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Create professional scatter plot charts with EdrawMax, an intuitive diagramming solution. Use its vast collection of templates and vector symbols to introduce attention to detail in your charts.

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Free scatter plot examples for al
On EdrawMax's massive template community, you can find numerous scatter plot examples. Once you have found the perfect match, the rest is easy. All you need to do is modify it by entering data, personalizing labels, changing themes, and applying background colors.
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Present your diagrams directly
Once your diagram is complete, transform it into an extensive slideshow and display it in full screen. Enable the Presentation Mode from the View tab, select square areas of your scatter plot, and click Create. Apply the preview effect or download it in a PPT format.
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Create from any device, anywhere
With EdrawMax cross-platform support, everyone can easily access projects from their device. It features wide compatibility with systems like Windows, Android, Linux, MacOS, and iOS. Moreover, it has an online version, accessible through any device with an internet connection.
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Import data files to save time
With EdrawMax, you can integrate existing data into your projects to avoid entering all the information from scratch. It supports numerous import formats, including TXT, CSV, XLS, and XLSL. Just click the data pane in your graphs, hit import, and find files from local storage.
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Why users choose EdrawMax?

Precise in design
EdrawMax offers various high-precision features like auto-aligning for accurate designs, ensuring both visual appeal and functional efficiency in various spaces.
Intuitive and beginner-friendly
EdrawMax's user-friendly interface and intuitive design tools make floor planning accessible to all, from experienced architects to first-time users, fostering creativity and turning visions into reality effortlessly.
Affordable and cost-effective
EdrawMax's free version and flexible paid plans make it a cost-effective choice, allowing efficient resource allocation and empowering users to create intricate floor plans without high cost.
Efficient and time-saving
EdrawMax streamlines floor planning with robust features and vast library of templates and symbols, saving time for architects, designers, and homeowners to bring ideas to life promptly.

Scatter plot diagram templates on EdrawMax

Scatter Plot
Data Scatter Chart
Literacy Rate Scatter Plot
Competitive Scatter Chart
Drinking Crime Scatter Chart
Positive Correlation Scatter plot

FAQs about scatter plot maker

  • Yes, of course. EdrawMax shares wide compatibility with Android and iPhone. All you need to do is open EdrawMax, log into your account, and access your work. If it is your first time, register on the platform.
  • EdrawMax features a library on the left side of the canvas featuring symbols for over 280 types of diagrams. To access them, click More Symbols > Basic > Chart and Graphs. You may save them for repetitive use.
  • Definitely. All templates on EdrawMax are free and accessible for registered users, except the built-in ones. You can find the right fit for your task by navigating to the community from the EdrawMax dashboard.
  • Creating a scatter plot from scratch is pretty straightforward. Just open a desired chart layout from the dashboard and drop symbols from the library. Enter data in the chart. Finally, customize its visuals from the Design tab, and it is ready.
  • EdrawMax has a presentation mode that allows you to present your work directly from the platform. Enable it from the View tab, select square areas of the diagram, and hit Create Slides. Press F5 to display it in full screen.
  • Definitely. EdrawMax has templates and layouts for over 280 types of diagrams, including bar charts, line charts, pie graphs, column graphs, bubble diagrams, and more. Find your desired chart templates by visiting the community.
  • Yes, of course. EdrawMax Online automatically saves your work as you make changes. You can always exit the canvas and re-enter it for editing. It also keeps all steps in the revision history, making it easy for you to track changes.
  • Absolutely. EdrawMax has a free version that supports user-generated templates, a basic editing toolkit, and vector-enabled symbols. Whenever you feel satisfied with the software, switch to a paid subscription.
  • Yes. EdrawMax features an AI text-to-diagram generator that transforms your written commands into visually impressive diagrams like scatter charts. Just access Edraw AI from the dashboard and enter your prompt to view the outcome.

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