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Unleash your creative vision with Edraw AI: Innovating the art of idea visualization

Step1: Select a diagram type
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Draw diagrams with one click

  • Effortlessly generate content using mind maps, lists, and text with one click.
  • Enrich your mind maps with brainstormed ideas.
  • Simplify content creation, from drafting business proposals to developing study plans, translating text, and even writing programming code.
  • Harness the power of AI technology to improve workflow, boost productivity, and unleash your creativity.

iconDiscover 3 methods to activate Edraw AI

AI Toolbar

Access Edraw AI from the toolbar. Simply input commands in the pop-up window, and watch as they're transformed into visual representations.


Unlock Edraw AI by double-tapping the space key. Enter your comments and witness the magic contents are generated within seconds.

Right Click

Stuck with your diagram? Give it a right-click and awaken Edraw AI for instant assistance and guidance.

One-Click EditOne-Click Edit

Elevate your diagrams with Edraw AI's One-Click Edit feature, providing style suggestions to enhance visual appeal. Customize the global style, from business themes to dark or light themes, aligning with your brand or personal preferences. Unify Font, Colors, and Paragraphs with a single click for a cohesive and professional layout.

One-Click EditPre-Scenario AI

Supercharge your productivity with Edraw AI's Pre-Scenario feature. Harnessing advanced AI technology, it effortlessly polishes text, adjusts paragraph length and tone, translates, and beautifies mind maps. Whether you're a student, professional, or creator, Edraw AI empowers you to create quickly and efficiently, optimizing your work.

OCR to Extract TextOCR to Extract Text

No need to waste time typing out text from images or scanned documents manually! With a single click, our OCR feature accurately extracts text, while Edraw AI effortlessly enhances it and generates diagrams. Experience the high efficiency of creating diagrams with EdrawMax.

One-Click EditMore AI Features Coming Soon

But wait, there's more! EdrawMax is constantly evolving with new AI-powered features. Stay tuned for exciting updates in the near future.


Unlock intelligent diagramming solutions for all

Enhance work efficiency and unleash creative potential with EdrawMax AI across various professions.
IT Engineers
Effortlessly depict intricate workflows and document complex processes with EdrawMax AI flowchart. Achieve a harmonious blend of meticulous documentation and streamlined efficiency.
Harness the potential of EdrawMax AI to analyze market data, presenting valuable insights through engaging infographics. Gain profound business perspectives and drive data-informed decisions.
Empower educators with EdrawMax AI mindmap, facilitating seamless idea organization, paper writing, captivating presentations, and interactive lesson planning. Revolutionize the way you teach and inspire.
UI/UX Designers
Unleash the prowess of EdrawMax AI to effortlessly map user flows, ideate wireframes, and craft intuitive interfaces using versatile templates. Elevate your design process with unparalleled ease.

Experience the power of EdrawMax AI: Ignite creativity and adaptability

Enhance productivity and foster innovation across various industries with EdrawMax AI.
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FAQs about EdrawMax AI

(1) EdrawMax AI tokens are a digital commodity provided by EdrawMax, allowing you to exchange them for AI services with long-term validity.
(2) To utilize EdrawMax AI features, you need AI tokens, which can be acquired through account recharge.
Accessing EdrawMax's incredible AI feature depends on the availability of AI tokens. To let users experience its greatness, we provide every user with 200 free AI tokens. Free trial users can enjoy the AI feature as long as they have sufficient AI points.
EdrawMax AI solely executes commands based on user inputs and does not access any other private data.
EdrawMax AI supports English, French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Korean. However, the AI feature provides the highest quality output in the English language.