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Quickstart your journey of making functional and accurate line charts with EdrawMax. Use its wide range of templates and design elements to make your graphs stand out.

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Creating line graphs with EdrawMax is a breeze

Diverse range of line graph examples
EdrawMax has a massive template community featuring over 24,000 user-generated diagrams, including line charts. Registered users can edit these samples or use them for inspiration. You can always change the graph alignment and colors within the template to make it stand out.
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Customize graphs with zero effort!
With EdrawMax, there are no creative limitations. It features a wide range of symbols, interactive elements, and color palettes that help you attract attention to your diagrams. You will also find smart layouts with which you can add chart elements like labels, axis, and legends.
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Import existing files to generate line charts!
Experience utmost convenience and efficiency with the EdrawMax data import function. It allows incorporating existing work in your graphs to save time and effort. Here, you can use data from TXT, CSV, XSL, and XSLS files with a few clicks.
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Present and share graphs with a few clicks
Now, you can also display your work directly from the editing panel. Just enable the Presentation Mode from the View tab, select areas of your chart, and create slides. Alternatively, EdrawMax allows making your work accessible by clicking Share from the quick-access toolbar.
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Why users choose EdrawMax?

Precise in design
EdrawMax offers various high-precision features like auto-aligning for accurate designs, ensuring both visual appeal and functional efficiency in various spaces.
Intuitive and beginner-friendly
EdrawMax's user-friendly interface and intuitive design tools make floor planning accessible to all, from experienced architects to first-time users, fostering creativity and turning visions into reality effortlessly.
Affordable and cost-effective
EdrawMax's free version and flexible paid plans make it a cost-effective choice, allowing efficient resource allocation and empowering users to create intricate floor plans without high cost.
Efficient and time-saving
EdrawMax streamlines floor planning with robust features and vast library of templates and symbols, saving time for architects, designers, and homeowners to bring ideas to life promptly.

Line chart templates on EdrawMax

Wildlife Line Chart
Line Chart with 3 Points
Types of Line Chart
Growth Rate Line Chart
Population Line Chart
Line Graph
Energy Line Chart
Gross Profit Line Chart
Profitable Output Line Graph

FAQs about line graph maker

  • Yes, of course. EdrawMax has an online version, accessible through any device with an internet connection. All you need to do is register on EdrawMax Online and start creating diagrams.
  • Yes, EdrawMax believes in user convenience. It allows importing files from platforms like Visio, CAD, and SVG. While making charts and graphs on this software, you can also import data easily from Excel and CSV files.
  • Downloading diagrams is pretty straightforward. Just go to the File menu and click Export > PNG. EdrawMax supports over 10+ formats, including Visio, PNG, JPG, PPT, etc.
  • It does not cost anything to make a diagram on EdrawMax. It has a free version for newbies that supports user-generated templates, a symbol library, and other essential editing tools. You can always switch to a paid subscription once satisfied with the software.
  • Yes, all line chart examples on the EdrawMax template community, except the built-in ones are free for registered users. You can access them by visiting the Templates section from the main menu and typing Line Charts in the search box.
  • EdrawMax has a library that features symbols for over 280 types of diagrams, including graphs. To access them, click More Symbols > Basic > Charts and Graphs > Line from the left side of the canvas. You may save them for repetitive use.
  • Definitely, all eddx format files are encrypted with high-level SSL security. Hence, you do not have to worry about confidential information and secure file transfers.
  • Once your diagram is complete, EdrawMax allows you to post it on social media, export it in multiple formats, or upload it to the template community. Just go to the File menu, click Share, and select a preferred embedding option.
  • Yes. All EdrawMax AI tools require AI tokens, which are to be bought separately from the paid subscription. You may visit our pricing page to learn more about subscriptions and AI tokens.

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