A Comprehensive Guide on Draw.io to PowerPoint Conversion

Draw.io, a renowned open-source diagramming tool, enables you to export your diagrams into PPT format for further modifications in MS PowerPoint.

exporting drawio to ppt format

Numerous drawing tools are available in the market, providing top-notch customization features; however, a scalable solution is one that offers integrations with external platforms to glorify your diagramming journey. Draw.io, a propriety diagramming application developed by Seibert Media, provides high-end drawing features for creating flowcharts, wireframes, presentations, and other 2D diagrams.

Having a straightforward interface, the tool is a blessing not only in terms of features but also regarding export format choices. Not only in graphical formats, but you can also export files from Draw.io to PowerPoint to access it later on MS PowerPoint. This article encompasses a comprehensive procedure on Draw.io to PowerPoint conversion and its alternative conversion solutions.

Part I. Introduction of the Draw.io to PowerPoint Export Feature

Whenever it comes to choosing a reliable tool for your prospective needs, you must notice which export format options the tool is providing. Even some well-performing applications don’t provide enough export formats in their free plan, allowing access to certain formats only in their premium versions.

Draw.io is a cutting-edge diagramming platform that provides several export formats, including PNG, SVG, JPG, PDF, HTML, XML, URL, and more. Additionally, the software enables you to import PPT files into your diagrams to make your diagrams complementary and expressive. You can also embed its extension into Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to craft visualized diagrams within your Microsoft files. After integrating its add-in into MS Office applications, you can easily insert, create, edit, rotate, recolor, and update diagrams within the file without navigating to its web interface.

Part II. How To Export Diagrams in Draw.io to PowerPoint Format?

A finely-designed complex flowchart template can do wonders, saving your precious time and imparting an exquisite look to your flow patterns to enhance audience understanding. Thus, we have formulated a compilation of well-expressive flow diagrams pertaining to different fields.

Method 1: Exporting the File Into Graphic Format With Transparent Background

In this method, you first need to export your diagram in a graphic format with a transparent background and then add it to Microsoft PowerPoint slides. The detailed procedure is given below:


Launch the “Draw.io” interface to employ it for diagramming.

launching the drawio application interface

Create the diagram which you want to convert into a slide for inserting it into Microsoft PowerPoint.

making diagram in drawio

Navigate to “Diagram”, choose the “Export As” option, and click “Advanced” from the dropdown menu.

export options display in drawio

Choose the graphic format for your diagram, and fill in the other details; afterwards, tick the “Transparent” background option as marked, and click the “Export” button.

drawio setting diagram background transparent

Now, open your project file in MS PowerPoint and insert that image where you want to add it.

add diagram in ms powerpoint

Method 2: Adding Draw.io Extension in Microsoft PowerPoint

This procedure can consume a few minutes, but it will eliminate your trouble of exporting and importing graphic files each time into your PowerPoint project. Here is the detailed guideline to incorporate the Draw.io extension into your MS PowerPoint:


Launch the “Draw.io” interface to incorporate its add-in into MS PowerPoint.


Navigate to “Diagrams”, click the “Embed” option, and choose “Microsoft Office”.

embedding drawio in ms office

A new window will launch, taking you to “Microsoft AppSource”; click the “Get It Now” button to embed the Draw.io app in your Microsoft applications.

get now drawio ms office

Microsoft will ask you to install the Draw.io add-in in the three applications: Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Choose and click the “Open in PowerPoint” button to proceed.

click open in powerpoint drawio

Navigate to the “Insert” tab in the menu, click the “My Add-ins” option, and choose “Draw.io Diagrams” to incorporate it in MS PowerPoint.

ms powerpoint insert drawio add in

Another way to incorporate the Draw.io add-in in Microsoft PowerPoint is to go to the Office Store and get it there. For this, click the “My Add-ins” option, choose the “Store” option, and search “Draw.io” in the search bar.

getting drawio add in from office store

Part III. Export Diagrams to PowerPoint More Conveniently with EdrawMax!

Although Draw.io proves to be an invincible tool for 2D diagrams creation; however, its discrepancy regarding Draw.io to PowerPoint conversion creates a dubious outlook in its users’ minds. For example, if you have not incorporated its extension in MS Office applications, you would need to pass through a series of steps to embed a diagram into a PowerPoint and then export it into PPT format. Also, you cannot further customize the individual elements of that diagram once you imported it into Microsoft PowerPoint.

For these reasons, we bring an unbeatable solution to export your diagrams conveniently into PPT format without getting into the trouble of consecutive ditches. EdrawMax, a professional & state-of-the-art diagramming platform, facilitates effortless presentation creation, allowing you to export your projects in PPT format so that you can customize & modify them in MS PowerPoint. Additionally, the tool is replete with several self-detective features, for example, auto-create presentation slides, cropping a particular area as a slide, and slide size selection, which will take your business presentation experience to the heavens of success.

How To Export Diagrams to PowerPoint Effectively with EdrawMax?

Creating slides and exporting them into PowerPoint format is incredibly straightforward because EdrawMax automatically creates your project slides with one click. The detailed procedure for exporting your diagram into the PPT format via EdrawMax is given below:


Download, install and launch EdrawMax on your device. Log in with your Wondershare ID or an account of Google, Facebook, or Twitter。


Click the “New” tab present in the left panel, and choose whatever type of diagram you want to create to export it into PPT format.

new diagram edrawmax

Create your diagram by adding symbols and shapes through drag-and-drop; you can also add tables, charts, images, clipart, icons, and other elements in your diagram, depending on the diagram type. Add text to the shapes and reformat it through adjustments and ruler aligning.

edrawmax diagram formatting completion

Now, navigate to the “View” tab in the menu and click the “Presentation” button given along with the “Presentation” option. The Presentation panel will appear on the right. Click “Auto-Create Presentation by Pages” if you want EdrawMax to automatically generate slides.

clicking auto create option edrawmax

If you want to create the presentation slides of your project manually, click the “Create Slide by Selecting an Area of the Page” option. When you choose the manual slides creation option, a crop symbol will display, allowing you to include whatever area you want in your slide.

edrawmax crop symbol for slide creation

To export your diagram slide, click the “Export PPT” button given at the bottom right under the “Presentation” panel.

edrawmax clicking export ppt button

Another way to export your diagram into the PPT format is to navigate to the “Export” icon given at the top and choose the PPT format for your diagram export.

edrawmax choosing the ppt export format

4. Conclusion

Draw.io is a powerful tool to craft 2-dimensional diagrams online without investing a budget; the tool also provides several export formats for saving your file. Still, exporting the Draw.io files into the PowerPoint format is a bit cunning procedure, requiring you to export the file into the graphic format with a transparent background and paste it into your PowerPoint file. However, you can exploit the Draw.io extension in Microsoft 365 applications for in-app access to avoid these successive obstacles.

The article guided you about how you can embed a graphic-generated diagram into Microsoft PowerPoint or incorporate the Draw.io add-in into Microsoft applications. You can employ a reliable alternative to Draw.io, EdrawMax, that provides a direct export capability for the PPT format, leading your diagramming experience to the summits of convenience.

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