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Discover about the best Swim Lane Diagram Template for successful project management, and other applications. Learn how to create swimlane diagram easily.


Swim lane diagrams are important visual diagrams that help organizations to make process easier, these diagrams also  improve collaboration, and increase efficiency. They provide a clear, structured representation of complex workflows, make responsibilities, handoffs, and bottlenecks within a process. Let us discuss the best swim lane diagram template and how can you create these diagrams easily. This article can help you to make your work better and move your business ahead.

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Swim Lane Diagram: Definition

A swim lane diagram is a visual blueprint for demonstrating complicated processes and workflows by sorting tasks, responsibilities, and activities. This is also known as a cross functional flowchart template or a process map. Each lane in the diagram symbolizes a different job, team, department, or participant in the process.

basic Swim Lane Diagram

Swimlane diagrams are useful because they show the small details of how things happen in a process step by step. Organizations may easily detect bottlenecks, handoffs, and interdependencies by separating each operation into a unique lane. This diagram allows users for a more detailed view of the process.

Swim Lane Flowchart Template provides stakeholders with a structured and organized visual representation that improves communication and simplifies overall collaboration. These diagrams are important for interpreting the complexities of numerous workflows, whether utilized in project management, process improvement, or system analysis.

How to Use A Swimlane Diagram?

The Swim Lane diagrams are adaptable tools.  It is used in a variety of industries for a variety of objectives, such as process improvement, project management, and system analysis.

  • Start by stating the process you want to illustrate in detail. Recognize the project's goals, inputs, outputs, and important stakeholders.
  • Determine the various roles and departments that are involved in the process. You can make distinct swim lanes for each of them.
  • The process stages within each lane should first be mapped out. you use the proper shapes and symbols to depict decisions, activities, and data flows.
  • Highlight locations where duties change from one lane to another. This assists in identifying locations of collaboration and potential bottlenecks.
  • Include important information such as task descriptions, timelines, or key performance indicators (KPIs) within the graphic.
  • Start work with stakeholders to analyze and refine the swim lane diagram. Ensure correctness and completeness.
  • You use the diagram as a reference when working on process improvements. It can assist in identifying opportunities for optimization and efficiency benefits.

Elements That Make Up A Valid Swinlane Template

A suitable swimlane template should include all the necessary parts to communicate a procedure effectively. Here are some elements that create a valid template.

  • Swim Lanes: Clearly defined lanes reflecting various roles, departments, or entities involved in the process.
  • Tasks and Actions: Tasks and actions are arranged sequentially within each lane to demonstrate the flow of work.
  • Decision moments: The symbols that represent the moments in the process where decisions are made.
  • Arrows and Connectors: Arrows illustrate the flow of work by connecting activities and decision points.
  • Handoff Points: A clear indicator of where responsibilities transfer from one lane to another.

Best swim lane templates

Many templates are available for every specific requirement. Explore a wide range of templates for swimlanes, and these are designed to provide diverse business needs. These templates simplify complex interactions and processes and make them easy to understand for every user.

Here are some of the top templates offered for various uses.

1. Agile Scrum management swim lane template:

This template is ideal for Agile project management. It helps teams visualize their Scrum procedures, such as sprint planning, daily stand-ups, and sprint reviews.

agile scrum swim lane template

2. User flow template

This template is ideal for UI/UX designers. It helps you to map out user journeys it highlights key points and interactions with products or services.

user flow template diagram

3. Data flow diagram template

This template helps system analysts and data professionals visualize how data flows through systems and processes. It simplifies the complex task of mapping out the data flow and shows how information is processed.

diagram flow diagram template

4. Software development template Kanban board

Agile software development teams can use this template to construct a Kanban board. It tracks tasks through various stages of development.

software development template for Kanban board

5. PowerPoint Swim Lane Diagram Template

An adaptable PowerPoint template that can be customized for various corporations' needs. It is simple to present complex procedures to stakeholders.

powerPoint swim lane diagram template

Best online tools for creating swim lane diagrams

Wondershare EdrawMax offers special templates for creating swimlane diagrams. It has a simple and easy-to-use user interface, which means making diagrams is not hard. When users use EdrawMax, they get access to many features that can really help them work better and faster in their organization. This tool's simple design also makes it easy for people to create these diagrams very easily.

Here are the steps to create swim lane diagrams in EdrawMax.

Step1: The first step is to click the new button, navigate to the flowchart then click the cross-functional vertical. Choose a swimlane diagram template and edit it.

edrawmax user interface for swimlane diagram

Step2: EdrawMax includes plenty of pre-designed design templates. Choose a suitable swimlane template from the available templates.

various templates for swim lane diagram

Step3: Now change the orientation, text orientation, swimlane numbers, placements of the main title, colors, and so on of a swimlane.

change color of swim lane

Step4: You can adjust the width of any swimlane by dragging one of its separator lines until it reaches the desired width.

Step5: Drag a swimlane's end line until it reaches the desired length to make it longer or shorter.

format width of swim lane

Step6: Simply move any of the basic flowchart icons into the proper swimlanes. When the symbol is featured in the swimlane, it has a green highlight.

add symbols in swim lane

Step7: A swimlane can be erased by clicking it until a blue box with a dashed line appears, then pressing the Delete key. When you delete a swimlane, you also delete the symbols included within it.

delete symbols from swim lane

Step8: Once finished, save the diagram for future use or export it in a variety of formats for simple sharing.

export and share swim lane


Creating swim lane diagrams with Wondershare EdrawMax is best choice as this simplify workflow and increase teamwork. These diagrams are important to get better results. The swim lane diagram template in this tool provides a clear and effective way to achieve goals. By using and understanding these diagrams, users not only simplify their work but also boost their organization's productivity.

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