10 Free Fishbone Analysis Templates and How to Make One Within Minutes

Read this article to find a curated selection of 10 versatile templates that can assist you in conducting thorough and structured problem-solving sessions.


Have you ever wondered how to organize your ideas and understand complex concepts easily? Well, a fishbone diagram might be just the thing you need! Don’t worry, as it’s not about real fish. It’s just named that way because of its unique shape. It looks like a fish’s skeleton.

Fishbone diagrams are great tools for breaking down ideas and exploring causes and effects. They help us see the connections between different factors clearly and visually. If you’re interested in creating fishbone diagrams, there are online tools that can guide you through the process.

In this article, you’ll explore all about fishbone analysis diagrams. You’ll also get to know about 10 free fishbone analysis templates.

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Part 1. Understanding Fishbone Analysis Diagrams

Fishbone Analysis Diagrams are also known as fishbone diagrams or Ishikawa diagrams. They are powerful visual tools used to find the root causes of a specific problem or situation. The name comes from their unique shape, resembling the bones of a fish. Usually, the main issue is the “head” and the potential causes branching out like the “bones.”

Where Are Fishbone Analysis Diagrams Used?

Here’s how and where Fishbone Analysis Diagrams are used:

  • Problem-Solving: These diagrams help teams and individuals identify and categorize potential causes of a problem. This makes it easier to find practical solutions.
  • Quality Control: In manufacturing and production, these diagrams pinpoint factors that lead to defects or issues, enabling better quality control.
  • Educational Settings: Fishbone diagrams are valuable tools for teachers and students to analyze and understand complex topics by breaking them down into manageable parts.

Fishbone Analysis Diagrams are particularly useful in presentations and PowerPoint slides. When presenting a problem or analysis, a fishbone diagram helps the audience grasp the key factors and their relationships.

What Is the Importance of Fishbone Analysis Diagrams?

The importance of Fishbone Analysis Diagrams lies in their ability to get to the root cause of a problem. By addressing these root causes, we can implement more targeted and long-lasting solutions.

Moreover, Fishbone Analysis Diagrams encourage a systematic and collaborative approach to problem-solving, fostering a sense of shared responsibility in finding resolutions.

A fishbone analysis diagram is an invaluable tool for finding the causes of problems in a structured and visual manner. Their versatility makes them great for many applications. It can be used in work environments, educational uses, and more. Using these diagrams, you can gain deeper insights into the factors influencing a problem and, in turn, develop more effective strategies for addressing it.

Part 2. Ten Examples of Fishbone Analysis Templates

This section presents ten free and fantastic Fishbone Diagram Templates that can help you. Each template is carefully designed for different use cases. They empower you to analyze and understand the root causes of various issues.

Whether you’re solving workplace challenges, improving quality control processes, or delving into educational topics, these Fishbone Diagram Templates are the perfect companions. Each template comes with a brief description and use cases, making choosing the one that best fits your needs easy.

The 8 Ms Manufacturing Fishbone Diagram

This template is perfect for analyzing manufacturing issues. It helps you explore the eight essential factors, like Manpower, Machine, and Materials, which could be causing problems in your production process. Use it to improve efficiency and address bottlenecks in manufacturing.

8 ms manufacturing fishbone diagram

Lab Fire Fishbone Analysis Diagram

When dealing with lab safety, this template comes to the rescue. It allows you to investigate the potential causes of a lab fire incident. With this diagram, you can ensure a safer working environment in laboratories.

lab fire fishbone diagram

Self-Improvement Fishbone Guide

Use this template for personal growth and development. It helps you identify the key areas influencing your progress. Analyze these factors to make positive changes and achieve your goals.

self-improvement fishbone guide

Medical Fishbone Reviewer Diagram

This template is a fun way to review. You can add your style and write as if you’re talking to a friend. Check out the example texts provided in the image. Using fishbone diagrams to create reviewers and identify root causes and effects.

medical fishbone reviewer

COVID-19 Issue Tracking Fishbone Analysis Diagram

Amid the pandemic, this template is valuable for tracking COVID-19-related challenges. It lets you examine the root causes of government, healthcare, and more issues. Use it to find practical solutions in fighting other problems as well. 

covid-19 fishbone analysis

Carbon Footprint Reduction Fishbone Guide Diagram

For eco-conscious individuals, this template is a gem. It helps you pinpoint factors impacting your carbon footprint. It involves other self-issues like distraction, tolerance, and habits. This way, you can find other ways to improve your usage of products. Employ it to reduce your environmental impact.

carbon footprint reduction fishbone

Pets’ Care Fishbone Issue Analysis Diagram

Pet owners can benefit from this template to address their pets’ well-being. It allows you to explore factors affecting pet health, like environment, manpower, and other methods. Use it to ensure your furry friends are happy and healthy.

pets’ care fishbone diagram

Standard 4S Fishbone Analysis Diagram

This template is perfect for maintaining workplace organization. It involves surroundings, suppliers, systems, and skills. This way, you won’t have to find other resources. Directly use the template. Apply it to ensure a tidy and efficient workspace.

standard 4s fishbone template

Car Breakdown Fishbone Diagram

Car trouble? This template has got your back. It allows you to examine the possible causes of a car breakdown, covering aspects like engine, fuel system, and more. Use it to troubleshoot and fix car issues effectively.

car breakdown fishbone diagram

Academic Record Cause-Effect Diagram

For students and educators, this template aids in academic performance analysis. It helps you explore factors influencing academic success. It involves things like non-intelligence and intelligence causes. Utilize it to improve learning outcomes and achieve educational goals.

academic record fishbone diagram

Part 3. Wondershare EdrawMax: The Best Way To Create Fishbone Diagrams

Wondershare EdrawMax is a powerful tool for creating charts and diagrams. It offers robust features that are easy to use even for beginners. Its user-friendly interface and features like drag-and-drop make it a highly reliable application. With more than 15,000 templates and 26,000 symbols, the possibilities for creation are limitless. Also, you could sync your work with your team on the cloud across various terminals, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and the Web.

The fishbone diagram is one of the over 280 diagram types supported by EdrawMax. Better yet, you could try it for free. Even with the free version, you can use most of its powerful features. So try it out before deciding on buying a subscription.


How To Create Fishbone Analysis Diagrams in EdrawMax?

EdrawMax makes the process of fishbone analysis creation easy. It has a bunch of templates that you can use. If you want to create these diagrams, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install EdrawMax from the official website.

Step 2: Use the search bar on the homepage to search for a “fishbone” template. Under Templates, choose the one that you need best.

edrawmax homepage

Step 3: Edit the texts by double-clicking on them to change the preset content.

edrawmax canvas

Step 4: Customize the diagram’s appearance by clicking on any element and using the customization bar. Change any element’s line colors, style, and fonts accordingly.

edrawmax customization options

Step 5: Use the drag-and-drop feature to add elements to your diagram. Check out the new elements on the left toolbar.

edrawmax elements toolbar


Fishbone analysis diagrams are precious tools that can be applied in various aspects of life. It can help in workplace problem-solving to academic performance analysis. These diagrams help us understand the root causes of issues, enabling us to make informed decisions and find practical solutions. With the power of fishbone analysis diagrams, you can tackle challenges with a structured and visual approach.

Creating these diagrams has never been easier, thanks to Wondershare EdrawMax. It has an impressive array of fishbone diagram templates. Whether dealing with manufacturing issues, medical reviews, or personal growth, EdrawMax’s fishbone analysis templates have you covered. With its user-friendly interface and versatile features, EdrawMax is undoubtedly the go-to tool for all your diagramming needs.

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