About this ER diagram for employee management system

Employee management system consists of various fundamental entities with the sole purpose to manage the employees and track their progress. Before developing the application, it is fundamental to draw a labeled entity relationship diagram which significantly illustrates the working structure of the application.

Before starting with its development, it is essential to note down the entities and its relevant attributes. Since the main entity in this case is the organization, the designing will start with that accordingly. Each organization can have multiple departments; therefore, an organization will have a one-to-many relationship with the departments respectively.

Each department will have its unique contact number and email address, and manager. The manager will have the privilege to oversee all the employees enrolled in that specific department. This can include assigning the tasks to the employee, keeping the track of their progress and allocating the incentives or leaves accordingly.

Each department has employee who works under a specific manager. An employee is responsible for completing various tasks within the organization. Here the tasks assigned to an employee are represented using the entity “task”. Each of the tasks has a description and a status indicating whether a task has been completed or not.

How to use this template

Step 1

To get started simply click on the Use this template option. Once the template opens up you can personalize the diagram by dragging and dropping shapes from the libraries located on the side. Customize the layout to suit your systems requirements.

Step 2

Double click on the shape to add the text. Connect the shapes together using the arrows. Make sure that each shape is interconnected to each other as per the system’s requirement.

Step 3

Once the diagram is completed, click on Files on the top ribbon and select Export to Graphics and then Export. Your drawing will be saved in your local storage as the extension you require. You can also save the editable version by clicking Save As and selecting the eddx file extension.

Benefits of the ER diagram

Entity relationship diagram for employee management system proves to be very crucial in identifying the main components in the system. A well-structured ERD helps in eliminating the setbacks during the development phase especially database initializing. ERDs act as a common language between technical developers and non-technical stakeholders.

The visual format makes it easy for everyone to understand the data structure and how different pieces of information are linked. This fosters better communication and collaboration during the design process.

By laying out the data structure visually, ERDs help identify potential inconsistencies or redundancies early on. This allows for a more efficient database design that avoids errors and simplifies future maintenance.

FAQs about the ER diagram

  • Employee management system is an essential tool which helps in improving the employee’s satisfaction and productivity while keeping the tendency of the company or organization to achieve their overall goals. These tools help monitor, assess and control employees’ working hours and accordingly utilize the human resources.

  • The main components or entities of the employee management system are organizations, departments, managers, employees and tasks

  • The company or an organization will be able to add multiple departments at once. Similarly, each department will have a designated manager who will add multiple employees in their department. Moreover, the managers will assign the tasks to each employee and will keep the track of their performances accordingly.

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