About this ER diagram for game management

Following is an ER diagram for a game. It illustrates the working as well as the various functionalities of a typical game. Here, the game can be of any type where people can earn achievements and as well as rewards as they go.

In this, the entity game is used to represent the overall gaming software. Here the game can be of any type. The game is played by players who purchase or rent the game online. These are represented using the entity players.

When a player joins or starts a new game it creates a new session. In this, you can choose to either play with friends or enter a public lobby with other players. In the game, there are various achievements that the players can unlock by completing certain tasks.

Once the player can meet the quota, they get awarded an achievement badge or title. The achievement of each player is represented using the entity player achievements. The entity leaderboards display or store information about the players who have played well during a gaming session. Usually, it displays the top three position holders.

In the following system, the player joins a gaming session and plays it. If they meet the quota for an achievement they get rewarded with a badge or a title. These are displayed in the player's achievement list. The leaderboard at the end of a session, displays the top-three position holders of the round.

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Benefits of the ER diagram

An ER diagram, in gaming offers an overview of how games, players, sessions, achievements and leaderboards interact. This representation helps game developers and stakeholders grasp the games’ structure and functions better making the design and development processes more efficient. It ensures that data connections are clearly defined, promoting consistency and reliability in the games database.

This clarity is beneficial for tracking player progress, managing achievements and keeping leaderboard information to enhance the gaming experience. Additionally, it simplifies issue troubleshooting and updates by allowing developers to quickly identify and resolve system problems.

In essence an ER diagram plays a role, in organizing and streamlining data interactions within a game to create a more enjoyable and seamless gaming environment.

FAQs about the ER diagram

  • Following are the steps to make your ER diagram

    1. Identify the entities within the system.
    2. List out the attributes associated with each of the entities and connect them.
    3. Identify the relationship between the entities and connect the entities using a diamond-like shape.

    When designing an ER diagram, it’s a lot simpler when you use an online designing tool. Edraw Max is a free-to-use online platform where you can easily design your ER diagram.

  • The symbols used in the ER diagram include a rectangle for the entity, an oval for the attribute, and an arrow for a relationship that represents how the database structure will hold all the entities and attributes. It aids you in achieving correct and effective implementation of the database system and winning customer satisfaction through entertaining gameplay.

  • A game may contain various entities depending on the requirements of the system. A typical gaming system involves the player who plays the game, the individual's gaming sessions, the list of achievements in the game, and the achievements unlocked by the player.

  • ER diagrams are used to describe a system's structure and involve the entities, attributes, and the relationship between them. They give a visual illustration of how data is arranged and how the various data entities are related in a given system, which helps design the database structure.

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