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According to a recent research study, the business process management market is expected to cross 14 billion USD by 2025. It clearly shows that a number of businesses have started using business process management tools to make worthy decisions and boost efficiency.

Forward-thinking businesses use a range of utilities to make operations simple, boost revenue, and make the work environment profitable. Endless tools are available in the market to support your business activities, such as task management, event planning, and project management utilities.

In this guide, you will see the 8 best business process management software to set your business apart from traditional ones. The features, pros, cons, prices, reviews, and ratings of each tool are part of the discussion below.

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What Should You Look for in a Business Process Management Tool?

You can’t randomly select business process management software based on a recommendation until you consider several factors, such as integration ability, process automation capability, ease of use, customer support, and others, as listed below.

  • Integration Capability: The top business process management software always offers integration features like RPA, Webhooks, API, and CRM. A process management utility that can’t be integrated with external or core software is useless. Therefore, always ensure a specific tool allows integration with other utilities to maintain interconnectedness.
  • Process Automation Capabilities: A good BPM tool helps you find out and eliminate bottlenecks from your everyday processes. It also assists you in controlling your business costs and making your everyday processes efficient.
  • Easy to Use: You must ensure that the tool you are about to choose is easy to use for users of all skill levels. It should offer easy navigation and an attractive user interface.
  • Customer Support: Having potential business process management features is good, but the tool should have highly responsive and efficient customer support to deal with every single user query.
  • Visual Process Diagramming Tools: One of the must-have features of business process management platforms is the appealing visual representation of your process flow. Make sure the tool you select has this feature.

Top 8 Business Process Management Tools

Now you are familiar with the factors to consider before you choose BPM software for teams or managers working in an individual capacity. Considering all these factors, we have presented a list of the 8 best tools to enhance the process management of your business. Let’s look at the features, pros, limitations, and other parameters of each software.

Wondershare EdrawMax

The smart and unmatchable diagramming solutions of EdrawMax help you visualize and document all business processes. At the same time, it offers effective collaboration in real time. This feature enables you to streamline the process reviews and updates. This tool is compatible with all popular platforms, including Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android, iOS, and the web.



  • It comes with a simple UI design and offers more than 50,000 resources from which to benefit.
  • EdrawMax comes with over 30 AI functions to make your process management easy and fun.
  • It enables you to export your process flow diagram in 13 popular formats, including SVG, PPTX, VSDX, and more.
  • It features real-time collaboration for easy edits and better decision-making.
  • It is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, web, and MacOS platforms.
  • This tool offers a free trial.
  • It comes with thousands of free, ready-to-use templates.
  • There is not much to explore in the free trial.


  • A free trial is available.
  • Individual plans: $99 (annual plan), $198 (lifetime plan), and $245 (lifetime bundle plan).
  • Teams and business plan: $505.75 per year.
  • Education plan: $62 (semi-annual), $85 (annual), and $139 (2-year).

User Reviews

“I find EdrawMax very effective when it comes to designing, modeling, or simulating processes and diagrams. Sincerely and until the moment I use it with all simplicity.” - user on Capterra.

Rating (Capterra): 4.6

Microsoft Power Automate

This cloud-based platform streamlines workflow automation for organizations. In addition, it allows businesses to fully automate repetitive tasks. As a business owner, if you want to adapt to the ever-evolving digital era, enhance productivity, and streamline operations, Microsoft Power Automate will be your go-to partner.



  • It comes with a vast collection of ready-to-use templates.
  • It has an extensive library of connectors (they are pre-built integrations with a range of services and applications).
  • This tool makes it easy to manage approvals within a company or organization.
  • It enables users to create and automate end-to-end process flows.
  • It has a user-friendly UI design.
  • Pre-built templates are available.
  • It offers cloud-based accessibility.
  • It has less control over execution timing.
  • It may be difficult to deal with complex automation tasks.


  • Power automate premium: $15 per user per month
  • Power automate process: $150 per bot per month

User Reviews

“Honestly, my experience with Microsoft Power Automate has been a game-changer! It's been like having a super-efficient virtual assistant right by my side. Well, Power Automate was awesome, but I did face a couple of hiccups." user from G2


Rating (G2): 4.5


This is not a dedicated business process management tool; instead, it is designed for developers to quickly build, execute, and optimize business processes and workflows. It is known for building corporate low-code software apps to automate business processes.



  • Visual workflow
  • Effective optimization
  • Intelligent document processing
  • Robotic process automation
  • Low-code business automation platform to improve process management.
  • Integrate data from RDBMS and cloud services.
  • Access key processes and workflows from any location.
  • Having coding knowledge is compulsory.
  • You can’t assign comments to specific members.


  • A free trial is available.
  • Contact the management for more pricing information.

User Reviews

“Appian, the platform, is a great product. It's incredibly extendable and configurable and easy to tailor to your customers' needs. I cannot explain their licensing cost in an easy and succinct way.” - user on G2.

