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Select a customizable template from our gallery, seamlessly integrate the chosen symbols into your floor plan, and witness the swift generation of an outstanding professional floor plan design.


Why EdrawMax to create your floor plan?

User-Friendly Floor Plan Software

EdrawMax Online empowers users of all skill levels to conceptualize and craft diverse floor plans with unparalleled ease seamlessly. Effortlessly outline walls, windows, doors, and gardens, embracing a streamlined process. While our online floor plan software readily accommodates beginners, its potency and versatility cater proficiently to seasoned professionals. The drag-and-drop functionality further streamlines the experience, enabling easy customization, alignment, and arrangement of every element within the floor plan, eliminating redundant steps. Easy customization, the hallmark of our platform, is effortlessly woven into every facet, ensuring your vision is translated with precision and finesse.


Comprehensive Symbols

Eager to reimagine your space yet concerned about lacking professional design expertise? EdrawMax offers a definitive solution through its comprehensive selection of high-caliber built-in symbols, icons, elements, and templates, facilitating the creation of your envisioned architectural layout. Each symbol boasts a vector-based design, ensuring adaptability and scalability.


Craft Precise Floor Plans Using Scaling Tools

For precise floor plans, leverage the inherent scaling tools within our online floor plan software. Every modification or adjustment to elements within your floor plan reflects accurate proportions and dimensions, streamlining the building and design processes. With EdrawMax, effortless customization of scale units and precision is available. In essence, our free floor plan software empowers you to fashion meticulous, detailed designs for a multitude of scenarios.


Faster & Reliable Export Sharing

EdrawMax offers advanced compatibility, enabling seamless export of your floor plans to a variety of standard formats, including Visio, MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, and Google Slides. Sharing your space layout or producing high-quality prints is effortlessly accomplished with a few clicks. Moreover, EdrawMax allows you to transition to full-screen presentation mode, allowing for meticulous examination of floor plan details or focused attention on specific aspects during presentations.


More Features

Infinite Canvas

Write down all your ideas.


Multi-platform Compatible

EdrawMax is available on Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS, and iOS.

Search Accuracy

Locate the symbols and icons that best suit your needs in no time.


Create slides capturing any section of a diagram and preview effects.

Smart Layout

Effortlessly change shapes and connectors with the click of a button.

Enterprise-grade Security

Rest assured you data is secured by the highest-level SSL encryption.

Explore Floor Plan templates.

3 Bed Floor Plan
3 Bed Floor Plan
Restaurant Seat Plan
Restaurant Seat Plan
Office Layout
Office Layout
Basement Wiring Plan
Basement Wiring Plan
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How Edrawers talk about us.

EdrawMax is like a creative genie for floor plans. Its collection of floor plan symbols, like – dimensions to wardrobe designs, it's all there. And let's talk about the technical correctness – it's like having an expert civil and architect-engineer right in the software. The auto-formatting feature is a time-saver, making my floor plans feel like organized art. The cherry on top? The ability to create smart shapes that I can modify as per my will! This floor plan maker is a must-have for unleashing your desires.

-- Jay Gaurav

EdrawMax's floor plan wizardry is a revelation that I came across during my college days. The symbols collection is like a virtual toolkit, packed with everything from HVAC gadgets to stylish office furniture. From symbols' technicalities to auto-formatting, this free floor plan software has it all. Now I don't have to sit and hire a graphic designer to do my task. With all the tools at my fingertip, I can wield the power of floor plan creation like never before.

-- Jeet Kushwav

EdrawMax is my creative compass for crafting captivating floor plans. It literally hosts over 1000 symbols just for floor plan creation -- making it amazingly easy for us to create diagrams. From the template community, I can always take some sort of inspiration to create my unique floor plans. Now that I have mastered floor plans in EdrawMax, I am sure that with the new AI tool, this floor plan maker is going to surprise us all.

-- Sadaf Khan

FAQs about EdrawMax floor plan maker.

  • There are many free floor plan software today. For pro users, AutoCAD or Autodesk may be your best choice. But if you are a beginner, and want to create your dream floor plan, EdrawMax is suitable for you. With different kinds of templates and standard symbols, you can drag and drop to create.
  • Use EdrawMax Online to create floor plans online. The floor plans that you create online are stored in your personal cloud that you can access anytime, anywhere.
  • There are some video tutorials on Youtube to teach you how to make a floor plan on Word, but it is time-consuming. If you want a floor plan showing in Word, you can try EdrawMax, as you can export your work in Word file.
  • Creating floor plans in Excel is practicable, however, it will be lack of accuracy. So, if you want a floor plan showing in Excel, you can try EdrawMax, as you can export your work in Excel file.
  • Creating floor plan in Powerpoint can make you present it easily. But, the limited functions of Powerpoint will let you do a lot of extra adjustment. EdrawaMax’s presentation mode can fit your need or you can export floor plans in Powerpoint format.

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