Meet EdrawMax AI

Create stunning diagrams like flowcharts or mind maps with a single click, automatically detect flowchart flaws, identify project risks, predict data trends, and generate drawings of various style, all with EdrawMax AI.

AI revolutionzes the way you diagram

A versatle diagramming assistant for the future

Multiple AI-powered tools in one to supercharge productivity. Experience effortless efficiency with synchronized work across all your devices in one unified workspace.

AI Diagramming

Use EdrawMax AI's one-click drawing function to easily generate flowcharts and mind maps, helping you improve learning and work efficiency.
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AI Chat

From brainstorming to task coordination, our powerful AI Chat Assistant is ready to support you within your projects. Join the future of collaboration.
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AI Drawing

Experience the incredible journey of artistic creation in just one step. Transform text into stunning pictures and pictures into breathtaking works of art.
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AI Analysis

EdrawMax AI's one-click analysis function enables you to easily analyze charts such as Gantt charts and flowcharts and text or draw quickly and accurately.
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More features of EdrawMax

Discover a world of possibilities with EdrawMax, a versatile and innovative tool that goes beyond AI.
Visio Files Import and Export
Batch import Visio files with one click. Export drawings back to Visio for seamless collaboration with Visio users. You can also convert diagrams into a variety of formats like PPT, SVG, HTML, PDF, GIF, JPG, etc.
Customizable Shapes and Symbols
EdrawMax provides pre-designed shapes and symbols across various categories, such as flowcharts, mind maps, network diagrams and more. Easily insert them into the canvas and customize them to fit your unique needs.
Insert Images and Attachments
EdrawMax allows users to insert images, hyperlinks, attachments, and notes into the canvas, providing a comprehensive toolkit for creating interactive and informative diagrams.
Infinitive Canvas
With our infinitive canvas feature, you can optimize the display size of diagrams with one simple action, making it easier for you to work and focus on creating visually compelling diagrams.
Various Color Themes
Our color themes consist of harmonious combinations of colors carefully selected by design experts. Whether your style is bold or muted, EdrawMax offers a diverse selection of color themes to fit your preferences.
File Encryption and Backup
Encrypt your files for ultimate confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information. Plus, enjoy the added peace of mind with our file backup feature, which safeguards against potential data loss.

What is EdrawMax AI?

EdrawMax AI is like a 24/7 assistant by your side! Our AI-powered productivity platform will help you create top-quality content in no time so you can focus on expanding your business.
Solve problems and brainstorm evergreen ideas. Generate content like mind maps and flowcharts effortlessly.
Streamline content creation, draft business proposals, formulate study plans, translate text, write programming codes, etc.
Turn your ideas into artificial intelligence paintings in one minute.
Optimize your workflow, boost productivity, and focus on creative ideas.

Edraw AI: Your New Chat Buddy

Imagine a smart personal assistant that understands your intentions, and is always available to answer your questions. Start a conversation and collaborate on projects like you would with a human.

AI Revolutionizes Diagramming Productivity

As a "big player" in drawing software, Edraw AI Smart Assistant supports one-click automatic generation of mind maps in addition to flowcharts, lists, and tables. With improved drawing efficiency, EdrawMax takes your creativity to new hights!

Smash the Language Barrier

Working with teams and clients from around the world? AI can translate your documents, tasks, and projects into a dozen of languages including English, French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Korean.

EdrawMax AI: All you need to know

AI points are a digital commodity provided by EdrawMax. With long-term validity, they can be used to exchange for EdrawMax AI services. Using the feature consumes AI points, but you can obtain them by recharging your account. → Buy AI points
EdrawMax's AI feature is available to users based on the number of AI points they have. If you have the premium version, most AI features are freely accessible. To allow everyone to experience the power of AI, we offer 200 AI points to every user. Even free trial users can access the feature as long as they have enough AI points.
Rest assured that EdrawMax AI only executes commands based on user inputs and does not access any other private data.
EdrawMax AI feature supports output in English, French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Korean. However, the AI feature provides the highest-quality output for the English language.
Download EdrawMax or try EdrawMax Online, find the AI toolbar to wake up Edraw AI, and enter prompts to generate content (including flowcharts, mind maps, lists, and tables) according to your needs.
Compared to manual methods, this approach saves time and effort making it possible to handle large volumes of data more efficiently. Plus, AI improves diagramming precision by reducing risks of human errors.