10 Must-Try Alternatives to Microsoft Project Software

Ready to elevate your project management game? Explore the top 10 Microsoft Project alternatives that redefine efficiency. Enhance and empower your team.

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Microsoft Project is a robust software for project management. It excels in complex task management, resource allocation, and timeline tracking. It’s a comprehensive solution suited for large-scale projects across diverse industries.

With these in mind, let’s explore top 10 Microsoft Project alternatives to address the diverse needs of project teams. Ensure that there’s a fitting solution for every project management challenge. Explore the list to learn more.

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Part 1. 10 Best Microsoft Project Alternatives

From user-friendly interfaces to feature-rich platforms, these alternatives cater to diverse needs. Each software offers a perfect fit for your project management requirements. Discover the optimal app that aligns with your needs, starting with Wondershare EdrawMax.

EdrawMax – Best for Diagramming and Presentations

Wondershare EdrawMax is a versatile free Microsoft Project alternative. The tool is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux and is accessible online. It excels in crafting flowcharts, diagrams, and more. The comprehensive offerings address diverse project management needs. It also boasts a user-friendly interface and expansive diagramming capabilities.

main website interface of wondershare edrawmax

Key Features

Here are the main advantages of EdrawMax:

  • Manage project milestones with Gantt charts, timelines, and flowcharts.
  • Use interactive visualizations to transform data into actionable insights.
  • Take advantage of EdrawMax AI to create diagrams with one click.

monday.com –Best Alternative for Integration

monday.com offers a tailored approach. It enables teams to integrate customized tools for seamless workflow management. The platform has features like dashboards and automation, empowering teams to craft their optimal workspace. Its innate flexibility, adaptability, and scalability make it a standout Microsoft Project alternative.

main website interface of Monday.com

Key Features

Below are the key features that define Monday.com:

  • Customize any workflow to fit your preferences
  • Centralize all your work into one Work OS
  • Use automation and real-time notifications

ClickUp – Best MS Project Alternative for Features and Visuals

ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity platform. The tool is a central hub for seamless planning, organizing, and collaborative work. Its customizability, achieved with a few clicks, makes ClickUp an outstanding Microsoft Project alternative. ClickUp elevates productivity for teams of varying sizes and types.

main website interface of clickup

Key Features

See the essential capabilities of ClickUp:

  • Centralizes communications in one place
  • Reduces delivery time with custom templates
  • Switch between 15 views, including list, board, Gantt, and more

ProofHub – Best Alternative for Project Management

ProofHub is a simple yet robust project management software. Ideal for remote collaboration, this Microsoft Project alternative streamlines planning, coordination, and delivery. The tool optimizes work processes, saving valuable time for teams of all sizes. Its extensive collaboration tools further enhance team communication and efficiency.

main website interface of proofhub

Key Features

These are the key features that define ProofHub:

  • Track time spent using a timer or manually
  • Create custom workflows to map processes from start to finish
  • Upload and manage creative assets in one place

Zoho Projects – Best for Kanban Boards

Zoho Projects offers seamless project planning and execution, standing out as an excellent Microsoft Project alternative. Its robust Kanban board feature enhances task management, ensuring agile and efficient project workflows. The tool’s extensive customization options cater to businesses of all sizes, making it an ideal fit across diverse industries.

main website interface of zoho projects

Key Features

Integrated with a variety of tools, here’s what makes Zoho Projects unique:

  • Create personalized fields, layouts, and workflows specific to your work
  • Integrate with your favorite third-party apps
  • Take advantage of the Kanban board to help visualize work

Toggl – Best Alternative To Simplify Task and Planning

Toggl ensures happy, stress-free, and profitable teams by offering intuitive timeline management for multiple projects. Its color-coded timelines and drag-and-drop flexibility enable swift project management. With Toggl Plan’s simplicity, speed, and bloat-free interface, you can enjoy streamlined team management.

