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Organize and visualize your ideas effortlessly in minutes with the AI-powered mind-mapping function of EdrawMax.

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Create a mind map in seconds with AI
Unleash the power of AI and experience mind mapping like never before! With just a single click, watch as a stunning mind map materializes before your eyes, bursting with intricate details. Revolutionize your brainstorming with the ultimate AI-driven mind mapping tool! Try it online now
Explore free templates for all needs
Start your mind mapping journey with utmost ease. Discover a treasure trove of mind map templates in EdrawMax’s template community, which offers over 16,000 templates in total. Unleash your creativity with the limitless possibilities of EdrawMax.
Customize your mind map effortlessly
Drag and drop symbols from our vast libraries. Personalize your mind maps with a wide range of customization options at your fingertips. Change the style of the whole mind map or the layout with just a single click to cater to your unique needs.
Share mind maps in all common file formats
Share your mind maps in a wide array of common file formats, ensuring seamless accessibility for your team members and stakeholders. Whether it's PDF, JPG, or MS Office formats like PPT and Word, your mind maps can be easily shared without the need to download EdrawMax.

Mind map maker for everyone

Present complex topics, summarize lessons, and enhance understanding by mapping out connections, concepts, and relationships.
Brainstorm ideas, outline storylines, structure content, and visualize plot developments or article frameworks.
Visually organize project goals, tasks, and dependencies, facilitating efficient planning, communication, and decision-making..
Clarify clients' needs and goals, identify problem areas, and present recommendations and strategies in a visual and concise manner.
Generate ideas, explore themes, plan compositions, and connect visual or auditory elements to create meaningful and cohesive works.
Business Analysts
Analyze complex business processes, map out workflows, identify bottlenecks, and explore potential improvements or cost-saving measures.

Why teams choose EdrawMax?

Seamless teamwork
EdrawMax facilitates real-time collaboration, allowing team members to work together on diagrams and share feedback instantly, fostering teamwork, and accelerating project progress.
Enhanced efficiency
With its intuitive interface, pre-made templates, and extensive symbol libraries, EdrawMax enables teams to create professional-quality diagrams quickly, saving time, reducing effort, and increasing productivity.
All in one
EdrawMax allows for making 280+ types of diagrams including flowcharts, mind mapps, Gantt charts, timelines and more, streamlining workflows and eliminating the need for multiple software, enhancing convenience.
Improved communication
Use visually compelling diagrams to convey complex ideas, facilitating clear and concise communication within teams and with stakeholders, boosting understanding and decision-making processes.

Mind map templates from EdrawMax

Double Mind Map
Blank Mind Map
Aesthetics Mind Map
Biology Mind Map
Family Mind Map
Psychology Concept Map
Carbohydrate Concept Map
Weather Concept Map
Globalization Concept Map

What our users say

Rajesh Patel
As an educator, EdrawMax's mind map maker has changed my teaching approach a lot. It helps me create visually engaging mind maps that cater to different learning styles. The templates and export options make it a versatile tool for enhancing student engagement.
Christine Bennett
Thanks to EdrawMax, my team can effortlessly collaborate and share mind maps in various file formats. The drag and drop feature and customization options make it a breeze to create personalized mind maps. Great tool!
Cracy Ramirez
I've tried several mind mapping tools, but EdrawMax appears to be the best. The interface is intuitive, and the vast library of symbols allows me to create visually impactful mind maps. The ability to export in different formats is also definitely a big plus. I’ve gotta say it is now an indispensable tool for me.

FAQs about mind map makers

  • Many mind map makers are accessibl online. For example, EdrawMax is both available online and offline. Simply go to EdrawMax Online to give it a shot.
  • The essential elements of a mind map are the central idea/topic at the center, main branches representing key topics connected to the central idea, and subtopics/nodes branching out from the main branches, expanding upon related concepts and creating a hierarchical structure.
  • Yes, you can. Although it is primarily a word processing tool, you can utilize its shapes and drawing tools to create a simple mind map. Start with a central idea or topic in the center of the page, then use shapes or text boxes to add branches and subtopics. Connect them using lines or arrows. However, a dedicated mind map maker like EdrawMax offers more advanced features.
  • With EdrawMax, you can create mind maps for free either online or using the desktop version. The free version of the software offers access to most basic functions allowing you to create a stunning enough mind map.
  • Yes, you can. Use the shapes and text boxes to represent the central idea and main branches. Connect them with lines or arrows to depict relationships. Customize with colors, fonts, and formatting options. Still, a dedicated mind map maker like EdrawMax have more advanced features.