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PESTEL analysis examines external factors that impact businesses and helps identify opportunities and threats, enabling companies to adapt and improve. These factors are:

  • Political
  • Economic
  • Social
  • Technological
  • Environmental
  • Legal
  • This template provides a pre-structured PESTEL framework to analyze Amazon's strategic context (external factors affecting Amazon). It has a table format with six sections dedicated to PESTEL factors. Each section has a factor title and a text box where you can enter details about the relevant factors affecting Amazon.

    In short, it helps you visually organize and analyze Amazon’s business environment.

    How to use this template

    Step 1

    Click Use this template to access the template.

    Step 2

    Use the left-side symbol library to add relevant symbols. Edrawmax offers a simple drag-and-drop feature that makes adding and moving symbols a breeze. You can also use the search bar to find specific symbols you need.

    Step 3

    Edit the text boxes for Amazon PESTEL factors. Double-click a text box to edit or format the text (change text size, color, or font style).

    Step 4

    Click File then Save to save your work on EdrawMax online or download it to your device in various formats (e.g., PDF, jpg, excel, etc.). Click Share to share the template via a link or social media.

    Benefits of PESTEL analysis

    A PESTEL analysis helps you see the big picture for Amazon, considering six key factors that impact its success.

    This framework benefits you in several ways:

    Proactive planning: Identify threats early, like regulation changes or economic downturns. So you can develop strategies to avoid risks and plan to seize opportunities.

    Better decisions: To make data-driven decisions, analyze the entire market landscape and its response to social trends and technological advancements. This understanding may include how factors like social trends or new technologies affect Amazon.

    Competitive advantage: Transform your business by becoming a trendspotter. Translate emerging opportunities into actionable strategies that propel sustained growth.

    Improved risk management: Expect challenges driven by external factors. This foresight lets you implement risk management strategies.

    Benchmarking: Compare your own PESTEL analysis to Amazon's. This can reveal valuable insights to adapt your strategies and potentially outperform competitors.


    • The health of the economy impacts Amazon's sales. People buy more when the economy is strong, and tighten their belts when it weakens. Currency exchange rates also affect Amazon's profits in international markets.
    • Amazon's success boils down to four key things:

      Focus on customer experience: They prioritize convenience, vast selection, and competitive prices.

      Always innovating: From cloud computing to streaming, they constantly add new services.

      Scaling up for growth: They efficiently manage a massive product range and global reach.

      Data-driven decisions: They use customer data to personalize your experience and run smoothly.

    • Amazon faces growing competition from established players and new startups despite its dominance. This, with changing regulations and economic downturns, could threaten its future growth.

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