A Comprehensive Guide on Trello Flowcharts

Trello, an innovative Kanban-style collaborative platform, increases your team productivity by enabling flowchart creation through its integrated power-ups.

introducing flowcharts in trello

Collaboration paves the road to effective communication and workflow, fostering a productive work environment, whether it's teamwork, entrepreneurship, industrial process, or enterprise project. In this digital era, where businesses are turning decentralized and remote work opportunities are replacing physical workstations, it is essential for companies to adopt a high-end collaborative platform that must allow them to convene for a shared objective.

Trello is a groundbreaking innovation in the technical realm that allows hundreds of members to assemble, highlight project takeaways, track tasks' progress, and share updates regarding collective projects. Using this tool, you can create Trello flowcharts to illustrate sequential processes and operational procedures to your teammates. This article casts light on how you can create a marvelous flowchart in Trello using its power-ups.

1. Introduction of Trello Flowchart 

Trello is an impressive team’s project management tool that aids individuals & teams to stay organized, collaborate efficiently, and streamline workflows. With its intuitive interface and instrumental collaborative features, Trello has revolutionized the way businesses, industries, departments, educators, and remote teams interact.

At its core, Trello is founded on the concept of boards, lists, and cards, having a Kanban-style management interface. Each board signifies a project or task, while each list within the board epitomizes a specific stage or phase of the project. Cards, in turn, symbolize individual tasks or items that need to be completed. You can drag and drop cards among lists, assign tasks to project members, add deadline dates, and attach files & comments.

Additionally, Trello integrates seamlessly with other workspaces, such as Google Drive, Slack, and Dropbox, making it a versatile tool for managing projects & workflows.

flowcharts in trello

Trello Flowcharts

While Trello is primarily known as a visual collaboration & project management platform, it can also be used to establish & design flowcharts or process diagrams. Trello flowcharts provide a visual representation of complex workflows and help teams identify their destination by providing a clear, step-by-step view of the entire process.

Trello flowcharts can be used in various contexts, from software development to event planning to business process optimization. By providing a concise visual representation of the workflow, Trello flowcharts can help teams identify inefficiencies & bottlenecks, make process improvements, and increase productivity.

2. How To Design a Trello Flowchart?

Making a flowchart in Trello requires you to install a Trello power-up employed for diagramming; we have selected the Diagrams.net power-up for creating flow diagrams on Trello because it is not only cost-effective but also a reliable service regarding multipurpose diagramming.

Follow the step-by-step procedure to design a Trello flowchart for managing your workload or showcasing your process flow:


Sign up for the Trello workstation to create a "Trello account"; if you already have an Atlassian workspace account, you can log in to that account to use Trello.

sign up to trello

Create your Trello Workspace by renaming your workspace and adding team members, if necessary; click the "Create Your Workspace" button to get started.

workspace creation trello

Click the "Create Your First Board" button to create your first Trello board and use Trello power-up for flowchart creation.

create a new workboard on trello

Navigate to the "Power-Ups" tab and click the "Add Power-Ups" button to install your diagramming power-up.

install power up trello

Type "Diagrams.net" in the search bar, and Trello will display the Diagrams.net power-up; click the "Add" button to install it.

adding diagramsnet as powerup in trello

Click the "Add a Card" button to create a new flowchart via Diagrams.net power-up.

adding card for powerup usage trello

A popup will display showing textbox for adding card information; click the "draw.io" option under the Power-ups option to open the draw.io for flowchart creation.

using drawio powerup in trello card

Rename your diagram, choose your "File Type", and click the "Create" button to initiate drawing your flowchart.

creating new flowchart drawio powerup trello

Start your flowchart creation process by adding all the necessary shapes through drag-and-drop from the left panel.

drawing flowchart shapes drawio powerup trello

Connect all the flowchart shapes via connectors to create a flow in your chart.

trello drawio flowchart adding connectors

Embed text in your flowchart shapes to complete your Trello flow diagram; to add the textbox for the Yes & No options along the Decision Boxes, click the "+" button, and choose the "Text" option from the dropdown.

embedding text drawio flowchart trello

Customize the appearance of your flowchart by applying styles from the Style Gallery in the right panel. To customize the individual element, select it, navigate to the customization bar, and apply your desired changes.

