Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

An Introduction to EdrawMax

Wondershare EdrawMax is a powerful diagramming tool that lets you create 280+ diagrams with ease and comfort. With built-in templates, vector-enabled symbols, an AI chatbot, and a canvas board that offers hundreds of customization offers, EdrawMax is one such tool that helps you create diagrams ranging from flowcharts to Network Diagrams, HVAC Layouts, Floor Plans, Infographics, 3D Maps, Organizational Charts, Quality Management Diagrams, and more.

When you launch EdrawMax on your computer, you will be introduced to a dynamic window that offers a wide range of options, like New, Open, Import, and Templates.

main window

In-between the homepage, you will find all the diagrams categorized as per type, and you will also get a Search diagrams bar to search any diagram easily.

search window

Once you search for any diagram type or click on any diagram from the home window, EdrawMax will present all the associated diagrams under that category. Upon clicking on any of them, you will see the Blank Drawing option or built-in templates that will get you started and instantly take you to the EdrawMax Workspace.

create a new diagram

EdrawMax Workspace

You will find EdrawMax’s Workspace or Canvas board highly intuitive and user-friendly. On the top navigation bar, you will find options like Home, Insert, Design, View, Symbols, Advanced, and AI. These are one-click access to commonly used functions that help you complete designs effortlessly.

quick access toolbar

On the Quick Access Toolbar, you will find the AI option at the right end. Upon clicking, you can access AI Chat, AI Drawing, and other AI diagram generators and diagram analysis tools.

ai chatbot

On the left side of the EdrawMax Canvas, you will find respective diagram types and the My Library section. You can add your personalized symbols and access them at any stage of diagram creation.

library creation

On the right side of the EdrawMax Canvas, you will find easy customization options in the Context Pane, like Fill, Line, and Shadow. It also comes with a Chart option that lets you Edit Data by either manual data entry or Importing a CSV (comma-separated value) file.

import csv file

On the EdrawMax Canvas footer, you will have options like Add Page, Layers, Focus, Slideshow, Zoom, Whole Page, and Page Width. All these functions help you manage the documents’ page according to your requirements.

color option

In Wondershare EdrawMax, there is a new theme color for changing the UI -- Auto, Light, and Dark. Click the homepage, click the Options button in the upper right corner, and choose between the mentioned UI options.

change ui color

In order to make your diagramming easier, we have added default format settings to customize any shape or data. If you wish to modify it, go to the File tab, click Options > Default Settings, and start modifying your fonts, connectors, colors, page size, orientation, date format, and units.

default settings

In the Options menu, click on Language and change the software language from English to other as required.

change software language