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Effortlessly build circuit and maintenance systems with EdrawMax, an intuitive electric design software. Get creative inspiration from professionally crafted electrical diagram templates and symbols and kick-start your projects.


Designing electrical designs is a breeze with EdrawMax

User-generated templates catering to all needs
Explore 20,000+ user-generated and built-in templates, including electric diagrams. Find a relevant electric design from a collection of robots, control systems, communication setups, circuit design, and digital circuits.
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26,000+ vector-enabled symbols
With EdrawMax’s professionally crafted symbols, users can ensure accuracy and relevancy. Just navigate to the library to access electrical, maintenance, maps, analog logic, and digital repair symbols. Create a personalized library for repetitive use.
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Visualize electric connections with no design skills
EdrawMax is a user-friendly platform with massive resources to guide newbies and experts. Its drag-and-drop functionality, infinite canvas, and AI assistance simplify the creation process. Moreover, the documented user guides and video tutorials on the website makes it even more easy for new comers.
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Download electric designs in multiple formats
Export your electric designs to ensure compatibility with multiple organizations. EdrawMax supports 10+ formats, including Visio, PNG, JPG, PDF, and MS Office. In addition, you can also import diagrams and data from SVG, Visio, and CAD to catch up on unfinished projects.
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Why teams choose EdrawMax?

Seamless Teamwork
EdrawMax facilitates real-time collaboration, allowing team members to work together on diagrams and share feedback instantly, fostering teamwork, and accelerating project progress.
Enhanced Efficency
With its intuitive interface, pre-made templates, and extensive symbol libraries, EdrawMax enables teams to create professional-quality diagrams quickly, saving time, reducing effort, and increasing productivity.
All in One
EdrawMax allows for making 210+ types of diagrams including flowcharts, mind mapps, Gantt charts, timelines and more, streamlining workflows and eliminating the need for multiple software, enhancing convenience.
Improved Communication
Use visually compelling diagrams to convey complex ideas, facilitating clear and concise communication within teams and with stakeholders, boosting understanding and decision-making processes.

Electric design templates on EdrawMax

Electrical Diagram
Electrical Design Diagram
Home Electrical Diagram
Workshop Electrical Diagram
Schema Tripesce Electrical Diagram
Basic Electrical Diagram
Electrical Diagram of Lighting
House Electrical Diagram
Electrical Circuit Diagram

FAQs on electrical design software

  • EdrawMax symbol library features several electrical infographics. You can access them by navigating to the left-side panel of the canvas and clicking More Symbols > Engineering > Electrical > Electrical Circuits, Maintenance, Maps, Analog and Digital Logic, etc. Import them for repetitive use.
  • Yes, of course. EdrawMax has a Presentation Mode that produces an extensive slideshow of your electrical designs. Once done, apply the preview effect and enter full-screen to discuss the diagram. Or, export the slides to PPT.
  • Making an electrical diagram with EdrawMax Online is straightforward. Open the software in the browser and log into your Wondershare ID. Click New > Engineering > Electric and select a preferred layout from the main menu. Add symbols and modify the design.
  • Yes. All electrical design templates on EdrawMax are free except the built-in ones. You can find and duplicate a perfect match for your task by navigating to the Templates section from the dashboard.
  • Yes, of course. EdrawMax is a cross-platform software. Hence, it is compatible with different operating devices, including Windows, Linux, Android, MacOS, and iOS. Moreover, you can also access its online version from any device with the internet.
  • Yes. EdrawMax allows importing data and diagrams from platforms, like Visio, CAD, and SVG. It enables users to complete their unfinished tasks from EdrawMax’s canvas.
  • You can make your work widely available with EdrawMax. Navigate to the quick-access toolbar, click Share > Edit Permissions, and copy the link. What’s best is that you can control who can view and edit your designs.
  • Yes, of course. EdrawMax is an intuitive platform with AI assistance and drag-and-drop functionality, perfect for beginners. Moreover, if you are stuck while diagramming, EdrawMax has video tutorials accessible from the platform and documented user guides on the website.
  • Not necessarily. EdrawMax has a free registration plan that requires no money and has all essential diagramming features. It also covers a symbol library and template community. So, create intricate electrical diagrams without spending any money.

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