers access to what's new, diagram tips, video tutorials, and more.
  • Support conversion of diagrams into personal templates.
  • Support addition of exception days.


  • Optimize software UI.
  • Support replacing photos with one-click drag and upload them in organizational charts.
  • Support change of smart shape layout types.

Version 10.0.0

Apr 13


  • [New Feature] New features of forms enable seamless import and export of Excel files.
  • [New Feature] The addition of a floor plan feature has made connecting walls more flexible.
  • [New Feature] Some new themes, icons, and process steps are available.
  • [New Feature] The new Help Center offers access to what's new, diagram tips, video tutorials, and more.
  • [New Feature] Users can create a container to group together logically-related shapes.
  • [New Feature] A reminder will appear when the user forgets to save file modifications.
  • Support exporting of documents into multiple PDF files.
  • [New Feature] The software offers new types of diagrams, including analysis canvas, funnel diagrams, roadmaps, customer journey maps, calendar plans, and goal setting worksheets.
  • [New Feature] Users could create and customize smart shapes.
  • [New Feature] New UI color themes allow users to customize the default blue color to other colors such as purple or gray.
  • [New Feature] The new "F8" shortcut allows users to switch to the mode of continuous drawing while using elementary tools.
  • [New Feature] Format Painter for Text is now available.
  • [New Feature] Users can choose to zoom in or out centering on the position of the mouse.
  • [New Feature] Users could customize and save the quick access toolbar.


  • Optimize UI.
  • Optimize creation of flowcharts with a novel floating button.
  • Optimize connector lines so that user can connect different shapes from any point on the outline of any shape.
  • Optimize The function of image exporting to support removal of margins.
  • Optimize the library function to support the folding and unfolding of more than one library simultaneously.
  • Improve the speed of searching, opening, saving, and copying files.
  • Improve the compatibility with Visio files.
  • Improve the effects when users click "Fit to Drawing" of a floor plan.
  • Improve the shape data accuracy.

Version 12.6.3

Jan 16


  • The new of EdrawMax V12.6.3 Online?
    • We have designed a brand new workbench.
    • We have simplified the workbench so you can locate the templates you want.
    • We have optimized the team space for a better use experience.

Version 12.2.0

Aug 31


  • Where can I use the AI3.0 function?
    • Top bar of the home page: Quickly evoke the AI function.
    • AI function area at the top of the edit page: All AI functions are displayed here.
    • Right panel of the edit page: here you can send your instructions to the AI.
  • AI Diagramming:
    • AI Timeline: Record and display the order in which events occurred.
    • AI Lean Canvas: Helps founders and entrepreneurs better understand their products or services.
    • AI User Portrait Diagram: Understand and grasp your target users more accurately.
    • AI User Story Mapping: Quickly understand the usage scenarios, purpose and experience of user needs.
    • AI SWOT Diagram: With only one click, user can generate a SWOT diagram with a certain subject.
    • AI PEST Diagram: Use AI tool to generate a PEST diagram in a second.
  • AI Analysis:
    • Flowchart Analysis: Flowchart Detection, Flowchart Description, Flowchart Refinement.
    • Gantt Chart Analysis: project overview, project progress, risk identification, project experience sharing.
    • Chart Analysis: data comparison, abnormal identification, summary summary, trend prediction.
    • Organization Chart Analysis: Organizational Analysis, Organizational Diagnosis.
  • AI Q&A:
    • Continued Conversation: After opening continued coversation, AI will remember the previous chat records.
    • Text Generated Diagram: The returned text answer supports one-click direct generation of drawings.
  • AI Drawing:
    • AI Drawing: Input a sentence to generate a painting, you can choose from various styles of painting.