About this template

This diagram outlines the key components of a university management system. The central entities are students, faculty, courses, exams, timetables, research, libraries, and finance.

The Student module handles registration, academic records, and services. The faculty oversees hiring, scheduling, and performance analytics. The course component manages scheduling, curriculum, and prerequisites.

Exam management includes scheduling, grading, and records. Timetable oversees class, exam, and event scheduling. Research covers grant management, publication tracking, and collaboration. The library manages book cataloging and resources. Finance handles budgeting, payroll, and financial reporting.

How to use it

Step 1

Launch EdrawMax and open this university management system template

Step 2

Thoroughly review each module and component to identify any modifications needed to align with your institution's specific requirements.

Step 3

Adjust the relationships between entities by modifying the connecting lines.

Step 4

Once all customizations are complete, export the final diagram in your preferred file format.

Why use this template

The university management system template provides a visual framework encompassing all critical academic and administrative operations. It helps in system planning, design, and clear communication among stakeholders.

Use this template to streamline processes, resource allocation, and reporting.

Frequently asked questions

  • The main modules include student (registration, records, services), faculty (hiring, scheduling, performance), course (scheduling, curriculum, prerequisites), exam, timetable, research, library, and finance.

  • The Research module supports grant management, publication tracking, and research collaboration, enabling seamless management of research activities and outputs within the university.

  • The Finance module handles budgeting, payroll processing, and financial reporting, ensuring efficient management of the institution's financial operations and resources.

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