Venn Diagrams with Three or More Circles and How to Make Them

Looking for some amazing and inspiring 3 circle Venn diagram templates? Check out the best Venn diagram templates with three or more circles.

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A Venn diagram is a graphical illustration of the relationships between different elements or sets of data. Every circle represents a specific element. The overlapping area between the two circles represents the commonality between the two elements. The non-overlapping area represents the traits that the two elements do not share.

Venn diagrams are widely used for better visualization of complex concepts. The two and three-circle Venn diagrams are traditional, but in the practical world, Venn diagrams with three or more circles are common. That is why you need professional Venn diagram templates to represent data sets in a simplified way for everyone to comprehend.

Part 1: Five Venn Diagrams for Different Scenarios

Here we have selected some popular free Venn diagram templates with three or more circles from our templates community. Go through them to understand their applications, and you can click on them to edit them with EdrawMax for free.

1. Three-Circle Venn Diagrams

Three-circle Venn diagrams are widely used in mathematics to represent different equations and their relationships. You can clearly understand the commonality between every pair of equations as well as among all three equations as a whole. This is why 3-circle Venn diagrams are common in economics and statistics subjects.

Besides, three-circle Venn diagrams are used in biological and social science. These diagrams can represent different classifications of living beings and showcase their common and unique traits for easy visualization.

2. Four Circle Venn Diagram

Four-circle Venn diagrams are widely used in the business and research fields. The four circles represent different processes or concepts, and the Venn diagram highlights the similarities and differences between any two, three, and even four concepts as a whole.

The information regarding the intersections is generally outside of the Venn diagram can better readability. For example, the four-circle Venn diagram can showcase the layers of Earth and their benefits and interlinking. Similarly, it can highlight marketing plans like branding, offline advertisement, and online promotion, and how they combine for lead generation.

3. Five-Circle Venn Diagram

Five-circle Venn diagrams are used to simplify complex data sets, and they find applications in business, research, and survey fields. Every circle represents a different concept, and the Venn diagram compares the similarities and contrasts. There can be as many as 31 intersections between the circles.

For example, five-circle Venn diagrams can showcase the characteristics of different categories of customers in a business, and any brand can exploit the commonalities of all the categories for better lead generation with minimal expenditure.

4. Six-Circle Venn Diagram

Six-circle Venn diagrams are used to express a general concept along with its complex sub-topics in a simplified way. For example, if you want to represent different ways of reducing body fat, you can place the main goal in the center circle and the steps to reduce fat in outer circles around the main circle. The outer circles will intersect with the main circle to showcase that all the steps are for achieving the main goal.

Six-circle Venn diagrams offer clear visualization as the circles are well-defined. They find application in science, statistics, business processes, and project planning, as well as in designing infographic diagrams.

Part 2: How to Make a Venn Diagram with EdrawMax

Now that you have understood the different types of Venn diagrams and their practical applications, you need to learn how to edit those beautiful Venn diagram templates to replace the sample texts with your data sets and labels.

The easiest way to make a Venn diagram for your project is to select a Venn diagram template as per your data sets and edit it out to fit in your data sets and associated information. You will need a diagramming tool where you can get high-quality Venn diagram templates and all the basic and advanced tools to customize the selected template as per your requirements. If you are considering choosing an ideal diagram maker, give EdrawMax a shot.

1. Why Choose EdrawMax

EdrawMax is one of the best diagramming tools to make a Venn diagram. Here are the key features that make EdrawMax so popular among enterprises and individuals.

Free Online Platform: You can make Venn diagrams free of cost using EdrawMax web platform. You do not have to install any application, and you can access EdrawMax directly from your web browser. You get access to advanced tools and vast libraries of shapes and symbols. Select any Venn diagram template as per your need and customize the template with advanced tools intuitively.

Rich Templates: You cannot represent your data sets perfectly through a Venn diagram unless you have high-quality Venn diagram templates to choose from. EdrawMax offers a wide range of Venn diagrams starting from 2-circle to 7-circle Venn diagram templates. Besides, there are different variations and styles of Venn diagrams present to fulfill all the requirements of the users. You can browse through the gallery and choose from free and premium templates instantly and create the perfect Venn diagram for your project.

AI Tools: You will hardly find any diagramming tool helping users to design stunning Venn diagrams through AI assistants and tools. You can instruct the Edraw AI to insert visual diagrams, generate tables, and create text labels in your Venn diagram. Edraw AI will also give your valuable suggestions to improve the visual appeal of the Venn diagram. You can plan, create and visualize any Venn diagram faster and more efficiently with AI tools from EdrawMax.

Besides, EdrawMax is available for PC as well as mobile phone users. You can export Venn diagrams in different file formats for wider compatibility.

2. Guide to Creating a Venn Diagram

Here are the simple steps to make a Venn diagram with EdrawMax without any prior experience or technical knowledge.

Step 1: Open EdrawMax

Download EdrawMax on your computer and install the application. Launch EdrawMax and create an account. Log into your account and go to New> Basic> Basic Diagram and choose the Venn Diagram option to get started.

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Step 2: Choose a Template

After selecting the Venn Diagram option, you will get access to various free and premium Venn diagram templates. You have to choose from the templates as per your circle requirements. You can also click on the More Templates option to explore other available Venn diagram templates before choosing the perfect one. Double-click on the template you have selected to go ahead and customize it to make your own Venn diagram.

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Step 3: Customize a Template

Double-click on the sample texts to replace them with the information you want to display. Single-click on the texts to change their styles and outlooks. You can add new text labels from Home> Tools> Text.

edit text in venn diagram

You may need to add additional shapes and connectors in the Venn diagram. Go to Home> Tools and select the Shape or Connector option. Select the required shape or connector and draw it on the worksheet whenever you need.

add shapes and connectors venn diagram

Along with shapes and connectors, you may need to add different symbols. EdrawMac has an organized collection of symbols to use in your diagram. Go to Symbols> Predefine Libraries and you will see different categories of symbols. Go to any category and you can choose from the available symbols.

edrawmax symbols

Go to Design> Beautify and select from the ready-made layouts to change the color scheme of the Venn diagram. If you want to change the background color, go to the Background section. You can also add a background picture as per your project requirements.

design background

Step 4: Export your work

When you are done customizing the template, you need to export the Venn diagram in your desired file format. EdrawMax allows you to save finished diagrams in PDF, Doc, XLS, PPT, HTML, SVG, and popular image formats like JPG and PNG.

Go to File> Export & Save and select the Export Format. You can make changes to available parameters at your convenience. Finally, click the Export button to save the Venn diagram in the selected destination.

export venn diagram

Part3: Conclusion

Venn diagrams are essential to represent complex concepts and data sets for clearer visualization and better understanding. Depending on the number of data sets, you will need Venn diagrams templates that you can customize as per your requirements. Starting from two-circle Venn diagram to eight-circle Venn diagram, you will get the fully customizable template on EdrawMax.

There are different styles of Venn diagrams available that are visually appealing. You can customize every component of the templates and add new objects, symbols, and labels to showcase the relationship among data sets more efficiently and in the most simplified form. Go ahead and download EdrawMax now and start designing the best Venn diagrams.

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