trello drawio flowchart appearance customization

Click the "Exit" button to wind up your diagram and upload it on your Trello card.

drawio flowchart uploading on trello board

Add the relevant description to your flow diagram, make other required modifications, and click the background interface to navigate back to your Trello board.

trello card drawio flowchart pasting

Now, your Trello flowchart will be uploaded to your Trello card in the main interface.

drawio flowchart displayed on trello card

3. EdrawMax- The Best Trello Alternative!

Although Trello is an invincible platform for collaborative project management, teamwork, and information dissemination, its diagramming power-ups somewhat inflict certain constraints on users; some power-ups require a premium subscription to construct flow diagrams. Additionally, using a third-party integrated app can consume a massive amount of time in downloading, installation, and usage. Thus, if you are a Trello user, you must adopt a solution that not only saves from the trouble of back-and-forth steering between the tools but also bestow you with competent diagramming features in its free version.

In this situation, we suggest employing EdrawMax – a well-endowed drawing solution for personal and enterprise needs. The tool assists you in channelizing your innovative thoughts by portraying them on canvas in flowchart form, which is a fantastic way to unleash your creative potential. Additionally, the tool empowers you to collaborate with your team members in real-time to create collective flowcharts. Moreover, you can export your project flowcharts in multiple formats to upload them on your Trello board as graphics, PDF, PPT slides, or more.

How To Create a Flowchart with EdrawMax More Efficiently?

If you are urged to utilize the EdrawMax application to constitute & configure your Trello flowcharts, follow the below-given procedure:


Download the "EdrawMax" application and run it on your device to access its main interface.


Navigate to the left panel, select the "New" tab from the given options, and click the "Basic Flowchart" tab from the main window.

new flowchart creation edrawmax

Initiate your flowchart creation by sketching all the required shapes through drag-and-drop from the Symbols Library.

adding flowchart shapes edrawmax

Join all the shapes together in accurate consecution by adding arrow connectors; to do so, go to the "Connectors" option in the "Home" menu.

adding flowchart connectors edrawmax

Label your flowchart shapes by inserting appropriate text in each one to complete your flowchart-making process.

adding text edrawmax flowchart shapes

Personalize your flow diagram by navigating to the "Design" tab and applying your preferred connector type, theme, color combo, font, & background.

edrawmax flowchart appearance personalization

To export your flowchart, click the "Export" icon at the title bar and choose your desired export format.

export formats edrawmax flowchart

edrawmax logoEdrawMax Desktop
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Benefits of Using EdrawMax for Flowchart Designing

EdrawMax understands the needs of its customers well, providing them with services they require for individual or enterprise-related diagramming. The tool may prove beneficial to your drawing journey in the following ways:

  • EdrawMax inspires allure in your collaborative flowcharts by offering an interminable templates community to streamline your flow diagram creation experience.
  • Its all-inclusive symbols library allows you to construct and configure whatever type of flowchart you require.
  • You can insert images, hyperlinks, icons, & clipart in your flow diagrams to make them more articulative, expressive, and meaningful.
  • EdrawMax enables you to create multiple page creation within a single project, allowing you to extend your long-winded flow diagrams to the next page.
  • You can collaborate, co-edit, and provide feedback on your shared project flows to eradicate the encountered glitches.
  • EdrawMax helps you take your presentation experience to the summits of success by enabling manual slide creation of your diagrams.
  • The tool will never disappoint you regarding export format choices; you can export your projects in PDF, PNG, SVG, JPG, PPT, Excel, Word, Visio, and more, to upload them on your Trello workboard.

4. Conclusion

Whether you're working on a team project, managing a personal to-do list, or strategizing your prospective business model, Trello flowcharts can help you devise your regime accordingly. Its navigable interface, customizable features, & multifarious integrations make it a valuable tool if you're looking to structure your teamwork patterns and accomplish your target objectives.

We have presented a step-by-step procedure to craft a flowchart in Trello using its diagramming power-ups; you may prefer to exploit EdrawMax as the ultimate Trello power-ups alternative for team-inspired flowchart creation.

edrawmax logoEdrawMax Desktop
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210+ types of diagrams
10K+ free templates & 26k+ symbols
10+ AI diagram generators
10+ export formats
edrawmax logoEdrawMax Online
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Personal cloud & Dropbox integration
Enterprise-level data security
Team management and collaboration

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