10 Online Diagramming Tools to Replace Draw.io

If you're looking for online tools to create drawings and diagrams, Draw.io Online is a convenient option. However, if you're interested in discovering similar tools for online diagramming, this article is here to help.


Diagrams are vital for learning and presentations. Your whole team can get on board when you take efforts to graphically depict concepts and processes using mind mapping, charts, and diagrams. Additionally, a diagram may provide a fast reference that your staff will really utilize when some of your procedures get complex.

One of the finest diagramming programs available is Draw.io online. It has a ton of graphic tools that help you create visual representations for engineering, software development, and even wireframes. It provides pre-made layouts that eliminate the need to start from scratch while illustrating a project. However, despite all its advantages, it still has certain limitations, so here are the top 10 Draw.io alternatives you should explore:

Top 10 Draw.io Online Diagramming Tool Alternatives

EdrawMax: AI-Powered Versatile Diagram Maker


EdrawMax tops the list of Draw.io online alternatives. With an extensive approach to diagramming the flowcharts, the tool provides a number of top-notch features. The easy-to-use interface adds more to the simplicity and compatibility of EdrawMax in diagramming online space. It works perfectly on Windows and Mac as well as on Linux OS, making it one of the top choices for users eyeing Draw.io online tool alternatives.

What is more, users may test out the EdrawMax software's free version before moving on to their final designs. Another feature that makes EdarwMax the finest online alternative to Draw.io is that it allows for real-time collaboration. As a result, any member of your team may watch, modify, and comment on your work.



The tool also has online as well as offline compatibility.

Free version has limited features

More than 15,000 ready-to-use templates

Might require professional expertise for some complex drawings

Ability to embed more than 26,000 characters while drawing


Can be installed on almost every OS including Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

Enable sharing to different platforms rather than limited platform sharing

Creately :


Another online alternative to Draw.io for diagramming is Creately. In order to ensure that your activities are in line, it enables you to link your workflow diagram to your project plan rapidly. Creately often uses diagrams to impart corporate information. Several team members may edit at once, and you can add post-It notes to gather suggestions or make comments.



Simple to provide extra context or relate to actions to take next

Uncertainties in the drag-and-drop feature

Allow you to integrate links, files, and other data.

Site lacks certain necessary functionality

Integration with many renowned software programs


3. Visio: Microsoft's Advanced Professional Diagramming Tool


Visio is a fantastic design tool for pretty much everything. Although it is not often employed in the cloud computing sector, it produces excellent outcomes for system engineering. With Visio, you may draw any flowchart you can imagine using any parts, or you can choose from a choice of traditional diagramming templates. Although Mac and Linux users may still use this application as web-based software, it is part of Microsoft 365.



Provides a variety of components

There is no desktop version for Mac or Linux.

Thousands of templates for generating traditional diagrams

No integration to further applications.

Smoothly interact with other Microsoft applications


4. MindMeister: Innovative Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Platform


The mind mapping program MindMeister is available for both Windows and Mac. You may create presentations using your maps and charts in MindMeister. This program can make Gantt charts and add schedules and mind maps. This app is a Draw.io substitute with app integration. You may sync your files with services like Outlook and Slack.



For your project, you may construct a graphic timeline.

Setting up a workstation in MindMeister could be challenging.

It is an affordable project management tool.

No available resources are helpful.

You can divide up as well as separate tasks.


5. Miro: Interactive Whiteboard for Team Collaboration and Ideation


For cross-functional teams, there is a collaborative online whiteboard called Miro. Whether you are all working from the same office space or different locations, the application is designed to make it seem like you are brainstorming your concepts on a real whiteboard. It offers excellent features including a hand-drawing feature and digital notes. Additionally, it enables the brilliant brains on your team to exchange ideas.



Support various chart types, including network diagrams, mind maps, and flowcharts.

Some users have issues importing graphics.

To rapidly construct charts, you may import data from a hard disk.

Many of the Draw.io program's main features are absent from it.

Provide interactive components, such online connections


6. Whimsical: Streamlined Flowcharts, Wireframes, and Visual Collaboration


Another Draw.io option that can create intricate flowcharts, network diagrams, and charts is whimsical. This advanced program allows artists to produce 2D drawings and pictures. Organizational charts, flowcharts, and other sorts of diagrams may all be made using the application's complex features.



Include visual workspaces with data connections.

The UI seems to be dated.

Support diagramming, the integration of applications, and more.

Desktop applications need rapid processing.

Control bespoke processes and tasks.


7. SmartDraw: Automated Diagramming Tool with Extensive Template Library


SmartDraw is a robust diagramming tool with various features that enhance user experience. As a tool for creating diagrams and flowcharts that may be used to plan projects, record meeting minutes, and establish corporate strategy, it is a popular alternative to Draw.io. After downloading SmartDraw, users may create charts for any purpose. Users may create a list of several diagrams using the provided templates.



Create and publish engineering and architectural diagrams.

More complex UI than Draw.io

Also allows diagramming designs for companies of all sizes.

lacks sophisticated features

Instantly create diagrams with data.

Not available online

8. Figma: Dynamic, Collaborative Interface Design and Prototyping


Figma is often used to more efficiently brainstorm and build mind maps. It is beneficial to convey complex thoughts that are hard to explain in a simple and understandable visual format. Even a novice may learn how to use it because of the interface's simplicity. The Tab and Enter buttons are used to create mind maps and fishbone diagrams.



It has cutting-edge prototyping tools.

Lacks technical support services and tutorials

Enables simple sharing of schematics with developers

Issues with importing specific file formats.

Regularly, new features are being introduced.


9. OmniGraffle: Precision Diagramming and Graphic Design for Mac Users


This popular quick prototyping tool for mobile app development is an alternative to Draw.io. This aids in the precise construction of the app's architecture, visual designs, and animation. With OmniGraffle, you can create a polished visual layout for your project and arrange your ideas using eye-catching graphics.



Quickly begin diagramming with the help of ready-to-use choices.

Restricted access with the free plan

enables you to refer to and roll back to previous versions

Less available choices for file import

One-click Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud


10. Lucidchart: Versatile Cloud-based Diagramming with Real-time Collaboration


You can create diagrams more simply on any device using Lucidchart, a diagramming application. Diagrams may be made in a broad range of styles, from basic flowcharts to intricate technical drawings and everything in between. It may be accessed via mobile devices as well. You can swiftly manage user accounts, set permissions, and create new accounts automatically.



Embedded with a drag-and-drop interface

Sluggish processing in intricate diagrams

Provides a single master account on the premium version

The purchase of an add-on is required for whiteboard drawings.

Allows you to make visualizations using your own live data.



Using diagram software to plan and record procedures may not seem like a smart idea. The correct gadget, though, will make you so much fun that you'll want to start recording everything. While Draw.io is a popular option, people are still looking for its replacements due to various reasons.

These alternatives to Draw.io have their pros and cons. While manually generating a diagram is always a possibility, standardization may be sped up and time saved by using a quality tool like EdrawMax with tons of templates. Utilizing EdarwMax as a Draw.io substitute allows you to create professional diagrams as quickly and simply as possible. Download the tool and get started with professional diagramming hassle-free.

edrawmax logoEdrawMax Desktop
Create over 210 types of diagrams
Windows, Mac, Linux (runs in all environments)
Professional inbuilt resources and templates
On-premises software for business
Enterprise-level data security
edrawmax logoEdrawMax Online
Create over 210 types of diagrams online
Access diagrams anywhere, anytime
Templates Community
Team management and collaboration
Personal Cloud and Dropbox Integration

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