A Detailed Review of Top 10 AI Mind Map Generators

Have you ever expected one day, AI can play a significant role in visualizing and organizing information in mind maps? Explore the most effective AI mind map generators of 2024 to streamline your creative process and boost productivity.

edrawmax ai generated mind map

Mind maps are a visual tool with the main idea in the center and related ideas branching from there. In this digital age, AI mind map generators can suggest ideas and create mind maps much faster than you can manually based on your prompts. Keep reading to explore which of these 10 AI mind map generators can benefit you.

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Part 1. Top 10 AI Mind Map Generators

These AI mind map generators cater to different user preferences and needs. So, choosing the one that aligns with your requirements is essential for enhancing your productivity and creativity.

Wondershare EdrawMax: AI-Powered All-in-One Diagram Maker

EdrawMax is an intelligent diagramming tool supporting creation of 280+ types of diagrams, popular for its intuitive interface and robust functionality, making it a good option for users of all experience levels. The AI mind map generator in EdrawMax can help you create mind maps that reflect your ideas and brainstorm more efficiently. It can be a helpful time-saving tool, especially when brainstorming a complex topic. The functions in Edraw AI include:

  • A smart summary function that can summarize your text into a concise and clear statement
  • A tone changer that can adjust the tone of your text to be more professional, informal, and more
  • A polish text function to help you improve the content's grammar
edraw ai mind map generator interface

Key Features

In addition to the AI functions, EdrawMax can help you save time and create clear, concise, and visually appealing mind maps with the following features:

Customization: EdrawMax has various themes, templates, and styling options. You can change the look and feel of your mind maps to make them your own.

Export Format Flexbility: You can export your mind maps in different formats, like graphics, PDF, Word, PPTs, SVG, and more. You can also share them on social media or send a link to anyone who wants to view or edit them.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: EdrawMax is available on all major operating systems including Windows, MacOS, Linux, and the Web.

  • Easy to use, even for beginners
  • Extensive customization options
  • Offers 200 free AI tokens for free
  • You need AI tokens to access AI features

User Rating

4.6 out of 5

GitMind: Mind Map Generator AI-Powered for Students

With its AI feature, GitMind can convert images into mind maps. It also has an AI mind map generator that can expand the mind map up to 8 nodes, and you can also customize the style, themes, and layout of your diagrams. GitMind also uses version control systems so you can track changes to your mind maps and revert to previous versions.

gitmind ai mind map generator interface
  • Accessible in Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android
  • Limited collaborative and supported file features
  • You can only use the AI mind map generator 20 times for free

User Rating

4.1 out of 5

Ayoa: Online AI Mind Map Generator for Project Planning

Ayoa is a brainstorming and project management powerhouse that lets you create mind maps, workflow boards, whiteboards, and organic maps. It also offers an AI mind map generator, video, and chat messages. So, it suits you if you value online productivity and virtual collaboration. With Ayoa, you can take your discussions to the next level with its comprehensive task management features.

ayoa ultimate ai website interface
  • Intuitive and clutter-free interface design
  • Integrated with Evernote, Google, and Dropbox
  • Available only on the web, iOS, and Android
  • Need a subscription plan for AI mind map generator, video calling, and exports

User Rating

4.3 out of 5

MyMap.AI: AI Mind Map Generator for Business Presentations

MyMap.AI's AI mind map generator helps you create mind maps that are both visually appealing and easy to understand. You can then transform your mind map into other visual formats, such as frames and stories. MyMap.AI also lets you customize your content, like simplifying the language or expanding your ideas. With MyMap.AI, you can brainstorm ideas, take notes, and create instant presentations all in one place.

mymap ai generated mind map
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Easy collaboration through link-sharing
  • Offers presentation mode
  • Limited customization feature for themes, font styles, and connectors
  • Can only export files as PNG and JPEG

User Rating

4.4 out of 5

Whimsical: Whiteboarding and AI Mind Map Generator

Whimsical is whiteboarding, diagramming, and AI mind map generator. It will be ideal tool for you if you prefer simplicity in creating mind maps, wireframes, and more. Whimsical suits individuals who want a no-frills approach to diagramming. And with its real-time collaboration features, you can work with others on your projects.

whimsical ai generated mind map interface
  • Integrates with productivity tools like GitHub, Notion, and Slack
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Limited customization and file-sharing options
  • Needs a subscription to create custom templates and themes

