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Visualize, create, and scale your 2D architecture designs with EdrawMax in minutes.


Competitive Pricing

What makes EdrawMax an excellent tool for design students and businesses is its free version. This version covers most features including free templates and symbols. If you choose the premium verson, it has affordable subscription plans for businesses and individuals.


Why Choose EdrawMax to Create 2D Architecture Designs?

Pre-Built Scalable Architecture Designs

EdrawMax registered users are always publishing their floor plans and other architecture diagrams on the template community. So, people new to designing can use them for creative inspiration. All you need to do is find the most suitable ones and modify it.


Create Diagrams Together on Cloud

EdrawMax has a virtual cloud space where teams can come together and follow up on big projects. It auto-saves your data files and keeps them secure with high SSL encryption. So, add members and make 2D architecture design plans together.


Download Property Designs However You Like

Downloading and sharing your designs on EdrawMax is easier than ever. EdrawMax supports over ten export formats, including Visio, MS Office, PNG, and more. Moreover, it allows embedding your architectural designs in email or sharing them with friends on social media.


Make Designs Anywhere, Anytime

EdrawMax is compatible with all major operating systems Linux, Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. It is also accessible on the web. You can design architecture on any device and anywhere with an Internet connection.


More Features

Infinite Canvas

Write down all your ideas.


Multi-platform Compatible

EdrawMax is available on Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS, and iOS.

Search Accuracy

Locate the symbols and icons that best suit your needs in no time.


Create slides capturing any section of a diagram and preview effects.

Smart Layout

Effortlessly change shapes and connectors with the click of a button.

Enterprise-grade Security

Rest assured you data is secured by the highest-level SSL encryption.

Explore Floor Plan Templates

Landscape Floor Plan
Landscape Floor Plan
Backyard Floor Plan
Backyard Floor Plan
House Floor Plan
House Floor Plan
Restaurant Floor Plan
Restaurant Floor Plan
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How Edrawers talk about us.

I discovered EdrawMax back when I joined the design school, and it has been my favorite ever since. The scaling tools and interior details make it the best for floor plans, especially if you are learning. Recently, I joined its paid version for detailed architectural designs, and it is definitely worth it.

--Bagh J

As a person who was highly invested in building my space, I really enjoyed using EdrawMax. Its simple interface and pre-built designs were great assistance for a noob like me. I took creative inspiration from these designs and build the entire five-bedroom apartment. It is an excellent virtual space to coordinate with carpenters, electricians, and architects.

--Jonh C

We have an entire design team working on EdrawMax for the past two years. Its cloud service has made it easier for us to discuss architecture designs and catch up on clients’ feedback. Apart from the templates, we took great help from the symbols and layouts. It allowed the team designers to scale the entire space just how your client likes it.

--Amey S

FAQs about Making 2D Architecture Designs in EdrawMax.

  • Yes, of course. EdrawMax allows you to set the height, length, thickness, and dimension lines of your 2D architecture diagram. Moreover, you can add interior details like furniture, planters, and appliances to better visualize the property.
  • Accessing EdrawMax design and architecture vector-based symbols is quick and straightforward. All you need to do go to More Symbols > Floor Plan and add your favorite symbols from the libraries.
  • Yes, definitely. EdrawMax's free version covers all templates except the built-in ones. So, head over to the template community, and explore floor plans, cabinets, and other property designs. Find the most suitable and start modifying.
  • EdrawMax believes that your work deserves recognition and allows you to share the 2D architecture designs on social media. You can also embed the final designs in email or integrate the link with Dropbox.
  • Yes, certainly. EdrawMax allows you to create slides of your final 2D architecture design automatically or manually. Just enable Presentation Mode and enjoy presenting them in full screen.

All-in-one Diagramming Tool

Visualize your ideas with simplicity and style, using EdrawMax's smart and stunning diagramming solutions. Just try it, you will love it!