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Our 3-story 25x40 House Plan offers you space, functionality, and luxury. The first floor of this house has a single-car garage and a practical office. The Office has an attached bath, and moving to the second floor welcomes you into a spacious living room.

The living room is an open concept with a dining area and kitchen. The floor also has a bedroom with an attached bath along with a hidden laundry room. The third floor has a spacious living room, two bedrooms, and a lavish master bedroom with an attached bathroom.

This 3-story 25x40 House Plan is equipped with everything you need in your home.

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Benefits of the template

One of the primary benefits of using this 3-story 25x40 house plan is maximized use of space. You can make the most of your little space by adjusting everything into three stories. Garage, Living room, bedrooms, laundry room, and your personal office everything can fit.

Another advantage is the privacy and separation of each portion. Our 3-story template is perfect for providing a practical living for everyone. Every portion has bathrooms which makes it more functional.

This 3-story 25x40 House Plan is perfect for people living in urban areas. As these areas are densely populated this triple-portion home can give you all the living facilities without compromising any comfort.

This 3-story 25x40 House Plan is energy efficient and versatile. You can use each portion of this house for different purposes. Also, the upper portions are perfect for making use of ventilation, natural lighting, and fresh air.

FAQs about this template

  • Our 3-story 25x40 House Plan usually lies between 9-10 meters. However, the height of the house typically depends on the template design, roof pitch, and ceiling design. Roof thickness is also involved in the height of the building.

  • This 3-story 25x40 House Plan is built on 1000 square feet. We aim to cover every luxury in this home within a small space. On average you can build a 3-story building from 800 square feet up to 6000 sq feet depending on your budget.

  • Our 3-story 25x40 House Plan provides all-in-one advantages. It maximizes the living space without compromising any luxury. It's cost-efficient and versatile, also the rooftop can be used for different purposes.

  • In a three-bedroom split, the bedrooms are arranged and designed to maximize privacy, and the main bedroom is separated from the other two.

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