Top 10 Home Remodeling Software Picks: Transform Your Space with Cutting-Edge Tools

Uncover the best home remodeling software of 2024 in our latest blog. Find the perfect tool to transform your space and bring your design dreams to reality.

best home remodeling software

Are you ready to embark on a journey of transformation within the walls of your home? Whether you're dreaming of a kitchen makeover or envisioning a complete overhaul, the world of home remodeling is brimming with possibilities. In this article, we'll uncover the best home remodeling software that can make your vision come to life.

These top home remodeling software choices for 2024 are designed to streamline the process and simplify every step of your renovation project. But first, let's dive into why there's a growing need for these innovative tools. From visualizing your ideas in 3D to managing budgets, home remodeling software has become an indispensable companion for homeowners and professionals alike.

Let's get started as we unveil the top 10 home remodeling software that promises to revolutionize your renovation experience in 2024.

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Top 10 Home Remodeling Software

EdrawMax: Free 2D Floor Plan Maker

edrawmax top home remodeling software

EdrawMax has secured its position as a top contender among home remodeling maker tools by offering a free and beginner-friendly platform for individuals looking to redesign their living spaces. This software provides an extensive range of features that facilitate the planning and execution of home remodeling projects.

Designing a home plan in EdrawMax is a streamlined process. Users can choose from an various templates or opt to start with a blank canvas. Moreover, users can drag and drop various elements from a rich library of symbols representing furniture, fixtures, and home accessories. Furthermore, with the assistance of AI, users can use AI to generate blueprints for inspiration or ask AI for suggestions.

edrawmax home remodeling tool

Unique Features

  • A diverse collection of templates and symbols to cater to different design needs.
  • Compatibility with multiple file formats for ease of sharing and exporting.
  • AI assistance for optimizing space and design elements.


  • Provides a collection of over 26,000 symbols and over 20,000 templates
  • Multi-platform support that ensures accessibility on various devices
  • Collaboration features like cloud space that streamline team-based projects

Planner 5D: Intuitive 3D Home Design and Modeling

planner 5d home remodel

Planner 5D brings to the table an intuitive platform for professional users to create detailed home designs. With its 2D to 3D views, Planner 5D ensures that users can experience their home designs in a virtual environment. For those in search of top home remodeling software, Planner 5D enables the transformation of any space into a dream home.

Unique Features

  • Extensive catalog of customizable furniture and decor items.
  • The ability to switch between 2D and 3D views for a comprehensive design perspective.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) mode to experience designs in an immersive environment.


  • Offers a free version that includes many useful features
  • Designs can be shared with a community of users for feedback and inspiration

Virtual Architect: Advanced Remodeling and Visualization

virtual architect home remodeling

Virtual Architect 11.0 is engineered to elevate the home design experience. It offers a dynamic platform to bring remodeling visions to life. Its comprehensive features make it an indispensable home remodeling tool, seamlessly blending user-friendly interfaces with sophisticated capabilities to transform spaces into well-organized, stylish, and functional homes.

Unique Features

  • Smart object recognition for easy placement of design elements.
  • Green building resources for eco-friendly remodeling.
  • Powerful photo import and editing tools to visualize changes in real space.


  • Large selection of materials and furnishings
  • Advanced rendering for lifelike previews

Chief Architect Premier: Comprehensive Architectural Software

chief architect home remodeling maker

Chief Architect Premier is a professional-grade design solution that empowers architects to bring their visions to life. Its comprehensive set of tools makes it a powerful ally in transforming any living space. With its advanced rendering and architectural capabilities, this software facilitates a seamless transition from conceptual design to fully realized renovation plans..

Unique Features

  • Advanced building tools for residential and light commercial design.
  • Robust CAD tools for precision drawing and custom detail work.
  • Automated building tools for roofs, framing, and other elements.



  • Extensive user community and support
  • Realistic rendering for client presentations and approvals

SketchUp: Flexible 3D Modeling for Creative Home Renovations

sketchup best home remodeling software

SketchUp Pro is renowned for its adaptability, which is why it's considered one of the best home remodeling software options available today. It offers a balance of sophistication and user-friendliness, enabling hobbyists to execute detailed remodeling designs with creativity. SketchUp Pro's suite of drawing and modeling tools brings a new level of clarity to home renovation projects.

