About the call center ERD

The ER Diagram mainly focuses on the working of a call center including the internal infrastructure of the call system focusing on how departments and employees are managed along with the data of the customer and how they interact with the call center.

The entity call center depicts the physical manifestation of the call center itself. It includes information like its address so that it can be easily tracked by a person for hiring or for meeting with new business partners or by clients to come and ask for its services.

The entity Departments represent the different types of departments present in that call center that perform tasks related to that specific category for example The financial department will be concerned with economic matters such as bills, rent, salaries, etc.

The Entity Employee represents the workers working in that particular call center, specifically a specific department. A single department may consist of hundreds of employees on their needs.

The Employee’s main objective is to complete the tasks appointed to them by the management, assist the customers whenever needed, and solve any queries they might have.

The entity Customers represents a person who would have asked for assistance from the call center or had recently bought a product. There can be thousands of customers that can ask for assistance at a given hour.

The customer may have queries regarding the services being provided by the call and this is represented by the entity Query. A Query is sent directly to an employee for its resolution.

The Entity Manager is the core of our ER diagram as it is linked with everything in the call center. A single Call center may have a hierarchy of managers.

The Manager must govern the overall work, check the performance of employees and entire departments, facilitate the customers in any way needed, and keep a log of queries for future use.

How to use the ERD template

Step 1

Click on Use this template to use it. After successful login, you can customize the diagram by selecting shapes from the libraries present on the left side

Step 2

Edit the text and style the lines, boxes, and text by clicking on the respective elements, and choosing your desired styling.

Step 3

Once you have completed your ER diagram, export it by clicking on Export, and choose the format of your file (.eddx, .pdf, .png, .jpg, .pptx, etc).

Benefits of the ER diagram

The ER diagram gives a clear description and visualization of the internal workings of a call center highlighting its infrastructure, role, and the interaction between customers and employees.

The Er diagram can be useful for a variety of people, whether one is a student or a teacher looking for information regarding the internal workings and interactions, an investor looking to set up a call center, or a developer wanting to create a database.

The ER diagram can also be proved beneficial when scaling a call center to new heights as its core components in a concise and effective way highlighting the role and importance of each entity.

FAQs about the ER diagram

  • Some Characteristics of an entity include:

    • It must be definable
    • It must have some information that can be stored about it i.e., attributes
    • It must have some relationships that bind it with the other entities in the diagram
  • The cardinality represents how the two entities are linked numerically; it can be one of the 3 types:

    • One-to-one: A single entry in the first entity can be associated with only one entry in the second entry for example for one student there exists only one registration number.
    • One-to-Many: A single entry in the first entity can be associated with one or more than one entry in the second entry for example one department can have many employees
    • Many-to-Many: A single entry in the first entity can be associated with one or more than one entry in the second entry and vice versa for example Many students are associated with many teachers.
  • When more than one value can be assigned to an attribute for example an employee having many phone numbers.

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