World History Timeline: BC and AD Timelines

Learn about the history of the whole word with 150 most important events all in one diagram. You can add or remove events and replace pictures to customize it.

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The history of our world is a complex tapestry woven with countless threads of cultures, civilizations, and events. Understanding the vast expanse of world history can be a daunting task, as it involves navigating through diverse regions, empires, and eras. However, a single diagram has the power to unravel the intricacies of human civilization, presenting a comprehensive overview of the world history timeline.

In this article, we embark on a journey through time as we explore the concept of a world history timeline diagram. This unique visualization condenses the  human history into a single, accessible format, allowing us to grasp the sweep of global events. We will delve into the significance and advantages of such a diagram, discovering how it aids in comprehending the evolution of societies across continents.

By examining the world history timeline in one diagram, we gain a panoramic view of humanity's triumphs, struggles, and transformative moments. From ancient civilizations to modern nations, this diagram reveals the grand narrative of our collective past, encouraging us to appreciate the diversity and interconnectedness of our shared human experience.

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Part 1. BC and AD Timeline in One Diagram

This world history map template captures the 4000 years of events recorded and documented, from 10,000 BC to the 21st century. It covers global historical civilizations, including Africans, Europeans, Asians, Iranians, and Indians. Moreover, it acts as a roadmap for the political, industrial, social, and scientific hallmarks that shaped the world we live in today.

If you want to further customize it by adding or removing some events or replacing some pictures, click to download it. Also, you can choose to make one of your own. It's a simple process with tons of timeline templates of EdrawMax.

Part 2. 2 Methods to Create History Timelines

But what if you want to make your own version of the 4,000 years of history in one diagram? Well, it is quick and straightforward. All you need is the EdrawMax AI timeline generator and pre-built templates to simplify the entire process. Here is how to do it:

Method 1: Use a Pre-Built Template

Software like EdrawMax has a massive template community, including historical timelines. You can pick a any of the timeline and start editing for free. Here is how to use a template:

Step1Download or Try Online

Download and install EdrawMax. Log in with your Wondershare ID or an account of Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

Step2Select a Template

Launch EdrawMax and click Templates > Timeline from the dashboard. It will display several pre-built historical timelines.

templates community

Check each one thoroughly and find the right match for your task. Next, click Use Immediately to shift the timelines to editing screen and start modifying.

templates community search
Step3Edit the Timeline

Add or remove shapes from the left-side symbol library. Once you have an outline, insert the data by double-clicking any shape. Make sure to double-check the slots when the diagram is complete.

edit timeline
Step4Make it Presentable

Adding visual elements can make this timeline ten times more attractive. So, go to the Design tab from the toolbar and change its formatting. Use themes, color schemes, and font styles to personalize it to your liking.

present it

Method 2: AI Timeline Generator

AI is helpful if you know how to use it. From graphic designing to content writing to marketing, AI is being used in every field. To your shocking, it is even helpful for creating timelines. Here is how to use AI to create automatic historical timelines within seconds.

Step1Download or Try Online

Download and install EdrawMax. Log in with your Wondershare ID or an account of Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

Step2Open the AI Timeline

From the EdrawMax dashboard, click New > Timeline > AI Programme. It will open the editing panel.

open ai
Step3Give Command

Go to the AI chat on the right side of the canvas and give some commands. It will follow the prompts and create a fully-fledged timeline within seconds.

give prompt

Download and Share

Finally, export the final timeline in a preferred format, including Visio, PNG, JPG, PDF, and more. Just click Export > Preferred Format from the quick-access toolbar. Or share the design directly from the platform with your social media friends.

download an share

Final Words

John Sparks revolutionized the history of the world by introducing the Histomaps. He recorded the world’s significant events over four thousand years through a stream of colors. The five-foot Histomaps informed the public of the social, political, and scientific occurrences.

Unlike other popular maps, these Histomaps provided objective historical sequences. Despite this, critics argue against Spark’s personal biases.

Want to create your own version of the 4000 years of world history in one diagram? Try out the AI tools of software like EdrawMax; its user-friendly interface and AI-powered generator are game changers.

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Zac Jenkins May 23, 24
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