Try next-gen marketing with AI

Craft captivating campaigns, optimize copy, collaborate on pain point identification, and master your strategy with market analysis — all with AI.

AI-Powered productivity

A 24/7 assistant for marketing campaigns

Multiple AI-powered tools in one to supercharge productivity. Experience effortless efficiency with synchronized work across all your devices in one unified workspace.

AI Chat for brainstorming

Engage in brainstorming sessions with AI, ta into its vast knowledge base and gain valuable inspiration for innovative strategies.
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AI Analysis

EdrawMax AI's one-click analysis function enables you to easily analyze charts such as Gantt charts and flowcharts and text (spelling check) or draw quickly and accurately.
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AI Drawing

Experience the incredible journey of artistic creation in just one step. Transform text into stunning pictures and pictures into breathtaking works of art.
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EdrawMax: Verstatile diagramming platform

Create all the types of diagrams used in marketing with 10,000+ templates & 26,000 symbols on a neat interface.
Visio Files Import and Export
Batch import Visio files with one click. Export drawings back to Visio for seamless collaboration with Visio users. You can also convert diagrams into a variety of formats like PPT, SVG, Html, PDF, GIF, JPG, etc.
Customizable Shapes and Symbols
EdrawMax provides pre-designed shapes and symbols across various categories, such as flowcharts, mind maps, network diagrams and more. Easily insert them into the canvas and customize them to fit your unique needs.
Insert Images and Attachments
EdrawMax allows users to insert images, hyperlinks, attachments, and notes into the canvas, providing a comprehensive toolkit for creating interactive and informative diagrams.
Infinitive Canvas
With our infinitive canvas feature, you can optimize the display size of diagrams with one simple action, making it easier for you to work and focus on creating visually compelling diagrams.
Various Color Themes
Our color themes consist of harmonious combinations of colors carefully selected by design experts. Whether your style is bold or muted, EdrawMax offers a diverse selection of color themes to fit your preferences.
File Encryption and Backup
Encrypt your files for ultimate confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information. Plus, enjoy the added peace of mind with our file backup feature, which safeguards against potential data loss.

Revolutionize business landscape with AI

Unleash the dynamic duo of your innovation and EdrawMax AI's brilliance. From ideation to execution, embrace a journey where AI fuels your creativity, sharpens your insights, and propels your success in marketing and business.
Boost brainstorming, crafting unique strategies for marketing and business growth.
Illuminate insights, guiding informed decisions in the ever-changing landscape of market dynamics.
Enhance materials, from flowcharts to tables, ensuring data-driven finesse in communication and strategy.

Innovative Marketing Campaign Ideation

Engage in dynamic conversations with AI chat to brainstorm. Seamlessly translate ideas into AI mind maps, visually mapping out campaign elements, target audiences, channels, and goals. This integrated approach accelerates ideation, transforms concepts into actionable plans, and drives the success of your marketing initiatives.

Data-Driven Insights for Marketing Success

Leverage EdrawMax AI analysis tools to refine your marketing strategies. Optimize text documents, tables, and organization charts, infusing your content with clarity and precision. Uncover data-driven insights from charts and analyses, enabling you to tailor your marketing efforts for maximum impact and success.

Marketing Strategy Optimization

Utilize EdrawMax AI's SWOT Analysis, PEST Analysis, and Lean Canvas to strategically design and refine marketing approaches, leveraging insights on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, external factors, and business models for informed decision-making and impactful campaigns.

EdrawMax AI for marketing:
All you need to know

AI marketing refers to the application of artificial intelligence to enhance different aspects of marketing, including data analysis, customer insights, content creation, and campaign optimization.
EdrawMax AI offers a range of tools, such as AI chat, AI diagramming like flowcharts and mind maps, AI SWOT Analysis, AI PEST Analysis. These tools enable innovative brainstorming, strategic analysis, efficient business modeling, and data-driven precision to enhance your marketing efforts.
Absolutely! EdrawMax AI Analysis tools improve visual and textual content, including flowcharts and tables, ensuring accurate communication, data-driven insights, and polished marketing materials.
Yes, EdrawMax AI caters to businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a startup or an established enterprise, leveraging AI-driven insights and tools can streamline your marketing efforts.
EdrawMax AI features are designed with user-friendliness in mind. The intuitive interface and guided suggestions make them accessible to beginners and experienced marketers.
Certainly! EdrawMax features promote collaboration, allowing you to co-create mind maps, analyze strategies, and refine content with the power of AI and collective input.
No, you don't need technical expertise. EdrawMax AI tools are designed to be user-friendly, enabling marketers to leverage AI insights without a steep learning curve.
You can export the content created with EdrawMax AI in various formats, ensuring seamless integration with your marketing campaigns and materials.