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This café floor plan is unique as it covers all the basic requirements for a café shop. The kitchen and counter are designed close together, so the waiters will not have to travel much to take and serve orders. This results in efficiency. .

Moreover, the café also has a prayer hall with two comfortable bathrooms right beside it. It has rows of tables and chairs for two & multiple individual gatherings. These seats are close to the counter so that staff can reach most tables in minimal time. Additionally, a large TV is used for customer entertainment.

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Customize the template on Edrawmax online with related café symbols. The symbol library is available on the left side of the screen.

Step 3

Edit the template with precise tools for adjusting the symbols, styles, and text. Also, save elements in libraries for future adjustments.

Step 4

You can save the template in different formats when you are done editing. The formats are JPG, PDF, PPTX, and SVG.

Benefits of the template

One of the advantages is that this café plan is organized with comfortable seating for the customers. If you are starting a small public café and want to maximize customer flow, this plan is ideal to use. Furthermore, there will be no need to hire a planner or architect to design this plan as it is easy to edit on Edrawmax without paying a single penny. .

This café floor template is planned and edited by a professional, providing you peace of mind when implementing this. Moreover, this is a simple layout plan with open space around the tables and chairs, allowing you fast cleaning and saving labor costs.

This template also saves time as you will not have to design and edit this from scratch. Additionally, this plan is easy for customers and staff to navigate and understand.

FAQs about this template

  • A café is not only a shop but a business. For a café, you must create a business plan, choose a good location, design a floor plan, and hire the right group of people. You can also reach out to other café businesses to get an idea.
  • A café is an eatery place where a group of people gather to enjoy coffee, beverages, and snacks and do business meetings.

  • There are certain things to remember when designing a café, such as the theme, layout plan, furniture, lighting, wall color, and functionality.

  • The primary purpose of a café is to provide a relaxing place where people can gather and enjoy light meals with their friends or do work.

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