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The template divides the company's key internal and external factors into four quadrants. This helps you assess the company’s position. The internal factors include the strengths and weaknesses, while the external factors include key threats and opportunities the company can avail to strengthen its position in the market.

The template's design is such that the Strengths– customer loyalty, award-winning in 2011, and global presence in around 200 countries and Opportunities– expanding in untapped countries, starting health drinks, and popularising lesser-known products are on the right side of the diagram.

On the left side of the diagram are present the Weaknesses– tough fight against PepsiCo aerated drinks, high sugar content in soft drinks, no food business, and Threats– people avoiding aerated drinks, raw material, and economic slowdown.

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Benefits of the template

Smaller companies in the beverage industry can utilize this template for their benefit. Since Coca-Cola, due to its size and influence, is a major player in the industry, looking at its strengths and weaknesses helps smaller companies prepare a roadmap for success.

With this practice, you’ll be able to see how a successful player handles challenges and utilizes its advantages. Moreover, as Coca-Cola faces broader industry trends before smaller competitors, looking at its SWOT analysis can help you identify opportunities and threats that might affect the entire beverage industry.

Not only this, but you can further utilize this template to communicate the key insights to your team members and engage in brainstorming sessions for informed decision-making.

FAQs about this Template

  • The Coca-Cola SWOT analysis can help the company discover its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. These are important aspects and play a major role in rebuilding strategies and taking action.

  • A good SWOT analysis combines a complete analysis of each point (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). This also includes clearly and straightforwardly displaying the final results for better understanding and decision-making.

  • The SWOT analysis of Coca-Cola is a great example of the technique where the internal and external factors of the company are mapped. This helps the company make better decisions to tackle challenges and helps smaller companies identify key areas of improvement in their work.

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