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Effortlessly create professional office plans online using intutive tool. Explore our vast template community with over 20,000 examples and 26,000 symbols

Effortlessly craft office layouts

Built-in Templates:With built-in and user-generated templates, you can easily make minor adjustments to accomplish your desired outcome. What's best? EdrawMax boasts an expansive symbol library with 26,000 symbols encompassing furniture, lighting, dividers, flooring designs, and an array of essential symbols, facilitating the creation of all floor plans.


Why EdrawMax to create your office layout?

Optimal office design for enhanced productivity

Simplify the Creation of Complex Office Layouts: Creating functional office layouts involves integrating various elements for optimal efficiency. Our meticulously designed office layout software aids in visualizing your comprehensive planning process.

Create Efficient and Productive Workspaces: Ergonomically designed workspaces enhance comfort and productivity while decreasing stress. Otherwise, workers may feel tired and develop health-related issues.


Effortless print and presentation

Superior Printing Quality: Transform your office layout planner document into impeccable high-quality images or PDFs, ideal for distributing to team members or facilitating discussions.

Full-Screen Visibility: Initiate your presentation effortlessly by pressing F5, instantly transitioning the diagram into full-screen mode. Seamlessly engage your audience without the need to switch between different applications.


Seamless file sharing options

Robust Cloud Collaboration: Enhance participation in your office layout planning and design by granting cloud storage file permissions to all team members. This allows them to access, edit, and save a single file, eliminating the need to merge multiple versions.

Effortless Email Sharing: Effortlessly incorporate your office designs into emails for seamless sharing, and also enjoy the option of sharing on various social media platforms.


10+ export options for sharing

Effortlessly export office layouts to widely-used formats such as PDF, SVG, JPG, PNG, Visio, and more, ensuring compatibility across platforms and unrestricted accessibility.


More features of edraw-max_full5371

Infinite Canvas

Write down all your ideas.


Multi-platform Compatible

EdrawMax is available on Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS, and iOS.

Search Accuracy

Locate the symbols and icons that best suit your needs in no time.


Create slides capturing any section of a diagram and preview effects.

Smart Layout

Effortlessly change shapes and connectors with the click of a button.

Enterprise-grade Security

Rest assured you data is secured by the highest-level SSL encryption.

Office floor plan templates from EdrawMax

Office Floor Plan
General Office Layout
Home Office Layout
Home Office Layout
Small Office Layout
Small Office Layout
Modern Office Floor Plan
Modern Office Layout
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How Edrawers talk about us

As an architecture, we often rely on heavy-duty tools to create office layouts for our customers. But most of the time, it becomes complicated to share the data of office layouts in different heavy file formats. EdrawMax has resolved this issue of ours. We can now create office layouts in this free software and later easily create an HTML link to mail the office layout files to our clients. A complete game-changer for us.

-- Sanjay Kumar

I teach interior design in Tokyo, and I needed a tool that my students could use to create complex office layouts. With EdrawMax, I can now create sample outlines with them, which they work around and share during the assignments. Moreover, the symbols and media import feature helps the students to customize their office layout to the fullest. I highly recommend this free online office layout maker to all.

-- Subhash Malviya

I have been a Visio lover for ages. But these days, my inclination has shifted to EdrawMax. It comes at half the price and offers more than any other office layout maker offers. From templates to smart object creation, symbol library, stylized options, and more -- this tool has it all! And don't worry about data, and it comes with free cloud storage that lets you access your office layout designs from your comfort.

-- Ali Tasmin

FAQs about designing office layouts on EdrawMax

  • 1. Assess space and needs.

    2. Determine work zones.

    3. Optimize flow and accessibility.

    4. Consider furniture and equipment placement.

    5. Seek feedback and make adjustments.

  • EdrawMax offers a wide range of customization options that helps in editing office layouts. From the built-in tools, you can easily customize every aspect of your office layout.
  • With EdrawMax Online, you can import the office layout templates and create your office layout in a few minutes.
  • The cubicle office layout is the most popular one. This kind of layout has workspaces being separated from one another by walls to form a shape of a cube.
  • MS support has a tutorial to teach you how to create an office layout in office. But it is a little difficult to use. If you want an office layout in Excel format, why don’t you try EdrawMax to finish your creation then export to Excel?

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