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Currently, Google is one of the most profitable businesses in the world, with a dominant search market share and other data-related services. This free template observes internal and external factors that count when making decisions in the company. So, download it to explore Google’s multi-faceted strategy.


  • Large market share:
  • Google has a large market share, which gives it a position to stay ahead of its competition. This way, the company gets increased advertisers and partner platforms.

  • Search engine monopoly:

    Today, Google is the most used search engine, especially in Europe. Its ability to produce internet traffic has helped the company become an unbeatable competitor in the market.

  • Simplified approach:
  • Google follows a simplified approach to answer search queries. It analyzes user behavior and trends, which translates well into improving its search algorithms and boosting revenue.

  • Diversified web presence:
  • Google is not only a search engine but offers core services like email, cloud storage, mobile OS, and other advertising platforms. It helps the company reduce its dependence on a single product or service.


  • Dependency on ad revenue:
  • Google heavily depends on advertisements and its ad partners. This means that any potential setback in revenue would hit the company’s revenue significantly.

  • Data gathering:
  • Companies have suffered from Google inaccurate data collection algorithms, which lowers SEO ranking of a company and decreases the traffic.

  • Weak social media:
  • Google has never invested resources in marketing, even so, its social media presence is minimal.

  • Economic fluctuations:
  • Because Google relies on ad revenue, any economic downfall can impact the company. According to sources, the company is facing a decline in ad rates. This calls for the company to think of creative ideas for generating profit.


  • Cloud computing:
  • As more businesses are shifting to cloud infrastructure, there is a big opportunity for Google cloud computing. In this space, Google has to deal with giants like AWS and Microsoft Azure.

  • Wearable OS:
  • Recently, Google has invested a lot in the wearable market. It is expected to grow an annual revenue of $30.88 billion in 2025.

  • Android operating system:
  • One thing benefitting Google most is providing the Android Operating System. This has not only expanded their customer base but also made it a direct competitor to Samsung and Apple.

  • Emerging technology learning:
  • The popularity of AI tools like chatbots has a great opportunity for Google. Big players like Microsoft and OpenAI are already jumping in this space.


  • Cyber security and hacking threats:
  • Though Google is benefiting from online businesses, it also means a higher risk for cybersecurity threats. Here, Google needs to adopt protective measures against these dangers.

  • Ad revenue decline:
  • As discussed above, Google has experienced a decline in ad revenue, which can seriously hit its annual profits.

  • Apple’s comeback:
  • Companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon are all competing with Google. It can threaten the company’s search bases and advertisements, which can eventually hurt its market share.

  • Privacy issues:
  • Google has never revealed its algorithms for searches and data gathering. Given this situation, industry partners are concerned about the traffic generation and search engine algorithms.

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