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Reduced waste of resources and workforce, efficient identification of problems and potential causes, and optimized production process management.

of resources and workforce
in production process
in process management

Company overview.

Textile Manufacturing
1,000 +
Use Case
Process Management
Anne Robinson is plant manager in a leading textile manufacturing company. She is keen to introduce innovation to improve efficiency in the process and increase productivity and throughput.
The Company Challenge
Anne Robinson learned about EdrawMax Online at a workplace efficiency seminar. She found that using EdrawMax's comprehensive diagrams saved her team time and effort. The software program is an excellent tool for manufacturing plant managers as it supports various drawings, charts, and templates. Its user-friendly design allows anyone on Anne's team to use it without any software or IT background.

The solutions.

Value stream mapping becomes a powerful planning tool for Anne to optimize working results and eliminate waste. Early fault detection in process variation and identification of potential source are way easier with fishbone diagrams. Planning, control, and optimization of production process are effortless using the Gantt chart.
Fishbone Diagrams for Problem Solving
Anne uses fishbone diagrams to identify problems and their causes in quality improvement plans. This involves brainstorming sessions with stakeholders to determine where there is room for improvement. The fishbone diagram helps to identify root problems, rather than just symptoms. This method is effective for collaborative exercises and can help to identify alternative causes that provide innovation to fault analysis.
Value Stream Mapping for Material Flow
Companies must continuously improve to stay competitive. That's why Anne uses value stream mapping to reduce waste, following the lean methodology. The waste includes unnecessary printing, overproduction, movement of products, and extra processing. Value stream mapping helps create a plan to use resources efficiently so that materials and time are not wasted. It is a powerful tool for planning and optimizing results.
Scheduling Using Gantt Chart
Gantt charts are a tool to assign responsibility for tasks to team members and help to audit their performance. The function allows the production staff to plan, control, and optimize their production plan while taking into account resources and workforce. Anne found that using Gantt charts helps her team use resources efficiently, minimize work in progress, and optimize production order throughput times.
Exploring the template library is like opening a treasure box. We found many relevant templates that could help us in improving in our process, resources management and efficiency. It saved a lot of effort and gave us a quick start.
Anne Robinson, Plant Manager

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