A Detailed Guide on Using Different Tones in Writings

It seems overwhelming how AI technology alters the tone of your writing in the blink of an eye.

tone of voice in writings

Writing can be of different natures, varying with their purposes; likewise, the tone of voice in writing differs. You might have noticed the style and tone of writing change with the type of written work. How readers perceive the information greatly depends on how you express your words in a particular tone.

At present, AI technology has amazingly simplified writing jobs. Transforming the text tone is just a cakewalk with AI-powered tools. Against this backdrop, we have covered various factors associated with different tones in writing and demonstrated how you can change the tone of your writing by exploiting a reliable tool.

Part 1. What Is Meant by Tone of Voice in Writing?

The tone of voice is generally considered a verbal way of communicating among individuals. However, the same concept is applicable in writing. The tone of voice in writing depicts the choice of words you opt for in a piece of writing since the words play a primary role in defining the text’s tone. It’s pretty important to initiate with an accurate tone to convey the exact message to the targeted audience.

Importance of Using Different Tones in Writings

The targeted audience or readers matters the most when writing something since the tone mostly varies with the diversity of readers. That’s the reason why one needs to be conscious of the style and tone of documents containing textual information.

Most importantly, the tones depict the purpose of your writing. For instance, if you’re writing an Apology letter, it’s the selection of your words & writing style that demonstrates your purpose. In this context, even if we perform a detailed poetry analysis, only the chosen tone or phrases significantly convey the intended emotions to readers.

Part 2. What Are the Different Types of Tones in Writings?

The textual information can be expressed in multiple tones. If you use the same information in different scenarios, you must change its tone with respect to the given situation. As a case in point, the tone in articles doesn’t match the tone of an essay. Likewise, the tone of a professional email message should be different from the general writing tone.

To demonstrate the tone concept even better, here we have also defined different categories comprising tones examples sentences.

1. Neutral Tone in Writing

Unbiased & factual statements often fall in the category of a neutral tone in which we don’t need to give our point of view. You might have seen a sentence that doesn’t express any feelings. That can be the perfect example of neural tone in writing.

Neural Tone Example

“The group was invited to the party but didn’t choose to go.”

2. Formal Tone in Writing

The formal tone definition is pretty straightforward, as the term is self-explanatory. Such tones are mostly used in professional work that covers a variety of domains, i.e., business writing, legal documents, government policies, etc, that require clear, direct, and concise speech. Moreover, academic writing is also expressed in a formal tone; in fact, we can consider an academic tone as formal. Note that personal opinions can’t be included in formal toned writing work.

Formal Tone Example

“The results are not believed to be correct.”

3. Informal Tone in Writing

An informal tone is widely used in routine conversations and can also be called a conversational tone. An informal tone can depict various scenarios, i.e., casual, personal, humorous, spontaneous, etc. A conversation between a group of friends can be considered informal. You can openly express your feelings & opinions in informal writing.

Informal Tone Example

“She says she loves singing, but I don’t think so.”

4. Assertive Tone in Writing

The assertive tone is a combination of boldness and confidence. Putting forward personal opinions with full confidence depicts the assertive tone of writing. The writer usually adopts an assertive tone to persuade the reader of their opinions on a certain topic in a respectful manner.

Assertive Tone Example

“In his spare time, he enjoys writing about the ways of gardening.”

5. Persuasive Tone in Writing

To persuade someone of your point of view, you need to implement a persuasive tone in your writing. The persuasive tone often encompasses factual information. You can see the persuasive tone widely in advertisements, Newspaper columns, editorial content, or any other purposeful writing in which the writer needs to prove his convincing power through his words.

Persuasive Tone Example

“You can consider me because I am the best candidate for the position.”

Part 3. Change the Tone of Your Writings With AI Technology!

Artificial intelligence is ruling the present world with its impeccable features and advanced technology. In this context of different tones in writings, the positive impact of AI is obvious in different fields.

Therefore, considering the effectiveness of AI tools, it’s pretty essential to shed light on a remarkable AI-powered tool, i.e., Wondershare EdrawMax, that makes it super easier to change the tone of your content within a few seconds even though it’s primarily a powerful diagramming tool.

Manually altering the tone of pre-written content or documents seems a hassle. However, in such a case, EdrawMax is all you need to change the writing tone swiftly.

Price Plans of EdrawMax

EdrawMax is available for free but with a few limitations, such as its advanced AI features won’t be available in the free version. Although EdrawMax offers 200 AI tokens in a free plan still, that won’t be sufficient to accomplish major tasks. You can switch to its paid subscription plan at any time. Here you can readily explore the Paid subscription plans of EdrawMax.

How To Make Different Tones in Writings Using AI EdrawMax?

Employing the AI features of EdrawMax is straightforward, given its intuitive user interface. You need to add your content in EdrawMax, and its Change Tone feature will change the content in the targeted tone in a flash. Here you can find a detailed procedure to do that:


Launch EdrawMax Online by logging in with your credentials. Click on the Blank Drawing.

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launch the edrawmax online app

Add your content to the Blank Drawing page, and a toolbar will pop up above the added content.

content insertion in edrawmax

Select the AI-generated content option from the displayed toolbar to access the Change Tone function.

change tone function of edrawmax

Select the desired tone from the displayed list of different tones, as here we have proceeded with the Professional tone.

content in professional tone

EdrawMax will instantly transform the content into a Professional tone.

professional tone in edrawmax

The content tone can be changed multiple times. For instance, if you intend to change the tone again, select a new tone type, i.e., Friendly.

content in friendly tone

This time, the content will be changed to a Friendly tone.

friendly tone in edrawmax


Q: What is meant by the tone of the texts?

A: The text’s tone refers to the words the writer or author chooses for his piece of writing to convey his thoughts & emotions to the targeted readers.

Q: What are the different tones in literature?

A: In literature, authors use different writing tones to convey their message, such as formal, informal, optimistic, pessimistic, nostalgic, assertive, persuasive, apologetic, arrogant, cooperative, neutral, curious, etc. These tones often vary with the type of writing.

Q: How can we express the tone of voice in writing?

A: Some tone of voice examples in writings are given below:

  • Informal Tone: “I can help you with this project.”
  • Formal Tone: “They are unable to study tonight.”
  • Neutral Tone: “We are going to eat pizza today.”

Q: What are the examples of informal writing?

A: Informal writings encompass different situations, friendly conversations, comic scripts, diary writing, etc.


Implementing the different types of tones in writing is essential to clarify the content's meaning. You may have noticed the difference in tones used in different types of writing and analyzed the different types of tones in literature too.

Against this backdrop, it’s not sufficient to merely be familiar with the tone of writing definition; instead, you must learn to employ different tones in the given context. Therefore, in this informative guide, we have put forward a few tone-of-voice examples and illustrated how you can change the tone of your content using a reliable AI tool like EdrawMax.

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