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This tech company free template has four main positions listed from top to bottom: Owners, Head Software Engineer, Digital Media Director, and Customer Service Representative. It has a simple organizational structure so that a larger tech company would have many more positions listed.

In this example, the Head Software Engineer, Digital Media Director, and Customer Service Representative all report directly to the owners. The Software Engineer reports to the Head Software Engineer. You can add more positions and departments and change the hierarchy levels.

How to use this template

Step 1

Click Use this template.

Step 2

Add the shapes you want to represent your departments and employees.

Step 3

Edit the text labels on the shapes to reflect the names of your departments and employees.

Step 4

Customize the chart by adding colors, fonts, and other formatting options.

Step 5

Save the tech company organizational chart in several file formats. Export it as an image, Word, PPT, and Excel.

Benefits of the tech company organizational chart template

A tech company org chart is a blueprint showing how different teams and departments work together. This can be especially useful for a tech company because it often has complex structures, with teams specialized in areas like software engineering, digital media, and customer service.

An org chart template can help clarify reporting lines and who is responsible for what. This can be important for ensuring that projects are completed efficiently and that everyone is aware of whom they should go to with questions.

You can also use this customizable template to plan for the future growth of your company. Visualizing your org chart lets you see where you may need to add new positions or departments.

Frequently asked questions

  • Leading a software development team involves two key decision-makers: the founder, who may also be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The founder oversees the big picture, including marketing, legal matters, HR, and managing the CTO. In simpler terms, the founder handles the business side, while the CTO focuses on the technical aspects of the software development process.
  • Flat organizational structures are the most prevalent among tech startups. The owner or CEO is in charge of the business under this organizational structure. They are the ones having the last say on decisions. They usually have to take part directly in the majority of business operations.
  • Google’s cross-functional or matrix corporate structure is well-known. The strategy involves bringing together workers with a range of expertise and roles. They work together on specific tasks or new product development. A senior manager oversees each cross-functional unit in the Google organizational structure chart.
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