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You all know about the Bushes. They’re a prominent family in the American elite and, of course, politics. This family has produced several politicians and businessmen. Notably, the Bush family has had two Presidents from its lineage.

This EdrawMax template provides key persons in the Bush family, from Samuel Prescott Bush to the latest generation of adults. Since the Bush family is an important part of American history, you’ll surely love a jumpstart with your research with this template.

The template starts with Samuel Prescott Bush, who kickstarted it all. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, he made his mark in the railroad industry, laying the groundwork for the family’s future. His son, Prescott Sheldon Bush, followed suit in a different arena: politics.

Prescott became a U.S. Senator from Connecticut, setting the stage for the family’s political legacy. George H.W. Bush, Prescott’s son, took the family name to new heights, becoming the 41st President of the United States. He brought his diplomatic skills to the world stage, leaving a lasting impact on global affairs.

Then came George W. Bush, his son, who led the nation through tough times as the 43rd President. His response to 9/11 defined his presidency. You can see their lineage in the timeline, as well as George H.W. Bush’s wife, Barbara Bush.

However, the Bush family isn’t just about presidents. Jeb Bush, George H.W. Bush’s son, made waves as the Governor of Florida and even ran for president in 2016. Neil Bush, another son, made his mark in business and charity work, positively impacting society.

Marvin Bush, yet another son, has been a big player in the business world. And let’s not forget Dorothy Bush Koch, who’s made a name for herself through philanthropy and writing. The next generation of Bushes is carrying the torch forward. George P. Bush, Jeb’s son, is making a name for himself as the Texas Land Commissioner.

Then there are Barbara Pierce Bush and Jenna Bush Hager, George W. Bush’s twin daughters, who are making waves in social causes and the media. The Bush family’s roots run deep, stretching back to England and Germany. But it’s their commitment to public service that stands out.

You can deepen your research on the other family members by adding information to this template. After all, the Bushes held key roles in government for generations, shaping American history along the way. Studying this family is a good start if you want to brush up on American politics and history.

While many other family members are in this template, adding their children to the list might be good. After all, the family tree only lists up until the latest set of adults in the family. The grandchildren of George H.W. Bush now have families of their own, after all.

This EdrawMax template is easily customizable, so you can add information you’ve found elsewhere. Add key events or positions of the family members for easy tracking. To learn how to do that, follow the steps in the next part.

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Begin by clicking the Use this template button.

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Add new images by uploading/choosing elements from the elements panel (found on the left side).

Step 3

Edit text by double-clicking on them. Alternatively, add text boxes from the menu bar.

Step 4

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Benefits of the family tree template

A family tree almost always helps in laying the foundation for research. Of course, the Bush family tree is no exception. Having a Bush family tree ready lets you easily focus on other important events rather than looking up at each member and laying them down manually in a tree.

Then, you can add more information as needed. As you can see, the template provides ample space to add information. Moreover, EdrawMax offers a virtually infinite canvas to curate information to your heart’s content. Expand the tree or adjust its branches to have more areas for editing.

For history buffs or students, this Bush family tree will help them study the prominent American family. They can even replace this template with other important American families. This is very flexible and will suit their needs.

FAQs about the Bush family tree

  • Yes. As mentioned earlier, the Bush family has roots running back to England. Bush is an English surname that either means “dweller near a bush or a thicket of bushes” (Old English busc) or “a wood or a grove” (Middle English bushe).
  • The family has a plurality of faiths, all centered on Christianity. For example, George H.W. Bush, who held the presidency from 1989 to 1993, was born and brought up in a family adhering to the Episcopalian faith. George W. Bush, on the other hand, was initially raised in the Episcopalian faith of his father but later shifted to the United Methodist Church in 1977.
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