Top 10 Best Mind Mapping Applications for Your Mac

Explore ten different mind-mapping applications that you can use to level up your productivity and efficiency. If you're a Mac user looking for robust tools, this article is for you.

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In today's fast-paced world, effective organization and productivity are paramount. Mind mapping is popular for brainstorming, problem-solving, and idea structuring. For Mac users, harnessing the capabilities of mind mapping has become even more accessible. This article delves into a detailed exploration of Mac's top ten free mind-mapping applications.

These versatile tools are designed to help you unleash your creativity, enhance productivity, and bring your ideas to life in an organized and visually engaging way. If you're a student, professional, or creative thinker, there's a mind-mapping application for everyone in this curated list.

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Part 1. 10 Popular Mind Mapping Software for Mac

This section will list ten popular mind-mapping software you can use for Mac. Each offers unique features and capabilities to suit various preferences and needs. Explore these options to determine which aligns best with your mind-mapping requirements. After all, they're all mind-mapping applications.

EdrawMax – Versatile Mind Mapping and Diagramming Solution

EdrawMax is a versatile diagramming tool that extends its capabilities to mind mapping. It's a dedicated diagramming software that offers a wide range of features, including extensive libraries of templates and symbols.

EdrawMax boasts an intuitive interface suitable for both beginners and professionals. Its cross-platform compatibility allows you to work seamlessly across different devices, and its advanced formatting options let you personalize your mind maps with different fonts, colors, and shapes.

  • A suite of AI tools
  • Dedicated diagramming software
  • Limited free AI credits

MindNode – Mind Mapping for Mac Enthusiasts

MindNode is a dedicated mind-mapping app, perfect for Mac users. It includes outline mode, hashtag tagging, and focus mode. It's tightly integrated with Mac's ecosystem for a seamless experience.

This app supports an outline mode that allows you to organize your ideas efficiently. The hashtag tagging feature simplifies categorization, and the focus mode enhances your concentration. It even includes a built-in task tracker.

  • Dedicated iOS/Mac experience
  • Widget/Quick Entry feature for Mac
  • Limited 14-day free trial
  • Fewer mind map templates than other competitors
mindnode website

EdrawMind – AI-Powered Mind Mapping at Your Fingertips

EdrawMind is a specialized mind-mapping software with a focus on AI-powered features. It empowers you to create visually engaging mind maps and improve your brainstorming and idea organization process.

EdrawMind shares some of EdrawMax's advantages, such as an intuitive interface and advanced formatting options. Moreover, it harnesses AI tools to enhance your mind maps creatively and offers a dedicated mind-mapping experience.

  • Powerful AI assistance tools
  • Dedicated mind-mapping software
  • Similar to EdrawMax, it has limited free AI credits

XMind – Proven Mind Mapping With 17 Years of Experience

XMind is a full-featured mind-mapping and brainstorming app. It offers a comprehensive toolset for thinking and creativity and has been serving users for 17 years.

With rich text styles, auto-numbering, task tracking, and a pitch mode that can turn your mind map into a presentation, XMind is a versatile tool. It also offers topic links to help you easily navigate your mind maps.

  • Unlimited mind map templates, even on the free plan
  • 17 years of proven service, developed and future-proof features
  • The free version limits topic links that you can make
  • Limited to 5 slides on pitch mode for the free version
xmind website

MindMeister – Collaborative Mind Mapping With Creative Tools

MindMeister is a mind-mapping tool that starts with a central idea, allowing you to create unlimited subtopics and explore your thoughts in a visually organized way.

It offers custom styles, mixed map layouts, outline mode, focus mode, real-time comment and collaboration, and the ability to embed media. It also has various export modes and supports integration with popular tools such as MS Teams. This means that you can also use it on your Mac's MS Teams app.

  • Powerful support for different media types for embedding
  • Integration with third-party apps such as MS Teams
  • The free version limits use to up to 3 mind maps
  • The free version does not also provide a document history feature
mindmeister website

Miro – Real-Time Collaboration Meets Powerful Mind Mapping

Miro is a complete diagramming tool with built-in features for meetings, planning, and wireframing. It provides powerful mind-mapping capabilities with templates.

Key features include real-time collaboration, templates, a secure platform/cloud, and AI support through Miro Assist. The application places a premium on collaboration within teams and organizations. This means the app is more suitable for teams and projects than individual use.

