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Create detailed, lengthy, and visually appealing table charts with a click using AI or from editable templates.


Table Templates for All

EdrawMax template community makes the diagram creation process easy and quick. It has numerous pre-built tables for all organizations, plus all are free. So, explore these templates and find the one matching your task.


Why Choose EdrawMax to Create Tables?

Effortlessly Share Wardrobe Designs

With EdrawMax's cloud storage feature, you can easily share your wardrobe designs with others. Simply upload your files to the cloud, and invite others to view and edit them. Collaborate in real-time, gather feedback, and make revisions together, creating the perfect wardrobe design. SteAlso, you could choose to share your designs through social media platforms like Facebook.


Access Tables on Any Device

EdrawMax is a cross-platform-supported platform. It allows auto-saving your tables in a Cloud file and accessing them from any system, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices or online.


Edit and Personalize Tables Effortlessly

Create a table with a single click using AI and then customize the table. EdrawMax has numerous customization tools, allowing you to create visually appealing tables. You can adjust layouts, change formatting, and add colors just the way you like.


Download Tables in Multiple Formats

EdrawMax has multiple popular formats, including Visio, MS Office, PNG, SVG, and more. So, people who don’t use EdrawMax can also view your table charts. Not only this, but you can also share your designs with friends on social media.


More Features

Infinite Canvas

Write down all your ideas.


Multi-platform Compatible

EdrawMax is available on Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS, and iOS.

Search Accuracy

Locate the symbols and icons that best suit your needs in no time.


Create slides capturing any section of a diagram and preview effects.

Smart Layout

Effortlessly change shapes and connectors with the click of a button.

Enterprise-grade Security

Rest assured you data is secured by the highest-level SSL encryption.

Explore Table Chart Templates

Data Table Example
Data Table Example
Action Plan Example
Action Plan Example
Weekly Schedule Template
Weekly Schedule Template
Comparison Chart Template
Comparison Chart Template
Explore More Templates

How Edrawers talk about us.

If you are looking for a place to create all sorts of basic diagrams, I would highly recommend EdrawMax. I create my tables, pie charts, bar graphs, stacked charts with the tool. I think the best feature is that it allows importing data from Excel. My company’s data is all in XLSX format, so it’s super easy to import all data into EdrawMax and then easily create amazing tables.

--Veac J

It has been three years since I started using EdrawMax as my diagram tool. What I love about this software is how simple the interface is, even for newbies. Everything from adding symbols to formatting is a matter of seconds. You hardly have to invest five minutes in any basic diagram. And if you are using a template, the time even cuts down to a minute.

--Jach C

Making charts is fun and easy with EdrawMax. Apart from importing data from other files, it allows you to color-code the rows and columns and set the formatting of your charts beforehand. So, merging lengthy spreadsheets is a matter of minutes. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a hectic schedule.

--Aenh S

FAQs about Making Table in EdrawMax.

  • Yes, of course. EdrawMax has multiple format options. You can download your tables in a Visio file, MS Office, PNG, Website, and more. This way, anyone can view your tables and give you feedback.
  • EdrawMax has a template community with editable table examples. Click Templates from the dashboard and type “Table” in the search box. It will display numerous table templates, giving you different options to find the one that matches your task needs.
  • Creating a table is quick and straightforward using EdrawMax. All you need to do is drag and drop the symbols of your choice and fill in the data in the columns. Then, adjust the layout, add colors, and you are done.
  • No, the EdrawMax table maker is free. You don’t have to pay a single penny to create a table in this tool using templates and symbols. It even allows you to auto-save the table designs in a Cloud file.
  • Yes, of course. EdrawMax allows you to incorporate lengthy data in your tables from other sources. All you need to do is right-click the category and import XLSX or CSV data files.

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