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Company overview.

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Use Case
Digital Marketing
Jennifer, a social media marketer, is tasked with producing captivating content for her company's social media channels. However, since her company is a small startup, she must generate the graphics and visual elements on her own. To accomplish this, she requires a user-friendly tool that enables her to create graphics without requiring technical expertise.
The Company Challenge
As an amateur graphic designer, Jennifer needs a simple and easy-to-use tool of with user-friendly features and pre-made designer quality templates to create catchy content that helps in user engagement and brand visibility.

The solutions.

Jennifer is responsible for all designing efforts as they don't have a graphic designer. She needed an easy-to-use drawing tool suitable for people without a background on graphical design. After studying popular drawing software, she chose EdrawMax due to its wide range of templates, text formatting, and auto-alignment features. The infographics templates were particularly attractive to her as she struggled to create organized content without them.
All in One Solution
EdrawMax has helped Jennifer and her team overcome challenges by providing a user-friendly platform for creating visual and textual content. With easy-to-use tools and resources, Jennifer can create a variety of marketing content, including email banners, postcards, flyers, and blog images, all in one program. EdrawMax's fast performance and various export options make it easy for Jennifer to distribute her work on social media and in print and advertising. Overall, EdrawMax promotes productivity and creativity for Jennifer and her team.
Free of Cost Digital Templates and Libraries
Jennifer benefits from EdrawMax's extensive library of customizable templates and symbols. The templates include professionally designed infographics and flyer templates, which Jennifer uses for free and without any added costs. She can easily search and modify the templates to fit her needs and even contributes her own work to the community library. EdrawMax's user-friendly platform allows Jennifer to create high-quality visual content without any copyright or sharing issues.
Storage for Digital Assets
Jennifer's startup benefits from using EdrawMax's cost-effective solution for cloud storage and team collaboration tools. All digital resources can be stored in the cloud, making them easily accessible to relevant team members. EdrawMax Online provides personal cloud storage for team members to save related files and allows them to send their work directly to their Cloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox. The platform also offers version control and change tracking features to ensure efficient collaboration.
EdrawMax is like a magic wand in my hand, and I can create designer-quality graphics and infographics without any extra training. We have recorded a massive improvement in our user engagement, consumer response, and overall brand popularity.
Jennifer Prera, Social Media Marketer

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