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A hotel organizational chart is a visual layout showing how different hotel chain departments and staff fit together. It clarifies who reports to whom, creating a clear chain of command. At the top is the General Manager, with all departments answering to them.

These departments can include Rooms (housekeeping, front desk), Food and Beverage (restaurants, bars, kitchen), Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, and Engineering (maintenance).

Depending on the hotel size, there might be sub-departments within each main area. For instance, Rooms might have housekeeping supervisors managing room attendants. The chart helps ensure everyone knows their area of responsibility and who to turn to for direction or assistance.

How to use this template

Step 1

Click Use this template.

Step 2

Add shapes to represent different positions in the hotel and then drag and drop the shapes to show the reporting hierarchy.

Step 3

Double-click the text box to edit the text and add labels or names and job positions.

Step 4

You can customize the shapes by adding images and colored themes.

Step 5

Once you are finished editing the hotel organizational chart, you can download it as a PNG, JPG, PDF, or SVG file. You can also share it with others or export it to other applications.

Benefits of the hotel organizational chart template

A hotel organizational chart template helps visualize your hotel’s structure. With a clear org chart, you’ll know who to report to and which departments handle guest inquiries. It also clarifies who your supervisor is and which colleagues you collaborate with for tasks like room service or events.

It keeps everyone informed and working together, reducing delays and frustrations. In short, an organizational chart is a roadmap to a well-functioning hotel, benefitting staff and guests.

Frequently asked questions

  • In the hotel industry, success hinges on two key areas working in tandem: the front office and housekeeping. The friendly front office staff makes a great first impression, handling reservations and guest needs. Meanwhile, the housekeeping team ensures clean and comfortable rooms, providing a relaxing foundation for the guest’s stay. Both sides work together to deliver a satisfying experience, which is key to any hotel’s prosperity.
  • Smaller hotels often thrive with a hierarchical organizational structure, where departments like housekeeping and the front office have clear reporting lines to a general manager. It keeps things streamlined. In larger hotels, a matrix organizational chart structure can be beneficial. It combines traditional departments with project-based teams, fostering collaboration across departments.
  • The hotel’s administrative department is sometimes called General & Administrative (G&A). It includes managing the hotel’s finances, like budgets and payroll. They also oversee hiring and training new staff and manage employee relations. On the purchasing side, G&A is responsible for buying supplies and negotiating with vendors for the best deals.
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