About the Kennedy family tree

The Kennedys are an important part of American history. They exemplify the American dream, where hard work and grit will help you achieve your dreams – and even become a President, at that. From the family’s humble beginnings in Ireland, you can easily trace their lineage and history.

This EdrawMax template gives you a jumpstart for that. This family tree from Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. and his wife, Rose Fitzgerald, shows the lineage until today. However, it still needs to include the youngest children of the family.

The Kennedy family’s imprint on American history began with Patrick Kennedy’s arrival in Boston in 1849—the family roots in County Wexford, Ireland. While Patrick Kennedy is not shown in this family tree, he is equally important as he started it all when he was elected as a Massachusetts Senator and Congressman.

After this, Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., the first patriarch on this list, was appointed the 1st chair of the U.S. Maritime Commission and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. He was later chosen to be the U.S. Ambassador to the U.K. He also married Rose Fitzgerald, who comes from another socialite family.

Together, as reflected in the family tree, they had nine children. Many of these children had assumed essential roles in American society. Of course, John F. Kennedy Sr. (popularly, JFK) is the most notable, who would later serve as America’s youngest-voted President.

Despite his presidency being tragically cut short, his legacy endures through his wife and children. John F. Kennedy, Jr. (John-John or JFK Jr.) was an American attorney and prominent writer in his own right. Jacqueline Kennedy, JFK’s wife, was also a well-known writer.

Of course, the other Kennedys also served essential roles in American society. For example, Robert F. Kennedy served as U.S. Attorney General, while Ted was a long-standing U.S. federal senator. The subsequent generations of Kennedys have carried on the family’s tradition of service, with members serving as U.S. ambassadors, state legislators, and activists.

Their influence extends beyond politics into education, health, and social justice. Beyond politics, the Kennedys have been advocates for social causes. Eunice Kennedy Shriver established the Special Olympics, providing a global platform for athletes with intellectual disabilities.

The family’s commitment to public service and advocacy for the less fortunate has been consistent throughout their history. The Kennedy family template is not just a lineage chart but a testament to a family’s enduring commitment to public service and the betterment of society.

Their story is woven into the fabric of American history, a narrative of triumphs and challenges that continue to inspire future generations. Thus, it bears noting that while the timeline shows the members, the stories behind them are more important.

The Kennedy family has been known for their significant contributions to American society. Of course, you can easily add these to the timeline by customizing the template. After all, it’s easy to customize and edit. To do that, follow the steps in the next section.

How to use the family tree template

Step 1

Open the template in EdrawMax Online by clicking the Edit it online button. You can begin adding texts using the Text feature on the menu bar. Alternatively, edit the existing text by double-clicking on them.

Step 2

Add important images or other family members using the elements panel on the left. Drag and drop them into the canvas.

Step 3

Export your work in SVG, JPG, PPTX, or PDF formats with the Export features of EdrawMax.

Why use the Kennedy family tree?

Using a Kennedy family tree can help you understand the big story behind one of America’s most famous families. It’s like a map showing how all the Kennedys are connected, from when they first came to America.

Looking at this tree, you can see who the important people in the family are, like John F. Kennedy, a president, and his brothers, who did important stuff, too. It helps you see how they’re all related and made history together. It’s fascinating to see how their family grew and changed over time.

You’ll see how the members doing different things helped improve the world. So, if you want to learn about American history and one of its most famous families, checking out a Kennedy family tree is a great place to start.

FAQs about the Kennedy family tree

  • Yes. Caroline Kennedy, brother of JFK Jr., is the only immediate family of JFK alive today. At the young age of six, her father was already assassinated. She is now an American author, attorney, and diplomat. Caroline served as ambassador of the U.S. to both Japan and Australia.
  • Rosemary Kennedy, born September 13, 1918, was the third child and the eldest daughter in Joseph and Rose Kennedy’s family. Unlike her brothers, she had a slower start in crawling, walking, and talking. School posed challenges for her learning journey.
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