Unleash Your Creativity With the Best AI Drawing Generators

This article unveils a compilation of the finest AI tools capable of generating awe-inspiring drawings. Discover a curated list of cutting-edge solutions that harness AI's power to revolutionize how you create art.


Unlocking your artistic potential is accessible using today's best AI drawing generators. These innovative tools have transformed the creative landscape for the better. They cater to a wide range of users, from seasoned artists to beginners exploring their artistic side.

The AI drawing tools offer a unique blend of convenience and creativity. Having access to these free apps can make art creation accessible to all. This page delves into the world of these cutting-edge tools. Explore their use cases below and discover how they can set your creativity.

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Part 1. The 10 Best AI Drawing Generators To Try Today

Here are 10 AI drawing generators you can use right now. These tools offer an array of features and possibilities for artists and enthusiasts alike. Their pros and cons are also outlined to give you a view of their strengths and weaknesses. See the top AI drawing generators below.

Wondershare EdrawMax

EdrawMax is a powerful diagramming tool with an impressive AI Drawing feature. It can generate a dozen types of images, from landscapes to ink drawings and oil paintings. You can generate use the generated images as illustrations for mind maps or time lines or other purposes. By integrating AI drawing with diagramming, the tool significantly saves time and boost efficiency.

EdrawMax showcase
  • EdrawMax can generate manga-style portraits for anime enthusiasts by describing your idea.
  • The text-to-image or Img2Img function transforms your vision into reality.
  • You can use the tool as a diagramming and chatbot tool at the same time.
  • Free users only have a limited number of AI tokens
  • It now takes 50 AI tokens to generate an Image with Edraw AI.


MidJourney is an AI art generator designed for image creation through prompts. At its current iteration, MidJourney is exclusively available as a Discord bot. You can generate images by interacting with the bot through messaging. You can also invite it to join a third-party server for seamless image creation.

midjourney community showcase
  • The AI drawing app excels at generating images that align with specific artistic styles.
  • Even individuals with limited artistic skills can produce high-quality artwork.
  • Images created using MidJourney are public.
  • MidJourney is solely accessible via the Discord server. That limits its availability to users not part of the Discord platform.


Canva's AI image generator relies on Stable Diffusion technology. It's an open-source text-to-image model for crafting hyper-realistic images. While it's integrated into Canva's design suite, utilizing this feature requires a Canva account. Canva's AI drawing tool caters to free and paid account users, ensuring everyone can explore its capabilities.

Canva showcase
  • Canva's AI art generator offers three aspect ratios: square, landscape, and portrait.
  • The tool generates 4 images per prompt.
  • Canva will pause AI drawings if it detects you are generating too many images.


DALL-E 2 is an advanced AI application created by OpenAI. It uses deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) to draw images responding to your prompts. The technology exploits the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) autoregressive language model. DALL-E 2 exemplifies the forefront of AI-driven drawings.

user interface of dall-e 2
  • Your uploaded image can undergo various artistic styles. It can transform into an oil painting or the aesthetics of futuristic digital art.
  • In November 2022, OpenAI introduced the DALL-E API. It enables developers to incorporate its foundational AI model into individual applications.
  • The application excels in creating surreal artwork. It still faces challenges in delivering photorealistic images.
  • DALL-E 2 exclusively supports prompts written in the English language.

Jasper Art

Jasper Art uses the DALL-E 2 system to produce distinctive images. The AI-drawing tool creates unique images depending on your user prompts. The tool allows you to select nine keyword options if you run into creative blocks during idea generation. It also offers up to 19 mood options, from happy, sad, aggressive, and dull, to match your content style.

jasper ai art user interface
  • You can generate any ideas into reality, including drawing celebrities.
  • The user interface is straightforward, and you can start right away.
  • The prompts are not always accurate, requiring a few retries.
  • You cannot upload a sample image to use as a reference.

Dream by WOMBO

Wombo is a Canadian company initially recognized for its AI-driven lip-syncing app. It has expanded its horizons with the introduction of Dream. The AI drawing generator crafts unique and abstract artwork tailored to the text prompts provided. Dream is powered by the CLIP-guided algorithm, an open-source neural network designed to unveil distinct data patterns.

user interface of dream by wombo
  • Aside from the web version, you can also install Dream by WOMBO on iOS or Android.
  • Dream by WOMBO is entirely free to use to get instant AI drawings.
  • Dream by WOMBO is full of advertisements.
  • Generating drawings from intricate prompts is a time-consuming process.


AutoDraw is an innovative AI drawing assistant. The tool automatically enhances your drawings, elevating their quality and appeal. Whether you seek to sketch images for presentations or explore its versatile tools, this drawing tool caters to a broad spectrum of needs and preferences.

user interface of auto draw
  • AutoDraw is free and easy to use. You can start immediately without needing to sign up for an account.
  • Drawing is fast, and the AI predictions on your sketches are fun and intuitive.
  • AutoDraw doesn't have any advanced features for drawing realistic images.


Artbreeder leverages StyleGAN and BigGAN models to generate diverse, realistic images via vector manipulation. It's a collaborative platform with publicly viewable and editable images. You can adjust sliders to modify aspects like color, style, expression, age, and gender. Artbreeder exemplifies AI's innovative use in art. It fosters creativity and collaboration for all skill levels.

user interface of artbreeder
  • ArtBreeder provides an array of styles and image manipulation choices.
  • It excels at producing faces, landscapes, animals, and more.
  • ArtBreeder may pose ethical concerns by impacting the original creators or sources of images.
  • It can draw inappropriate, offensive, or disturbing content to certain users or audiences.


DeepAi's AI Art Generator is a user-friendly tool for generating illustrations from text. Drawing with the help of AI is a breeze using the web tool. It's versatile, allowing you to transform stories into comics or craft artistic video content. DeepAi also offers AI image generation for realistic visuals, serving diverse business needs.

user interface of deepai
  • The tool is excellent for beginner artists and enthusiasts due to its ease of use.
  • It has many options and settings to be as creative as you want.
  • It can sometimes generate blurry drawings requiring multiple retries.
  • Generating images can take a while, especially for intricate prompts.


Starryai transforms text prompts into artistic creations, granting users the power to craft art effortlessly. It offers up to five watermark-free artworks daily, empowering you to take ownership of your creations. starryai boasts diverse models, styles, and updates for continually improving generated images.

user interface of starryai
  • starryai has a clean and straightforward user interface. It's convenient for generating AI drawings on the go.
  • It has a Discord channel available for 24/7 support.
  • You must subscribe to starryai to unlock all its features.
  • The accuracy of drawings depends on how you articulate your prompts.


These ten best AI drawing generators have opened the path to boundless creativity. They allow you to unleash your artistic flair for transforming ideas into reality.

If you often need to make diagrams like an coder or project manager, EdrawMax might be the best for your due to its ability to integrate AI drawing with diagramming capabilities. The app offers creative versatility for a lot of users. However, don't limit your horizons. Feel free to explore other tools, too, as each has unique strengths. Let your imagination soar with the AI tools for drawing today.

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