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Discover a powerful, easy-to-use solution for all your network diagramming needs! Easily visualize computer networks and create detailed network diagrams in just minutes.

Network Diagrams for Every Purpose

EdrawMax offers a comprehensive set of tools for creating network diagrams for various purposes. With EdrawMax, you can easily create professional-quality network diagrams to plan, troubleshoot, and document your network infrastructure and topology.


Why EdrawMax to Create your Network Diagram?

Extensive Library of Templates and Symbols

With many templates and professional symbols and icons, EdrawMax makes it easy to start creating network diagrams in no time. Simply choose a template that fits your needs and follow the simple steps to draw your network.


Tailored Diagramming Made Easy

Adding and moving shapes in EdrawMax is quick and easy thanks to its drag-and-drop tool. You can simply drag symbols from the library onto the canvas and position them where you need them. Alignment lines also help ensure that your work is precise and accurate.


Sync Work in a Unified Workspace

EdrawMax allows users to upload files to the Cloud, where team members can access and collaborate on them. You can organize and sort team projects by placing them in separate folders, making it easy to manage multiple projects simultaneously.


Visio and Many More Formats Supported

If you have existing files created using MS Visio, you can easily import them into EdrawMax and continue working on them. The import feature supports VSDX, VSD, and SVG files. Also, you can export your file in a variety of formats, including Word, Excel, Visio, SVG, PDF, JPG, and PNG.


More Features

Infinite Canvas

Write down all your ideas.


Multi-platform Compatible

EdrawMax is available on Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS, and iOS.

Search Accuracy

Locate the symbols and icons that best suit your needs in no time.


Create slides capturing any section of a diagram and preview effects.

Smart Layout

Effortlessly change shapes and connectors with the click of a button.

Enterprise-grade Security

Rest assured you data is secured by the highest-level SSL encryption.

Explore Network Diagram templates.

Rack Diagram Template
Rack Diagram Template
AWS Diagram
AWS Diagram
Home Network Diagram
Home Network Diagram
Logical Network Diagram
Logical Network Diagram
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How Edrawers talk about us.

I needed software to help draw rack elevations and planning for deployments. The software was easy to use and included most objects that I needed to emulate.

-- Matt

Last couple of years I have used this designing tool to draw my business diagrams. Actually it's very easy to use. It doesn't matter if your new to designing diagrams, this tool will helps you to develop your skills.

-- Jayathi

Cross-platform and this software is an all-in-one solution providing unified and easy-to-use interface. On the other hand, they provide a very rich library as well as good samples.

-- Yongxin

FAQs about EdrawMax Network Diagram.

  • Yes, it is free to create network diagrams using EdrawMax. Simply download EdrawMax and try it out for yourself to see how easy and intuitive it is to use. However, the pro version would contain more features.

  • In addition to the pre-made network diagram templates available in EdrawMax, users can access and customize network diagram templates from our Template Community. All of the templates created by the community are freely available for use by EdrawMax users.
  • To locate network diagram symbols in EdrawMax, navigate to the symbol library menu and select "Network Diagram." This will display all of the available subcategories of network diagram symbols for you to choose from.
  • Once you have finished creating your network diagram, you can share it on social media, publish it on the Edraw Template Community, or export the file in various formats, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, PDF, SVG, PNG, and JPG.
  • Absolutely. EdrawMax allows you to import your Visio files (vsd / vsdx) and customize every element of the diagram to your liking. EdrawMax is one of the best alternatives to Visio available in the market.

All-in-one Diagramming Tool

Visualize your ideas with simplicity and style, using EdrawMax's smart and stunning diagramming solutions. Just try it, you will love it!