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This hotel floor plan is a historic design of House Tower of 806 Main Street. This plan is suitable for guests and luxury hotels. Moreover, the design of an elevator and stairwell in the center of the plan, makes it possible to lay out the electrical and plumbing cases if you prefer this hotel house plan.

Furthermore, this hotel floor plan has separate departmental rooms for mechanical and electrical requirements, ensuring more safety for the people. Additionally, this is a traditional hotel floor plan, making it cost-effective and efficient.

How to use this template

Step 1

click Use this template to edit the diagram online.

Step 2

Drag and drop relevant Edrawmax symbols for kitchen, rooms, and more for customization.

Step 3

Edit the template with precise settings for any symbol for more accuracy.

Step 4

Once done, save your customized template in various formats such as JPG, PNG, SVG, or PPTX. You can choose any of these.

Benefits of the template

One of the advantages is that this template is a traditional and historic hotel floor plan, so you will not need to hire an architect or planner. With this, you can also save money, making it cost-effective.

Moreover, Edrawmax has an AI feature to customize the template and save time. Customizing this pre-designed template will also help figure out better ideas and offer you a high degree of flexibility. .

Furthermore, the template is designed and planned by a professional architect, offering you the assurance that the template is accurate and precise for usage. You can also easily adjust the windows, rooms, and symbols and move walls according to your preferred needs and specific needs. .

Additionally, you can easily visualize the outcome by editing a pre-customizable template and achieving a personalized design without having to pay anything.

FAQs about this template

  • There are four types of hotel plans, which are generally used all over the world. European, American, Continental, and Modified American plans. All these plans have meal plans and policies.
  • There are four common rooms found in every hotel: Single, Double, Triple, and Quadruple rooms. Some hotels also offer Deluxe, Queen, and Studio rooms.

  • The four major departments are the Front office, Management, Housekeeping, and kitchen & food department.

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