Unique Features

  • The integration with Google Maps offers geolocation capabilities to place designs in real-world settings.
  • SketchUp Pro's layer management feature allows for organized and efficient handling of complex models.
  • The software provides real-time shadows to visualize lighting scenarios at different times of the day.


  • Flexible and detailed for various project sizes
  • Collaborative features with Trimble Connect
  • Regular updates and a strong community for support

RoomSketcher: User-Friendly Interface for Detailed Floor Planning

room sketcher home remodeling tool

RoomSketcher is a user-friendly platform that offers powerful design capabilities for homeowners and professionals alike. It simplifies the home renovation process with its drag-and-drop interface, making it a reliable home remodeling software. Users can visualize and plan their space with ease, ensuring their remodeling outcomes align with their visions.

Unique Features

  • Create detailed floor plans that can be viewed in 3D with a simple click.
  • Offers an extensive range of furniture and fixtures to design any room.
  • Access and present your plans on the go with the RoomSketcher mobile app.


  • Subscription includes a comprehensive set of features
  • Friendly customer service with helpful resources
  • Regular updates bring new features and improvements

Cedreo: Efficient 3D Home Project Visualization and Collaboration

cedreo home remodeling maker

Cedreo enables professionals to craft complete home projects with ease. It offers a full suite of features for drafting, visualizing, and presenting remodels, which positions it among the best home remodeling software. With Cedreo, users can quickly draw up plans, furnish interiors, and generate photorealistic renderings, all within a web-based platform that streamlines the home remodeling process.

Unique Features

  • Access a wide variety of furniture, materials, and decorations to create detailed interiors.
  • Allows several team members to work on the same project simultaneously.
  • Design complex roof structures easily with tools specifically for roof creation.


  • Cloud-based platform enabling access from anywhere
  • Time-saving features for fast turnaround on projects
  • Free version available to try before purchase

Adobe Illustrator: Precision Vector Graphics for Custom Layouts

adobe home remodel

Adobe Illustrator, traditionally known for its powerful vector graphics capabilities, has been increasingly recognized as a versatile tool in the home design space. It allows for precision in creating scalable floor plans, making it a highly effective choice among the top home remodeling software. Designers can craft intricate layout plans, experiment with color schemes, and develop detailed decor elements.

Unique Features

  • A wide array of drawing tools allows for precise and customizable design elements.
  • Design unique elements with customizable brushes for a personal touch in designs.
  • Work on multiple layouts simultaneously with Adobe Illustrator's artboard management features.


  • Industry-standard tool with advanced design capabilities
  • Extensive online tutorials and community support
  • Highly customizable for any type of graphic design work

Floor Planner: Simplified Online Tool for Quick Home Design

floor planner top home remodeling software

Floor Planner is an online tool that brings simplicity and efficiency to designing and remodeling homes. It caters to individuals who are looking to refresh their living spaces, providing an accessible platform to conceptualize room layouts and decor with a few clicks. As a home remodeling maker, Floor Planner excels with its user-friendly interface and vast library of interior and architectural elements, making it suitable for quick visualizations or detailed planning.

Unique Features

  • Allows for the accurate placing of homes in real-world locations.
  • Interactive features let users walk through the design to experience the layout virtually.
  • Access your projects on any device, anywhere, with internet connectivity.


  • No installation required with its cloud-based platform
  • Useful for quick sketches or professional floor plans

HomeByMe: Immersive 3D Planning and Realistic Interior Simulation

homebyme home remodeling tool

HomeByMe is a dynamic platform that offers a efficient solution for users aiming to remodel their homes. It stands as a notable home remodeling maker by providing an immersive environment where users can create and visualize their dream spaces in 3D. This innovative software offers a wealth of design options  that cater to the specific needs of any remodeling project.

Unique Features

  • Supports virtual reality for an immersive preview of the design space.
  • Provides flexible tools to experiment with different layouts and styles.


  • Partnership with real brands for accurate product selection


As we explored the world of home design and renovation, it became evident that the right tools can significantly enhance the process. This detailed guide has presented the best home remodeling software options available in 2024. From EdrawMax's extensive symbol library to HomeByMe's immersive 3D environments, these software choices are designed to empower both renovators.

Whether you are planning a minor update or a major overhaul, these tools provide the necessary resources to bring your vision to life with efficiency and creativity. As technology continues to evolve, these software solutions will undoubtedly become even more integral to the home remodeling journey, simplifying complex tasks and fostering innovation in home design.

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