How to Make a Timeline Online?

Learn how to make a timeline online with the free diagramming tool of EdrawMax, a timeline builder with a large number of free templates.


A timeline is a diagram that displays events or milestones in chronological order along a single column. It works as a powerful visual tool for displaying the order of historical or chronological events in an acceptable and structured way.

Timelines are useful tools for presenting the sequence of events and highlighting current events, whether you're a history enthusiast, project manager, teacher, or event planner. However, it can be tricky to create a complicated timeline at times. That's why this article will teach you how to create a timeline that can captivate your audience.

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Part 1. Why Choose EdrawMax as Your Online Timeline Maker?

EdrawMax is a versatile diagram maker that supports creation of over 280 types of diagrams. It is known for its intuitive UI and rich resources including templates and symbols.

Users may easily generate a variety of visual components, including timelines, using the flexible and user-friendly timeline infographic maker of EdrawMax. It provides the freedom to work on timelines from any device with an internet connection

From students and teachers to business executives and designers, EdrawMax offers a broad platform for user groups. EdrawMax software has an outstanding user rating of 4.5 out of 5. It is the best option for anybody looking for a flexible and user-friendly diagramming solution. EdrawMax Online includes all the tools you need to create flowcharts, mind maps, organizational charts, and timelines.

Key Features

Users can explore and try out the key features of the EdrawMax:

1. Compatibility with Multiple Terminals

A big advantage of EdrawMax is that it works with many different terminals. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, allowing users to access it from various devices. You can create whenever and wherever you choose by using your desktop, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone to work on your diagrams.

2. Vast Variety of Templates and Symbols

EdrawMax Online offers extensive templates, symbols, and icon libraries to enhance the clarity and beauty of your designs. Users can have access to the library of features, including over 26,000 symbols and over 1500 built-in templates, to produce high-quality diagrams.

3. AI Tools for Swift Timelines

Users of EdrawMax Online at all skill levels can benefit from the AI tool. You can directly generate a timeline in seconds with AI. Or you can ask questions and queries from the EdrawMax chatbot.

Part 2. Steps to Use EdrawMax Online to Make a Timeline

You can create a timeline of events by following these simple steps:

Step1Sign in to EdrawMax Online

Try EdrawMax online for free. Alternatively, you can also download it. Log in with an account of Wondershare, Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

Step2Create a New Timeline Document

Click on business, then a dropdown occurs. Choose project management from the options. Move your cursor to the project timeline and click on it to create a new file.

Step3Add Timeline Icons and Symbols

Choose the "Symbol Library" icon on the left sidebar. With this, a box displaying different symbol classifications will appear. These might have symbols for milestones, deadlines, milestone dates, events, and more. Browse the collection, then when you find an icon you like, drag it to add it to your canvas.

Step4Add and Customize the Timeline Bar

Drag the project timeline to the main page to customize it. Click on the timeline, and after that, click on settings. Choose the set time bar option and adjust the date according to your requirements. You can adjust the starting and ending date of the project. You can also customize your timeline by changing its color or style.

Step5Add and Customize the Milestones

Place the milestones from the timeline library on your project canvas. You can add the description on each placeholder and also change the shape, color, and line of the timeline. Click on settings and change the shape of the node. You can add as many milestones as you want.

You can also insert a watermark and other features from the toolbar. Click on the style button from the right corner and transparency, size, angle, and other options.


Part 3. Free Timeline Templates

Users may generate a variety of diagrams using the free version of EdrawMax without spending a cent. It is an excellent choice for people who want to create professional-looking diagrams without spending money on pricey software. There are numerous other kinds of free templates available on EdrawMax, such as timelines, flowcharts, mind maps, organizational charts, and more.

EdrawMax has a template for any purpose, including organizational charts and project timelines for businesses, social media approaches and marketing plans for marketers, lesson plans and classroom administration diagrams for educators, and even travel arrangements and imaginative art projects for personal use.

Software engineers, developers, and project managers can take a profit from EdrawMax's vast collection of software development templates. EdrawMax offers templates for cloud services that make it easier to describe cloud computing models, deployment strategies, and cloud infrastructure. To represent network topologies, LANs, WANs, and other network structures in network diagrams, EdrawMax provides a variety of symbols and shapes.

History Timeline

Timelines are used by historians and researchers to arrange information and identify current events. Timelines in project management help in task planning and tracking while companies highlight their success and expansion. History timelines are also used in educational circumstances, such as history classes, to help students in learning the chronology of events and the larger historical context.

Modern technology has made it simpler to develop interactive and dynamic historical timelines online as compared to traditional paper-based timelines. Use EdrawMax online to create historical timelines easily and elegantly. It offers a variety of templates and symbols that make it simple to make interesting timelines. Customization is easy because of the tool's intuitive UI and AI-powered features.

Project Timeline

An essential tool for efficient project management and planning is a project timeline. It gives you a graphical representation of the project's tasks, deadlines, and milestones so you can stay organized, monitor the progress, and make sure outcomes are delivered on time. Project managers and team members can identify possible bottlenecks, distribute resources effectively, and make wise decisions to keep the project on track with the help of a well-structured project timetable.

Project managers and teams can efficiently plan, carry out, and monitor projects with EdrawMax, which leads to successful outcomes and on-time project completion. The best tool for making a comprehensive and visually appealing project timeline is EdrawMax, no matter whether you're in charge of a small team or a big project.

Baby Growth Timeline

A baby growth timeline is essential for parents and other caretakers because it enables them to track and keep track of their children's development. Recording these milestones—from the first giggle to the first steps—assures the baby's healthy development while helping to create priceless memories. The timeline may also be used by parents to identify any developmental delays or issues, allowing them to quickly seek out professional advice.

Are you an excited parent hoping to make your child a lovely and special developmental timeline? EdrawMax Online is the only place to visit! EdrawMax is the ideal tool that helps you in capturing each priceless moment of your baby's growing journey due to its user-friendly interface and library of templates and symbols.


In conclusion, we discussed the techniques of generating timelines and the groundbreaking features of EdrawMax. It makes it possible for users to create a simple timeline for multiple uses. This outstanding software will meet all of your timeline-making requirements. EdrawMax has covered all things, whether you're a parent documenting your child's developmental stages or a professional creating detailed project timelines.

With its ability to work across multiple terminals, and AI-assisted diagram perfection, EdrawMax differentiates itself as an effective and user-friendly diagramming tool that offers extensive users. The benefits of EdrawMax are impressive. Users can freely design visually appealing timelines for any event using a wide library of themes, symbols, and icons.

edrawmax logoEdrawMax Desktop
Simple alternative to Visio
210+ types of diagrams
10K+ free templates & 26k+ symbols
10+ AI diagram generators
10+ export formats
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Edit diagrams anywhere, anytime
Personal cloud & Dropbox integration
Enterprise-level data security
Team management and collaboration

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