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Why is EdrawMax the best seating chart maker?

Diverse templates
With EdrawMax, you have access to a variety of customizable templates that serve as a springboard for your creativity. These templates are designed to serve different events and preferences, ensuring you have a head start in the design process.
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Extensive symbol library
The software's extensive symbol library with 26,000+ symbols is like a visual vocabulary for creating your charts. It provides you with the means to express seating arrangements clearly and effectively. Simply import the symbols in your library and drop them on the canvas.
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Customization options
EdrawMax simplifies seating arrangement design with its intuitive seating chart maker. It offers customizable templates and dynamic tools for quick, real-time updates. With the help of this feature, you can generate efficient and up-to-date seating plans for any event.
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Multiple export options
EdrawMax's export options are designed for sharing and printing convenience. You can export your seating chart in different formats including MS Visio, PDF, JPG, PNG, and more. Moreover, you can import designs from other platforms such as Visio, SVG, and CAD, to edit, complete, or redesign them on EdrawMax.
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Why users choose EdrawMax?

Precise in design
EdrawMax offers various high-precision features like auto-aligning for accurate designs, ensuring both visual appeal and functional efficiency in various spaces.
Intuitive and beginner-friendly
EdrawMax's user-friendly interface and intuitive design tools make floor planning accessible to all, from experienced architects to first-time users, fostering creativity and turning visions into reality effortlessly.
Affordable and cost-effective
EdrawMax's free version and flexible paid plans make it a cost-effective choice, allowing efficient resource allocation and empowering users to create intricate floor plans without high cost.
Efficient and time-saving
EdrawMax streamlines floor planning with robust features and vast library of templates and symbols, saving time for architects, designers, and homeowners to bring ideas to life promptly.

How to make a seating chart on EdrawMax?

Seating chart templates on EdrawMax

Orchestra Seating Chart
Wedding Seating Chart
Truist Park Seating Chart
Class Seating Chart
Hollywood Bowl Seating Chart
Restaurant Seating Chart
Wedding Reception Seating Chart
Table Seating Chart Wedding
Stage Seating Chart

FAQs about seating chart maker

  • Yes, EdrawMax provides a variety of free seating chart templates that you can customize to fit your event's needs.
  • EdrawMax allows you to export your seating chart in multiple formats, making it easy to share with others regardless of whether they use the software.
  • EdrawMax has an extensive library of seating chart symbols. You can easily search and find the symbols you need within the software.
  • Absolutely! EdrawMax enables you to start with a blank canvas and use tools and symbols to create a custom seating chart from the ground up.
  • EdrawMax offers a user-friendly interface, AI-assisted design tools, a vast symbol library, and the ability to easily import/export data, making seating chart creation efficient and effective.
  • Absolutely, EdrawMax allows you to import custom symbols or create your own to add a personal touch to your seating chart.
  • Yes, EdrawMax is a cross-platform tool, available on Windows, Mac, and online, providing flexibility to work on your seating chart from any device.
  • EdrawMax offers gridlines, rulers, and alignment tools to help you place elements precisely, ensuring your seating chart is accurate and to scale.
  • EdrawMax makes it easy to update your seating chart. You can save your project and return to it anytime to make edits or adjustments.

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