  • Powerful AI tools through Miro Assist
  • Secure platform and cloud for teams
  • The free version is limited to three workspaces
  • Limited collaboration features for the free version
miro website

Mockitt – UI/UX Design With Integrated Mind Mapping

Wondershare Mockitt is an all-in-one online design, prototyping, and collaboration platform. It empowers users in their UI/UX design journey and offers integration with mind-mapping features for websites.

Mockitt is also integrated with AI prototypes and diagram generation. As mentioned, it's an all-in-one design platform and easily integrates your mind maps within your UX/Website designs. This leads to an all-around experience within one app.

  • Supports many chart and mind-mapping templates
  • Free version
  • Not a dedicated mind-mapping software
  • Limited AI credits on initial use
mockitt website

Lucidchart – Visualize Ideas Through Mind Mapping

Lucidchart is a versatile cloud-based diagramming tool that supports various diagram types, including mind maps.

It offers a user-friendly interface, real-time collaboration, a large template library, and integration with G Suite and other popular apps. It also offers several export and import features, such as seamless integration with other charting apps like Visio.

  • Supports a wide range of diagram types
  • Large template library
  • Limited features on the free version
lucidchart website

iThoughtsX – iOS and Mac Mind Mapping for Enhanced Productivity

iThoughtsX is a mind mapping tool available on iPad, iPhone, and iPod. It has versions for Mac and Windows as well. It focuses on visually organizing thoughts, ideas, and information.

Key features include a task list, summarizing, brainstorming, and compatibility across various iOS devices. You can seamlessly sync all your mind maps across all your Apple devices. This makes it the perfect choice if you're within the Apple ecosystem.

  • Powerful support for the Apple ecosystem
  • Free version to get you started
  • Limited design options on the free version
  • Limited diagram types (focused mainly on mind mapping)
ithoughtsx mac visual

Creately – Infinite Whiteboard for Creative Mind Mapping

Creately offers an infinite whiteboard for visualizing ideas, 1000+ templates to kickstart your diagrams, easy sharing and collaboration, and data security with regional data storage. Creately is primarily made for businesses that deliver client-focused services. It provides powerful features for teams who desire to brainstorm ways to improve their services.

Key features include an infinite whiteboard, a vast template library, seamless collaboration, and a range of export options.

  • User-friendly platform, easy learning curve
  • Real-time and efficient collaboration
  • The free trial is limited to three canvases
  • The free version restricts some export options
creately website

Part 2. How To Create a Mind Map on Mac With EdrawMax

Among all the options, EdrawMax is one of the most powerful applications. In this section, learn how to create your mind maps with the application.

Step 1: Download, install, and launch EdrawMax on your Mac.

Step 2: Click Mind Map under the Basic options. Next, choose the Mind Map layout.


Step 3: Add topics to your mind map by clicking the Topic and Subtopic buttons.


Step 4: Edit your content by double-clicking on any of the nodes. Once you see a cursor, type away.

edit text

Step 5: Now, it's time to customize your mind map. Use the Beautify menu on the appearing customization bar when you click a node. You can also use the Fill, Line, and Shadow menus on the right panel to add specific details to your maps.

customization options

Part 3. Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions on mind mapping using a Mac:

  1. Can I use mind maps for project management on a Mac?

Absolutely, mind maps are versatile tools that can be invaluable for project management on a Mac. They help you visualize project structures, goals, and tasks, making it easier to plan, track progress, and communicate with your team.

  1. Is mind mapping suitable for students on a Mac?

Mind mapping is an excellent study aid for students on a Mac. It helps with note-taking, summarizing information, and organizing ideas. These mind-mapping applications mentioned are compatible with Mac and offer features that enhance learning and studying.


Mind mapping has become a critical tool in a world where organization and creative thinking are vital. This article has unveiled the top 10 mind-mapping applications for your Mac, each offering a unique set of features. From EdrawMax's AI-enhanced mind mapping to the collaborative power of Miro, these applications cater to various needs and preferences.

Embrace the power of visual thinking, streamline your brainstorming, and transform your ideas into reality with these exceptional free mind-mapping applications for your Mac.

edrawmax logoEdrawMax Desktop
Simple alternative to Visio
210+ types of diagrams
10K+ free templates & 26k+ symbols
10+ AI diagram generators
10+ export formats
edrawmax logoEdrawMax Online
Edit diagrams anywhere, anytime
Personal cloud & Dropbox integration
Enterprise-level data security
Team management and collaboration

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