main website interface of toggl

Key Features

Let’s check out the essential highlights of Toggl:

  • Understand work hours and availability at a glance using drag-and-drop timelines
  • Schedule without conflicts by integrating Google Calendar
  • Color-coded projects for easy access to task-related work

Smartsheet – Best MS Project Alternative for Spreadsheets

Smartsheet offers seamless integration of people, processes, and technology. This MS Project alternative empowers users to make meaningful changes in one tool. Organizations of all sizes benefit from Smartsheet’s real-time and centralized platform. It’s accessible globally, offering project management, process automation, and program visibility anywhere your teams go.

main website interface of smartsheet

Key Features

Let’s dive into the core features of Smartsheet:

  • Manage work, content, and people on one platform
  • Use portfolio-level automation to implement change fast
  • Capture and track plans, resources, and schedules with a rich set of views

Asana – Best for Multiple Project Planning

Asana, a robust SaaS platform, is another excellent Microsoft Project alternative. Tailored for seamless collaboration and management, it offers project creation, task assignment, deadline setting, and direct communication. It provides a comprehensive solution for streamlined project execution and team coordination.

main website interface of asana

Key Features

Discover how Asana sets itself apart from other Microsoft Project software alternatives:

  • Track work and see progress in real-time
  • Centralize launch information and tie your product roadmap in one place
  • Automate workflows across departments and make decisions faster

Trello – Best for Coding Integration

Trello offers universal adaptability for diverse teams. Boasting integrations with tools like Google Drive and Slack, it serves as a collaborative project hub. The simple design also allows a seamless transition from idea to action, fostering immediate group participation.

main website interface of trello

Key Features

Let’s navigate through Trello’s feature set:

  • Manage tasks by adding members to cards for their projects and tasks
  • See how all moving parts piece together with Timeline
  • Set a trigger for actions with automation

Kantata – Best Alternative for Collaboration

Kantata is the last Microsoft Project alternative on the list. It integrates resource and financial management, project management, team collaboration, and workflow automation. The platform is tailored for professional services firms. It ensures optimal team selection and real-time progress tracking against timelines and budgets.

main website interface of kantata

Key Features

Check out the essential features of Kantata:

  • Gain total visibility of your project portfolio in one place
  • Create reusable templates and workflows for automation
  • Align schedules, scope, and budgets with real-time insights.

Part 2. How To Choose a MS Project Alternative?

When choosing the ideal MS Project alternative for your team, several factors come into play:


Consider the financial aspect. Evaluate licensing fees, subscription models, and any hidden costs. Assess whether the alternative aligns with your budget constraints without compromising essential features.


Evaluate the software’s user interface and overall user experience. An intuitive interface ensures quick adoption across your team. It reduces training time and enhances productivity.

Integration & Compatibility

Check the compatibility of the alternative with your existing tools and systems. Seamless integration with popular platforms fosters a cohesive work environment. It also simplifies data exchange.

Collaboration Features

Assess the collaboration tools provided. Effective communication channels, shared workspaces, and real-time updates are essential for promoting teamwork. They also ensure everyone is on the same page.

Managing Tasks and Scheduling

Examine how the alternative handles task management and scheduling. Look for features like Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and customizable workflows. These features help align with your project requirements.


Prioritize the security measures in place. Ensure the alternative complies with industry standards and has data encryption. Look for an app that also offers user access controls to protect sensitive project information.


While Microsoft Project remains a capable tool, exploring alternatives is important for enhanced team integration and usability. The top 10 alternatives present diverse options. Among them, EdrawMax stands out for its exceptional diagramming and presentation capabilities.

Recognizing the evolving landscape of project management, consider other tools that provide a versatile solution. Choose an MS Project alternative that offers a blend of features and usability for optimal project outcomes. The right tool ensures efficiency, collaboration, and a tailored approach to meet your team’s specific needs. Take the time to see which app works best for your team.

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