Four top reasons to get started

Experience seamless creativity with cross-platform ease, intuitive design, rich templates, and AI integration at y our fingertips.

Rich templates

Over 20,000 tailor-
made templates

  • Explore nearly 20,000 free templates shared by users
  • Get started with 1,000 built-in templates created by Edraw teams
  • Create your own personal templates for future use
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User-friendly interface

Start your journey
like a pro

  • Easily get started on a neat interface similar to MS Office
  • User-friendly tools like drag-and-drop and auto-aligning settings
  • Easy-to-navigate toolbars and settings
  • User guides and video tutorials
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Collaborate anywhere,
at any time

  • Work from a desktop, a tablet, or a mobile device
  • Diagram on all major system in cluding Linux and macOS
  • Share your diagrams through a link and edit file permission
  • Export diagrams in VSDX so Visio users can edit your diagrams
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Simplify icon
diagramming with AI

Create over 10 types of diagrams with Edraw AI including flowcharts, mind maps, timelines, and table charts. Alternatively, you can ask AI to analyze and improve existing Gantt charts, org charts, and more.

Get help icon
from AI assistant

Feeling stuck with diagramming? Lacking inspiration or knowledge? No worries! Edraw AI, powered by ChatGPT technologies, is here to help. Collaborate with a co-pilot and get the job done with ease.

Ideas icon
to stunning visuals

Transform text or images into stunning infographics for mind maps, timelines, org charts, and more. Generate blueprints for floor plans and find inspiration. Customize the style at will with over 10 options.

  • icon AI diagramming
  • icon AI chat
  • icon AI drawing

And there’s more


Intelligent symbol libraries

Discover 26,000+ free symbols, tailored to your diagrams. Even better? Personalize with your own icon libraries for quick access.


One-click magic

Instantly transform your diagrams with a single click, saving time and effort while ensuring professional-looking results with automated style switching.


Pixabay integration

Seamlessly access Pixabay's vast image resources directly within EdrawMax, expanding your creative possibilities without leaving the platform.


Vast icon collection

Utilize a rich library of icons to enhance your diagrams, adding visual appeal and clarity to your presentations and documents.


Customize document theme

Personalize the appearance of your documents by customizing themes, ensuring consistency and branding across your diagrams.


Auto layout

Effortlessly arrange elements within your diagrams with automated layout tools, optimizing organization without manual adjustments.

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Share at will


Export files in 10+ Formats


Collaborate via Links


Secure docs with passwords

A perfect fit for every team








Streamline projects,
boost efficiency

Simplify project planning, track progress, and allocate resources efficiently. Visualize timelines, milestones, and workflows with ease.

  • deco Streamline planning, communication, and documentation effortlessly
  • deco Simplify project planning with Gantt charts and resource allocation
  • deco Track project milestones and share progress reports seamlessly

Brainstorm, analyze,

Design network architectures, analyze data structures, and troubleshoot software issues. Visualize systems, processes, and databases effectively.

  • deco Simplify network design, software development, and IT documentation
  • deco Design network architectures and visualize IT infrastructure
  • deco Brainstorm and develop flowcharts for coding processes

Innovate design,
optimize processes

Innovate prototypes, optimize workflows, and plan equipment layouts. Visualize designs, processes, and facilities seamlessly.

  • deco Design prototypes and facilitate collaboration seamlessly
  • deco Develop technical drawings, and create 2D models
  • deco Diagram workflows and optimize production processes

Drive engagement,
convert leads

Strategize campaigns with Gantt charts, analyze behaviors with user profiles, and utilize pie and line charts for data insights, enhancing marketing decisions.

  • deco Streamline campaigns and analyze data effectively
  • deco Design social media graphics, and create persuasive presentations
  • deco Plan marketing strategies and track campaign performance

Strategic planning,
client communication

Develop strategic plans, analyze market trends, and communicate recommendations clearly. Visualize strategies, analyses, and proposals convincingly.

  • deco Visualize strategies and communicate recommendations
  • deco Create analysis charts, and design business process maps
  • deco Present findings visually and share consulting deliverables

Creative teaching,
dynamic presentation

Engage students with interactive lessons, visualize concepts, and plan curriculum effectively. Create engaging presentations and educational materials effortlessly.

  • deco Enhance teaching materials and foster engagement
  • deco Create interactive presentations and design educational infographics
  • deco Visualize complex concepts and illustrate learning processes

Simplify management
and analysis

Streamline workflow, manage inventory, and plan production schedules efficiently. Visualize operations, resources, and supply chains effectively.

  • deco Enhance workflow management and improve resource allocation
  • deco Diagram operational processes and plan production schedules
  • deco Visualize resource utilization and allocate assets efficiently

Create a diagram in a few
simple steps


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