User Rating

4.6 out of 5

Chatmind: AI Mind Map Generator for Beginners

Chatmind takes a unique approach by letting you choose between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models. It is a cloud-based AI mind map generator that can generate mind maps, even for complex topics. Chatmind suits beginners who need to brainstorm and organize their thoughts on the go.

chatmind ai mind map online
  • It has a simple interface that lets you view in light and dark mode.
  • The mind map is easy on the eyes and has colored branches.
  • The AI mind map generator is a premium feature, but free users can get one trial credit daily
  • Need a subscription to generate more, edit the AI-generated mind map, and export it in SVG and Markdown file format

User Rating

4.6 out of 5

Taskade: AI Mind Map Generator for Cross-Functional Teams

Taskade is a productivity platform that aims to streamline collaboration and project management. Taskade's AI mind map generator helps you create mind maps effortlessly. It generates mind maps based on the prompt you entered, saving time and simplifying the process. Taskade enables real-time collaboration and video chat, making it suitable for teams working on mind maps. It integrates with other productivity apps that connect Taskade with your existing workflows.

taskade online ai mind map generator
  • Compatibility with many operating systems, including Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and web browser
  • Switch the AI-generated mind map to other diagrams, such as an action chart
  • The free version has limitations, including 1,000 AI credits

User Rating

4.7 out of 5

Xmind Copilot: AI Mind Map Generator for Writers

Xmind Copilot is a mind map generator AI that can help you write better articles. It can also help you improve the structure and flow of your content based on the mind map. If you're looking for a way to boost your writing skills and creativity, Xmind Copilot is a good alternative. It also has AI features, like Inspire Me, to give you more ideas and expand the mind map.

xmind copilot ai mind map generator
  • Intuitive interface
  • Offers free users 20,000 free tokens
  • No customization options for style
  • Only exports mind map file to Markdown format
  • No real-time collaboration

Jeda.AI: Mind Map Generator AI for Marketers

Jeda.AI is a virtual workspace that generates detailed AI content for different use cases, such as strategy, marketing, and user experience. It offers a suite of AI-powered features, including an AI mind map generator, website wireframe, and visual analysis. Jeda.AI also supports collaboration and sharing of mind maps with permission-based access.

eda ai mind map generator interface
  • Infinite canvas
  • Offers 10000 daily free Karma Tokens for AI contents
  • Limited customization options for themes, colors, and symbols
  • Limited supported file format for export

Explain Like I'm Five: AI Mind Map Generator for Academics

Explain Like I'm Five is a user-friendly AI mind map generator focusing on simplicity and engaging education. It is an online-based, easy way to create a mind map, making it accessible even for beginners. You can use this AI mind map generator, whether you are a student or teacher, to support learning.

eli5 ai mind map website interface
  • Can provide clear and concise explanations for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners
  • Cross-platform accessibility
  • Cannot use AI mind my generator for free because of the limited free tokens available

User Rating

4.9 out of 5

Part 2. How To Choose the Right AI Mind Map Generator for You?

Now that you've explored a variety of AI mind map generators, it's time to decide which one is the perfect fit for your needs. Here's a guide to help you determine the best one for you:

Needs and Preferences

Are you using the AI mind map generator for personal brainstorming, collaborative work, or educational purposes? Think about how you intend to use it.

Important Features

Determine which ones are essential for your workflow. For instance, real-time collaboration, customization options, or compatibility with specific platforms or tools.

User Reviews

Insights from other users can provide valuable guidance in selecting the best AI mind map generator that suits your needs.

vector graphic of user feedback


Decide how much you're willing to invest in an AI mind map generator. While some offer free versions, paid plans may unlock more features.

Level of Experience With Mind Mapping

Consider your familiarity with mind mapping. If you're a beginner, opt for a user-friendly AI mind map generator; advanced users might prefer tools with more customization features.


AI mind map generators are a great way to boost your productivity and creativity. They can help you to brainstorm ideas, plan projects, and manage your time more effectively. Take into consideration simplicity, reliability, productivity, and pricing, and choose one from the above-mentioned 10 tools that is the best fit for you.

Among them, if you are looking for a mind map generator that is affordable with a free version and has an intuitive interface friendly to beginners, give EdrawMax a shot today and give its powerful AI-powered mind mapping functions.

edrawmax logoEdrawMax Desktop
Simple alternative to Visio
210+ types of diagrams
10K+ free templates & 26k+ symbols
10+ AI diagram generators
10+ export formats
edrawmax logoEdrawMax Online
Edit diagrams anywhere, anytime
Personal cloud & Dropbox integration
Enterprise-level data security
Team management and collaboration

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