Rating (G2): 4.5

Zoho Creator

It is another leading business process management utility designed explicitly to digitize your business operations with no traditional developments. With this tool, both small and large businesses can effortlessly get key insights from the databases and manage the data workflows without coding.



  • It offers extensive 3rd party software integrations.
  • This software features powerful data security.
  • It uses low-code technology to develop customized apps for businesses.
  • It enables you to create apps from scratch or by using pre-built templates.
  • The intuitive UI design makes app development simple.
  • As an owner, you can assign different permissions and roles.
  • It comes with a sandbox environment.
  • Better training tools are required for non-developers.


  • Standard: $8 per month per user
  • Professional: $20 per month per user
  • Enterprise: $25 per month per user

User Reviews

“The best part of Zoho Creator is its no-code platform, which allows us to create applications for our businesses based on our needs without having to write fixed lines of code. However, I'm having a lot of issues with API integrations.” - User on G2.

Rating (G2): 4.3

Atlassian Jira

If you are looking for efficient business process management software that can help you plan and track workflows across various teams, try Atlassian Jira. Whether you want to work on an everyday task or a complex project, this tool will always be your assisting partner. Moreover, Jira offers automation and workflow visualization capabilities for business processes.



  • Agile development
  • Issue management
  • Bug tracking
  • It allows you to create over 15 reports at every stage from start to end.
  • It integrates with over 3,000 tools in more than 35 categories.
  • It offers a high level of security and safety.
  • Locating, tracking, and recording bugs is easy.
  • The users can visualize workflows in real-time.
  • Non-developers may find the user interface non-intuitive.
  • External collaboration support is limited.


  • A free trial version is available.
  • Standard: $7.16 per user per month
  • Premium: $12.48 per user per month
  • Custom pricing for enterprises

User Reviews

“Jira is the 800lb gorilla and rightfully so. Admittedly, in the past it was fairly complicated to set up for the lay user, but in the last several years they've made it accessible out of the box to anyone. The free tier is generous and great for startups.” - user on G2.

Rating (Capterra): 4.4


Many organizations and businesses have been using this software for a while to discover, automate, and boost core processes. Since it is built on the Microsoft ecosystem, you will find it easy to use if you are already familiar with MS tools, such as SharePoint and Visio. This platform features process mapping, optimization, automation, and monitoring.



  • It features compliance and risk management.
  • The dashboard provides you with a quick overview of all workflows to assist you in making better decisions.
  • The advanced AI technology enables you to build forms and workflows quickly.
  • It allows users to add lean tags to stages within processes or processes to find out non-value activities.
  • It helps you create an organized process map.
  • It comes with amazing collaboration tools.
  • This tool simplifies organizational processes.
  • Difficult to use for non-technical users.
  • It is difficult to manage documents.


  • A free trial version is available.
  • Pro plan: $25,000 per year
  • Premium plan: $50,000 per year

User Reviews

“It does a better job than SharePoint Designer on the process automation in SharePoint and different applications/servers.” - user on Capterra.

Rating (G2): 4.1


This business process management software is perfect for businesses of any size to visualize no-code workflows. It standardizes processes and automates escalations, assignments, and notifications. In addition, this software simplifies workflows and streamlines automation processes.



  • It offers a visual process design to boost businesses.
  • Code-free workflow
  • SLA manager
  • Dynamic routing
  • Social collaboration and document sharing
  • It doesn’t require any coding experience to create process workflows.
  • You can link workflows with various third-party tools.
  • It helps you extract customizable process reports.
  • Paid plans are pricey.
  • It doesn’t allow you to assign tasks to multiple users.


  • Basic: $1,500 per month
  • Enterprise: Contact for custom pricing

User Reviews

“Flexibility and simple interface. Even if you don't know coding, you will manage to do it.” - user on G2

Rating (G2): 4.3

Agile Point

This cloud-based BPMS product runs on the .NET platform. These model-driven products assist you in enabling end-to-end process automation, monitoring, optimization, and modeling. This platform allows developers to generate low-code apps to sustain operational excellence and digital flexibility.



  • Robotic process automation
  • Event-driven software architecture
  • Low-code development
  • Intelligent business process management
  • Robust security models
  • Flexible form creation
  • It is a cost-effective BPM software for organizations.
  • This tool comes with a highly integrated toolset.
  • Businesses can develop applications with little to no code.
  • The interface design is not user-friendly.
  • Limited documentation.


  • Community edition: free
  • Standard edition: $39 per user per month
  • Professional edition: $59 per user per month
  • Enterprise edition: $9,950 per core per month

User Reviews

"AgilePoint is excellent for designing app resources and further enhancing them as we proceed with business process improvements in our project activities." - user on G2.

Rating (G2): 4.5

Summing It Up

Business process management, or BPM, is a structured technique designed to enhance business processes to make them profitable. A business process management tool is usually based on four methodologies: modeling, automating, managing, and optimizing processes.

The above discussion has listed some of the best business process management software. If you need a reliable one, try EdrawMax. It works on all devices, including Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, Web, and Android.

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