How Emily scaled the company’s marketing functions with EdrawMax

Emily leads a virtual marketing team for a new promotional project. With EdrawMax virtual space, she has managed to streamline communication within and across departments. 

Results with EdrawMax.

Emily enhanced his diagramming efficiency greatly after using EdrawMax. Its user-friendliness reduced learning time, allowing quick program adoption. EdrawMax's templates, symbols, and cross-platform interoperability made diagram production easier for Andrew and his colleagues.

go-to-market planning
team communication
Decisions made

Company overview.

Catering Company
500 +
Use Case
Team Management
Emily Miller works at a catering company, launching new food and beverage services for formal events. The project involves menu planning, event coordination, transportation of goods, and delivering them to the venue. Emily is responsible for brand and project awareness. Currently, she aims for better customer engagement and scalability of these services on social media. 
The Company Challenge
Emily works with a remote team, and having work scattered on multiple platforms has restricted progress in resource planning and effective go-to-market strategy. The miscommunication with departments like product development, demand evaluation, and customer services has added to failed engagement and fewer post interactions. Moreover, she finds immense difficulty in keeping up with numbers and ever-changing algorithms. 

The solutions.

Emily needed a collaborative tool to plan, communicate, and scale. EdrawMax diagram assistance helped her with data comparisons, resource planning, identifying content inconsistencies, and workload management. Now, her team can counter content roadblocks with ready-made marketing templates. Moreover, its collaborative workspace has enabled her to share data and insights for effective scalability. 
Effective brainstorming for strategy planning 
Emily finds EdrawMax’s pre-designed mind map and marketing templates helpful in brainstorming with the team. It facilitated drafting engaging marketing strategies and understanding of the target audience. 
Seamless collaboration with departments
EdrawMax has equipped the team to establish a standing relationship with other departments despite not having physical interactions. The customer service and product development team shares data through charts on a personal Cloud, and anyone in the team can access it.  
Achieve milestones with chart comparisons 
The team has recently switched to the EdrawMax AI functionality. It projects their data into charts and offers valuable insights against market competitors. This has helped them tailor content for the market and understand how to generate organic traffic. 
It has been three years since we switched to EdrawMax. It helps us save time and focus on other tasks. Before using this, we used to wait several days to hear from the customer service or production team. Now, we just turn to the Cloud and get access to charts, streamlining our planning initiatives. We are using this space to plan ahead and noticed a considerable difference in our conversions. Now, we always have something to post, even in weeks that are slower. 
Emily Miller, Social Media Marketer

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