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This diagram outlines the core components and workflow of a bank management system. The central entities are Transaction Management, ATM Management, Account Management, and Customer Management.

Transaction Management handles deposits, withdrawals, and transfers accessed through Account Management. ATM Management oversees cash dispenser functions and ATM transactions, with access to the Transaction Log.

Account management is a vital component, managing loan payments, transaction fees, and mapping accounts. It is closely integrated with the Transaction and Customer Management modules. Customer management stores key customer details, like account holders, addresses, and contact information, linked to the accounts they hold.

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Why use this template

A bank management system template provides a clear visual architecture, ensuring all crucial elements are incorporated. It aids in system planning, design, and communication among stakeholders.

Using this template streamlines operations and workflows, ultimately leading to efficient banking solutions tailored to your institution's needs.

Frequently asked questions

  • The core components include transaction management, ATM management, account management (loans, fees, and account mapping), and customer management (account holders, addresses, and contacts).

  • Account management handles various aspects, like loan payments, transaction fees, and mapping customer accounts. It integrates closely with the transaction and customer management modules.

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